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Nice option for those who are GF have other dietary restrictions All recipes are GF and both egg and dairy free for those who need it A helpful point for me was that most recipes were nut free, as well, which is my own concern and often hard to find in GF and other alternative cooking styles cookbooks I haven t tried the Recipes yet, just read the cookbook, but since she uses and sells most if not all of these in her commercial bakeries, I would suspect that they are palatable at the least Going on her reputation, I would think most are good However, the usual cautions for GF baking still apply, like weighing your ingredients, as far as execution is concerned, when making these recipes yourself. Written by the author owner of BabyCakes, this is no simple bread cookbook It s all about everything bread first the recipes, and then what you can do with what you ve made Loaves, sandwiches, pizza, crackers, pastry, dips and spreads, and sweet breads but no muffins or cupcakes It does have a few odd entries like kale chips are those just obligatory now but overall presents a comprehensive collection of bread recipes, from a basic white loaf to puff pastry to Ethiopian bread.My family s take We don t eat yeast, so bread books are tricky Some, but not all, gluten free bread cookbooks include yeast free loaves Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread gives it a good try Celeste s Best is a lot successful Bread and Butter doesn t even go there But I am eager to try some of the cracker recipes imitation cheez its, Ritz crackers, and wheat thins look promising Since most of the recipes include gluten free oat flour, we ll have to add that to our repertoire before trying anything out.Also posted at Recipes look solid, only tried a few As with all GF Vegan cooking and baking, there are 75,000 steps to everything, so making anything requiring a dough component could take longer than you have on a typical night Also not a fan of the spelt flour recipe in any of her books I understand that she can personally have it, but for me it eliminates a recipe right off the bat.The photography is beautiful, and it s a niche that isn t saturated yet, so an all around good purchase. Bread Better by Erin McKenna is FabulousErin s new book, Bread Butter is going to be a huge hit with the gluten free vegan bread lovers If you have to be gluten free then you know that almost any type of regular bread is no longer on your menu and if you are like me then you truly miss eating bread I must disclose that I could hardly wait for this book to be delivered because I am gluten intolerant and I love bread This cookbook does not disappoint, there are recipes for just about anything you feel deprived of when it comes to eat bread.In the cookbook you learn just how hard Erin McKenna worked to perfect these recipes for the GF vegan community It took a lot of hard work and it seems that oftentimes there were many failures before success What you will also learn in Bread Butter is that baking GF is almost a science, the recipes are very precise and she warns you to use a baking scale and not to just use a standard measuring cup There are also some ingredients that you have to look for and have on hand because they are staples in her recipes, for example unscented coconut oil is in almost every recipe.The book does not only consist of bread recipes but there are many recipe suggestions that are both gluten and vegan free, for example her recipe for pizza sauce yes there is a pizza dough recipe and you can try her potato and cauliflower tots However for me, I am personally looking forward to making English muffins and sandwich bread, I can t wait to order my baking scale and get started In case you are wonder why it is Bread and Butter, it is because Erin has created a butter recipe that is gluten free and vegan.I really can t wait to get in the kitchen with these recipes However I do need my baking scale and I need to find the unscented coconut oil but I will update the review once I have tried several recipes So for the gluten free and vegan crowd, get prepared to have bread back in your diet Bread Butter by Erin McKenna has bread for every meal including biscuits, English muffins, sandwich bread, focaccia, puff pastry and many.This book was given to me by Blogging for Books for my honest review You can read all of my reviews on Blessings N Bloggings Overall I thought this was a really well put together cookbook I ve been waiting to get my hands on this for a few weeks now The recipes seem simple enough for someone who is familiar with the kitchen I really look forward to trying out the homemade pretzel recipe this weekend. I wouldn t say this is the holy grail of gluten free baking but it is a great cookbook for those who need want gluten free baked goods, especially breads.I like eating gluten free because my system feels better cleaner And so, I picked this book, bread butter by erin mckenna By the way, Erin McKenna is the founder of BabyCakes in New York City There are loaves of bread in this wonderful cookbook but my favorite section was the biscuits section We live in the south so biscuits are somewhat of a staple The baking mixing directions are clear and concise And there are fabulous pictures on every page to go with the recipe.Included are recipes for hummus and flavored butter Just one recipe a piece but that s enough for me.There are also a couple of sweet treat recipes Cookies, sticky pecan rolls and on the non sweet side there is a recipe for stuffing and croutons.These are wonderful recipes This cookbook makes a wonderful gift for gluten free people who enjoy baking This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah |Kindle ♱ Bread & Butter ☪ At Long Last, The Holy Grail Of Gluten Free Vegan Baking Airy, Light, And Tender Breads, From Erin McKenna, Founder Of BabyCakes NYC And Erin McKenna S Bakery NYC And The Visionary Who Also Cracked The Code Of Vegan FrostingFor Two Decades, A Gluten Sensitivity Forced Erin McKenna To Ignore The Bread Basket That Accompanies Dinner At Her Favorite Restaurants Brunch Was Even Worse Flaky Croissants, Biscuits, Bagels As An Act Of Self Preservation, She Tried To Pretend They Didn T Exist After Pioneering Vegan And Gluten Free Dessert Baking At Her Beloved Bicoastal Bakery, Erin Set About Righting This Wrong, Tackling The Beautiful Treats In Those Forbidden Bread Baskets The Result Is All The Savory Bread A Gluten Free Vegan Guy Or Gal Could Want And , Including English Muffins, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Sweet Potato Sage Rolls, Pizza Dough, Corn Tortillas, Puff Pastry Dough, Pretzels, Scallion Pancakes, Even A Simple And Perfect Sandwich Bread And Since You Can T Say Bread Without Saying Butter, She Created A Rich And Creamy Vegan Butter Unlike Anything Else, Too The World S Bread Basket Just Got A Whole Lot Fuller Another book to add to my gluten free baking collection Any good baker should be forced to use the full galaxy of flours available to make every day and special occasion baked goods Erin McKenna does just that in a friendly, informative and colorful The only book of its kind without dairy.