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After the first few pages, I was thinking about putting this one bag in the bag for the library But I had heard it was good, so I read on I sensed something about the main character One of the things I love to read about are women who look at their current society and see if as not enough Back in 1888, I am sure quite a few women say it this way At least in the US, by this time a wealthy woman had the right to hold onto her own wealth rather than basically leave it to the menfolk so they did not have to worry their pretty little heads The characters definitely evolve in this book Almost all of them And the writer seems to understand what was and was not acceptable in society Women today are no less torn between what is the current social norm and what they really want to do It is of course true that we now have many rights, but unfortunately some of the abuse is still present Luckily there are jobs available for women than the setting of this book I tend to be drawn to period books, any and all historical times So the snippets on what was proper behavior at this time were interesting to me The friendships that evolve are also a bit shocking given circumstances and timeframe, but again that is part of the interest for me Just a good read Although I m biased I know and like the author.As the coordinator for adult events at my library, I had Kaaren pronounced KARN give an author talk and book signing plus lead a book discussion of her novel Kaaren is a native of my town and offered to do these events at her hometown library How could I refuse So I listened to her book and was quite glad it was as good as it is This is in the vein of Edith Wharton and other novels of the Gilded Age of New York, as the blurbs contend.I found it fascinating to learn this story started with Connor O Casey and Francesca was originally not a POV character My mind was blown, for I had assumed Francesca was the main character Silly me I had an extreme dislike of Blanche, especially after her destructive tantrum in the hotel though I could completely empathize with that violent anger, unfortunately My feelings towards her, however, changed by the end of the book What a feat of writing and characterization that was I also had a bit of a change of heart about Maggie Jerome after the book discussion with Kaaren The paperback edition of the book which I now own and have personalized, whee includes a set of discussion questions at the back One was about the childless Maggie living and surviving in the whole of that time and how that influenced her actions and character I had not even put it together before I read that question that the Jeromes were childless and that s why they took over care of Francesca Sure, I saw their loveless marriage and felt sympathy for Jerry having to deal with his harridan of a wife Maggie was However, as an infertile woman myself, I feel great empathy for her character now and I am determined not to turn out like she did Anyway, I enjoyed this book and all the for the look behind the curtain, so to speak, that knowing Kaaren has provided I d especially like to learn of what happens to Blanche, of all people. A fantastically engaging book with everything you need for a really good read, probably best summed up as the American Downton Abbey meets Jane Austen It starts a little slowly, but when it gets going, it really is difficult to put down.The plot and the various subplots are fascinating, with so many twists and turns, it never stops weaving a new thread You constantly feel that the story will be coming to an end, but then there is and and.The characters are well developed, credible and, though not always likeable, possessing some magical quality that makes us feel like we know them so well The central character manages to make herself someone to admire and someone we almost want to dismiss at the same time, whilst she metamorphoses throughout the novel, constantly changing on her journey of discovery She presents a sense of strength and courage as she is faced with the most heart wrenching and, often, downright embarrassing situations, yet she wins through in the end, despite overwhelming odds against a woman at this time.Throughout the novel, there is a quality that makes it feel like a movie and this would make an excellent movie, without a doubt The pace is just right and it keeps you gripped until the end Excellently written and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Yet another historical fiction in which the characters act like entirely modern people and not a person who lived in the states time period For example, for a book about the rules of decorum, there is very clearly zero of the morality behind it And morality was very important to the Victorian society Also, aside from the chapter headings, there was virtually no decorum exercised by the characters I begin to despair of finding a properly written historical fiction novel I will also add that the plot is obvious, the circumstances of every occurrence are too convenient, and the main romance doesn t begin until nearly the end of the book. Eh, I gave up I didn t connect with these characters at all and the Victorians were God fearing than this cast of people At a few points I was going to give up But my friend begged me continue for a Fabulous ending Nope Greatly disappointed Drull. Three and a half stars I enjoyed this than I thought I would. Average historical fiction, very predictable. (Download Ebook) õ Decorum Û Kaaren Christopherson S Brilliantly Observed Novel Captures The Glamour And Grit Of One Of The World S Most Dazzling Cities During One Of Its Most Tumultuous Eras As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Singularly Captivating HeroineIn S New York, Beautiful, Wealthy Francesca Lund Is An Intriguing Prospect For Worthy Suitors And Fortune Hunters Alike Recently Orphaned, She Copes By Working With The Poor In The City S Settlement Movement But A Young Woman Of Means Can T Shun Society For Long, And Francesca S Long Standing Acquaintance With Dashing Edmund Tracey Eventually Leads To Engagement Yet Her Sheltered Upbringing Doesn T Blind Her To The Indiscretions Of The Well To DoAmong The Fashionable Circle That Gathers Around Her There Are Mistresses, Scandals, And Gentlemen Of Ruthless Ambition And There Is Connor O Casey An Entirely New Kind Of New Yorker A Self Made Millionaire Of Irish Stock, Connor Wants Than Riches He Wants To Create A Legacy In The Form Of A Luxury Madison Avenue Hotel And He Wants Francesca By His Side As He Does It In A Quest That Will Take Her From Impeccable Manhattan Salons To The Wild Canadian Rockies, Francesca Must Choose Not Only Between Two Vastly Different Men, But Between Convention And Her Own Emerging Self RelianceRules Of DecorumA Gentleman Should Not Be Presented To A Lady Without Her Permission Being Previously Asked And Granted This Formality Is Not Necessary Between Men Alone But, Still, You Should Not Present Any One, Even At His Own Request, To Another, Unless You Are Quite Well Assured That The Acquaintance Will Be Agreeable To The Latter If You Wish To Avoid The Company Of Any One That Has Been Properly Introduced, Satisfy Your Own Mind That Your Reasons Are Correct And Then Let No Inducement Cause You To Shrink From Treating Him With Respect, At The Same Time Shunning His Company No Gentleman Will Thus Be Able Either To Blame Or Mistake You The Mode In Which The Avowal Of Love Should Be Made, Must Of Course, Depend Upon Circumstances It Would Be Impossible To Indicate The Style In Which The Matter Should Be Told Let It, However, Be Taken As A Rule That An Interview Is Best But Let It Be Remembered That All Rules Have Exceptions GENRE Historical FictionSETTING America New York, 1890 91AUTHOR SITE linkMY GRADE B FROM PUBLISHER In 1890s New York, beautiful, wealthy Francesca Lund is an intriguing prospect for worthy suitors and fortune hunters alike Recently orphaned, she copes by working with the poor in the city s settlement movement But a young woman of means can t shun society for long, and Francesca s long standing acquaintance with dashing Edmund Tracey eventually leads to engagement Yet her sheltered upbringing doesn t blind her to the indiscretions of the well to doAmong the fashionable circle that gathers around her there are mistresses, scandals, and gentlemen of ruthless ambition And there is Connor O Casey an entirely new kind of New Yorker A self made millionaire of Irish stock, Connor wants than riches He wants to create a legacy in the form of a luxury Madison Avenue hotel and he wants Francesca by his side as he does it In a quest that will take her from impeccable Manhattan salons to the wild Canadian Rockies, Francesca must choose not only between two vastly different men, but between convention and her own emerging self reliance.CHARACTER SUMMARY Francesca is pretty ordinary Of the three main females, Fran, Nell, and Blanche, she was my least favorite She s twenty eight, blonde, and lives with a slightly older married couple in New York She s still grieving the loss of her parents and brother, who died in a boating accident.Edmund Tracey is an auburn haired, blue eyed man in his early thirties who s been after Fran s money for five years They plan to marry He s a very violent man and his dark secrets come out.Nell Ryder is a married woman in her early thirties who he s having an affair with She supports him financially Unfortunately she gets to see firsthand his violent temper, as does Francesca.Blanche Alvarado is a black haired, brown eyed widow Not only does she have a sexual relationship with Edmund, but she has one with Connor O Casey as well.Connor O Casey is an Irish immigrant in his early forties who s made his fortune in mining He takes a liking to Francesca and peruses her.MY THOUGHTS Those are the five main characters I like bad, evil characters who are up to no good so I really liked Edmund, Nell, and Blanche too, to an extent I think the Edmund Nell storyline could have gone on much longer than it did, possibly till the very end of the story It was the most interesting part of the entire novel but it ended too abruptly for my liking.Francesca was terribly dull to read about and I didn t care much at all about Connor I don t see where his attraction to Francesca came from nor do I understand why he wants to marry her so badly and laid out all the reasons she should marry him I never felt she was attracted to him They re an odd paring, in my opinion.Once things with Edmund came to an end two thirds into the story, I m sad to say I lost interest I didn t like anything at all about the last third of the story Francesca and a few others traveling to Canada near the end did nothing at all for the story Bringing Blanche back during that time was just strange and her occupation just didn t seem plausible.There wasn t any sex or bad language in this.There was hardly any background info on anyone at all and that s just not acceptable On the author s website you can see the characters and learn about their backgrounds by reading the fictional The O Casey Chronicle Very cool idea Now for the aesthetics The book cover is slightly textured and very pretty You can read about the cover s painting here The pages of this paperback have uneven edges, which I ve just learned are called deckled edges and are meant to make the book look old, as deckled edges were how most books were in the 19th century I don t like how they look and it was very difficult to turn each page by thumb.I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.