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Can I go to Cathia University This book of short stories is full of sweet, tender, conflicted sometimes scared characters The common denominator that binds them together, is hot If I had to pick a favorite it would be Switching Leads by Mia Downing The story flowed well, in the few chapters there was character development that made me love John Finn, not to mention the witty Switching Leads title I think readers will be pleasantly surprised, especially at that 2.99 price tag If you are looking for a book to ease into the m m genre, I highly recommend this book of short stories I liked it way, WAY than I thought I would Did I mention that it was hot Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest reviewOhmyI m so freaking excited to read this UPDATE This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books.First, let s just take a moment or five to properly stare at and appreciate the way too hot cover of this book, possibly without drooling all over the place Q.Mission impossible, I know, but who can blame us, right Damn, who can give me directions to this library, pretty please What was I talking again Oh right wipes drool and tries to control her dirty mind , and now to the actual review of this mm anthology consisting of 9 collage mm romance stories To tell you the truth, I m not a big fan of short novellas Most of the time I avoid them, because usually, if they are good, they always leave me wanting for , as if I m missing a lot of pages, and that is why I prefer full length books, but the mm fangirl inside me just couldn t resist this sexy cover and the promising blurb She was in need of her daily dose of mm love and an arc of 660 pages seemed as than enough to satisfy her cravings and in the end it sure did.The plot of every novella takes place or has some sort of connection with Cathia University featuring a lot of interesting characters from professors to students etc., some of which make appearance in other featured stories, but all of them can be read as standalones Every story explores and celebrates mm love all the good and bad stuff which follow it coming of age, homosexuality, coming out of closet, collage, first kiss, first love, first breakup, sexuality, death etc Even though the stories felt from time to time as too good to be true and fairy tale alike, I enjoyed, if not loved most of them, but there were also a few that didn t quite rock my world, so that s why I m going to rate each of them as a standalone Every story counts between 50 70 pages 1st storyKyAnn Waters Private Lessons Blurb Ryan Kane could lose his scholarship and his position on the pitch Jake Finely offers to help Only Ryan and Jake discover their private lessons have to do with sex ed than Business Ethics When a tenured professor offers Ryan an indecent proposal to make the grade, will he choose soccer or Jake My Rating 3 starsThe 1st story features a popular, deeply in the closet football player Ryan Jake, one of the assistants on Cathia University Forbidden fruit tastes always the best, right Well, not so muchThe beginning felt shaky the dialogues seemed too fictional and not natural enough I thought that Jake is too passive in their relationship at first It felt that he was into it and has much at stake than Ryan I didn t feel that strong connection between them in the beginning, and that was the biggest problem for me, but the story did become better, later on 2nd storyThe Dust of Everyday Life by Sara YorkBlurb Cole only has the courage to lust after the swim team from afar When Seever asks to share a table at the packed coffee house where Cole is studying, he s sure it s a joke But after one touch and one scorching kiss, Cole thinks the chance meet could lead to something with substance.My rating 2.5 starsThe 2nd story is focused on a hot musician bend member Cole his even hotter half, Seever, a swimmer Hm, I think I liked this story the least It was just too sweet and cheesy for my reading preferences 3d storyThe Eloquent Jock by Cassandra CarrBlurb Hockey jock and English Lit major Brendan knows he s gay, but hasn t come out to anyone, fearing a possible backlash Then he s tapped to be a TA for a hot professor and feels an immediate connection Now he must decide how much he s willing to risk to score the ultimate goal.My rating 4 starsThe 3d story is focused on a collage professor and a famous writer Scott his new TA in creative writing class, Brendon Oh yes, this is how the forbidden fruit theme is written The chemistry, the tension, the whole we need to stay away from each other but I want you so bad so fuck it drama Deeply emotional way too hot Loved it Definitely one of my favorites in this anthology 4th storySwitching Leads by Mia DowningBlurb Coach John Graham needs a new assistant for Cathia U s equestrian team The last person he expects to get the job walks into the barn and stops his heart How is he supposed to focus on the team when his ex lover sexy horse trainer Finn Parker wants back into his life and into his bed My Rating 4.5 starsThis story is focused on two ex Cathia s students and ex boyfriends who are now working there together John, the coach of the riding team and Finn, his new assistant Things between John and Finn ended pretty badly the last time they saw each other They haven t spoken to each other in years, but destiny doesn t care She is a vindictive bitch who puts them in the same room together after years of holding grudge Vindictive bitch or a Cupid in disguise It remains to be seen The story was very emotional and touching It was a love hate love type of relationship and don t we all have a weak spot for those 5th storySolid Education by Bianca SommerlandBlurb Gage Tackett comes off as a bad boy detached and maybe a little dangerous Definitely not Vet Sciences Professor Derek Paulson s type When Gage arrives at Derek s veterinary clinic with a frostbitten stray dog, Derek realizes his most difficult student has a few things to teach him Things he s than willing to learn. My Rating 5 I want you too be a full length novel starsThis is my ultimate favorite story of this anthology It is focused on one of Cathia s porfessors and part time vets Derek Gage, one of his students who is also an ex military and then we have a big bonus their third, but as equally as important and adorable member Matty, the super cute German shepherd Derek and Gage are totally opposite from each other You would never think that those type of people could ever like each other romantically Derek seems as a intelligent, but closed off and too serious for his age guy while Gage is cocky, funny and laid back Among everything, both of them also have big trust issues when it comes to relationships, but they do have one thing in common which could be stronger than everything else their love for animals Who could resist a cute puppy Not me Loved this story 6th storyDid Somebody Order a Pizza by L.A WittBlurb Paul Switzer has been miserable ever since his childhood love, Cory Bowman, chose a fraternity over him When a pizza delivery to the frat house lands the exes face to face for the first time in eighteen months, the wound is reopened and so are Paul s feelings for the only man he s ever loved. My rating 3 starsThis story is focused on two frat boys and ex boyfriends Paul Cory I kind of liked and kind of not liked this story I didn t like it mostly, because I wasn t the biggest fan of Cory and that s why I wasn t happy how the things between them solved in the end Yes, he did kind of redeem himself in the end, but it wasn t good enough for me If I were Paul, I doubt, that I could have forgiven him so easily after everything that happened 7th storyWinning Bracket by Annabeth AlbertBlurb Metrics and tournament brackets who knew they were sexy When competing dorm advisors Edwin and Ollie bet on a basketball tournament, neither expects he s risking his heart As the challenge becomes a hot bedroom battle to avoid real feelings, the two frenemies must change their definitions of losing to win a shot at lasting love. My rating 5 starsOk, this is my 2nd ultimate favorite story of the anthology It is focused on Ollie Edwin, two RA s on the dorm of Cathia University This was a friends to lovers type of mm romance which I devoured in a second I usually prefer my mcs to be one of those tough bad asses, but Ollie Edwin, even though totally opposite from that, were so funny, sweet and adorable together And yes super hot 8th storyArtistic Endeavor by Whitley GrayBlurb When friends ask one night stand connoisseur Michael Esteban to introduce shy virgin Cobey Miller to the joys of sex, Michael balks lust is his thing, not teaching But Cobey s problem meeting men fuels Michael s decision to help Cobey become a gay sex loving guy It ll all be fun and games unless someone falls in love. My Rating 4 starsThis story is about Michael, a painter who is also a have them and leave them type of a guy Cobey, a shy, in the closet, university professor in need of popping his cherry At the beginning of the story, when I got some idea what it s going to be about, I really thought that I wasn t going to like it I mean a blind date, a man slut virgin all in one Sounded too cheesy for me to tell you the truth, but Michel Cobey managed to win me over with their emotions, chemistry and slow building relationship 9th storyLesson Learned by Dalton DiazBlurb Adam Warren is counting down the days until he can put Professor next to his name and his disastrous past with Tyler Ford behind him When a fluke puts Tyler in Adam s class, the graduate assistant faces some hard choices while Tyler faces an uphill battle for a second chance at first love. My Rating 3.5 starsThis last story is focused on Adam, a fill in professor on Cathia University Tyler, one of his students and ex boyfriends First true love is always the hardest to forget, isn t it This is a story about that type of love followed by a big break up, but when life gives you a second chance, can you forgive and forget all the bad stuff and move on The story was fast paced, sweet and emotional All in all, I really enjoyed this mm romance anthology It took me three days to read 660 pages that says it all Recommended to every mm romance lover in need of shorter, fast paced, funny, emotional, sexy drama free mm stories @DOWNLOAD EPUB Ö Campus Cravings ⚤ Welcome To Cathia University, Where School Is In Session Nine Of Today S Hottest Gay Romance Authors Have Crafted Brand New Interrelated Novellas Celebrating Everything Wonderful About College, Including Sophisticated Professors, Sexy Teaching Assistants, Ambitious Grad Students, And Spirited Undergraduates, All Looking For The Same Thing An A In True Love Annabeth Albert Winning BracketMetrics And Tournament Brackets Who Knew They Were Sexy When Competing Dorm Advisors Edwin And Ollie Bet On A Basketball Tournament, Neither Expects He S Risking His Heart As The Challenge Becomes A Hot Bedroom Battle To Avoid Real Feelings, The Two Frenemies Must Change Their Definitions Of Losing To Win A Shot At Lasting Love Cassandra Carr The Eloquent Jock Hockey Jock And English Lit Major Brendan Knows He S Gay, But Hasn T Come Out To Anyone, Fearing A Possible Backlash Then He S Tapped To Be A TA For A Hot Professor And Feels An Immediate Connection Now He Must Decide How Much He S Willing To Risk To Score The Ultimate Goal Dalton Diaz Lesson LearnedAdam Warren Is Counting Down The Days Until He Can Put Professor Next To His Name And His Disastrous Past With Tyler Ford Behind Him When A Fluke Puts Tyler In Adam S Class, The Graduate Assistant Faces Some Hard Choices While Tyler Faces An Uphill Battle For A Second Chance At First Love Mia Downing Switching Leads Coach John Graham Needs A New Assistant For Cathia U S Equestrian Team The Last Person He Expects To Get The Job Walks Into The Barn And Stops His Heart How Is He Supposed To Focus On The Team When His Ex Lover Sexy Horse Trainer Finn Parker Wants Back Into His Life And Into His Bed Whitley Gray Artistic Endeavor When Friends Ask One Night Stand Connoisseur Michael Esteban To Introduce Shy Virgin Cobey Miller To The Joys Of Sex, Michael Balks Lust Is His Thing, Not Teaching But Cobey S Problem Meeting Men Fuels Michael S Decision To Help Cobey Become A Gay Sex Loving Guy It Ll All Be Fun And Games Unless Someone Falls In Love Bianca Sommerland Solid Education Gage Tackett Comes Off As A Bad Boy Detached And Maybe A Little Dangerous Definitely Not Vet Sciences Professor Derek Paulson S Type When Gage Arrives At Derek S Veterinary Clinic With A Frostbitten Stray Dog, Derek Realizes His Most Difficult Student Has A Few Things To Teach Him Things He S Than Willing To Learn KyAnn Waters Private Lessons Ryan Kane Could Lose His Scholarship And His Position On The Pitch Jake Finely Offers To Help Only Ryan And Jake Discover Their Private Lessons Have To Do With Sex Ed Than Business Ethics When A Tenured Professor Offers Ryan An Indecent Proposal To Make The Grade, Will He Choose Soccer Or Jake LA Witt Did Somebody Order A PizzaPaul Switzer Has Been Miserable Ever Since His Childhood Love, Cory Bowman, Chose A Fraternity Over Him When A Pizza Delivery To The Frat House Lands The Exes Face To Face For The First Time In Eighteen Months, The Wound Is Reopened And So Are Paul S Feelings For The Only Man He S Ever Loved Sara York The Dust Of Everyday Life Cole Only Has The Courage To Lust After The Swim Team From Afar When Seever Asks To Share A Table At The Packed Coffee House Where Cole Is Studying, He S Sure It S A Joke But After One Touch And One Scorching Kiss, Cole Thinks The Chance Meet Could Lead To Something With Substance Terrific price, only 2.99 for all these stories, thank you authors UDPATED It was a pleasure to read this anthology, there is always a 50 50 chance that some will be much better than others, but in this case there were very enjoyable all of them.Well, if I have to be honest, the one a didn t like as much was Did Somebody Order a Pizza All the rest are 4 and 4.5 stars. At the end I ll average all the ratings together for a final score.8 28 14 KyAnn Waters Private Lessons 3.5 StarsSweet, sexy, and fun I really enjoyed this one My only thing view spoiler So Turner just gets away with it I saw no resolution I know all the stories take place on the same campus, so perhaps we ll see something later on about it hide spoiler Private Lessons by KyAnn WatersCharacters Jake and RyanMy Rating B My Review This first story introduces us to Cathia University through Ryan, a soccer player on an academic scholarship, and Jake, the TA for the class that endangers Ryan s ability to keep playing soccer Ryan is no dummy, but his prof has it out for jocks, so he s giving him bad grades when he doesn t deserve them When the prof isn t responsive to Ryan s pleas, he goes to Jake These two have been eyeing each other all semester, but Ryan is a jockand not so sure he wants to come out of that closet yet At the beginning it took me a bit to settle into the characters and setting, but once I did, it was incredibly sweet I really enjoyed Ryan and Jake Ryan is pretty inexperienced, but he knows he wants Jake He just isn t so sure that he s ready to endanger everything to have him The new relationship is stressful, just in that he is in the closet, but everything about it feels right to him But he s also dealing with the stress from his grade in this class Jake and Ryan are fun together They have great chemistry and I really enjoyed the scenes where Jake was giving Ryan all new sexual experiences The story is pretty hot and overall, I really liked it The Dust of Everyday Life by Sara YorkCharacters Cole and SeeverMy Rating BMy Review Cole is obsessed with swimmers and their hot bodies Most days he studies where he can watch the swim team practice merely for the eye candy So he s in complete shock when Seever, one of those sexy swimmers hits on him at the coffee shop Cole is scrawny and gangly not exactly up to this guy s standards But that s not the way Seever sees him He s been trying to work up the nerve to approach Cole for a while This is a book about two gay guys who have never had a reason to come out They haven t hidden the fact that they are gay, but have never had a reason to make it public either This new relationship is changing all the rules for both of them The story follows them as they navigate the turmoil and stress of coming out, but does so in a positive light I enjoyed it The Eloquent Jock by Cassandra CarrCharacters Scott and BrandonMy Rating AMy Review I ll admit when I saw Cassandra Carr s name on this antho that I was hoping for a hockey story Yesthis is one And even better, this story combines my love for hockey trope AND books since the main characters work together in a creative writing English class Double YES The premise of this story is that Brandon is an English Lit major in his senior year He s just been hired to be Scott s TA in his creative writing class Scott is a prof, but the prof job really is just to pay the bills He s really a best selling mystery author Brandon is the assistant captain on the university hockey team They both experience the draw to one another, but this relationship isn t a good idea Scott is a professor and Brandon s bossand he s 15 years older than Brandon But as they become closer and realize just how much they have in common, it becomes and difficult to resist that draw.I liked this one Everything about the premise worked for me and the story flowed effortlessly as I read it I loved how passionate both these guys are about books Brandon may be a jock, but his first love really is literature He s working on his degree in the hopes that someday he can teach at a college AND coach the hockey team I liked them and the surrounding scenery we got to see in their book There are some super hot scenes in this book and a couple of them took place on hiking trails YUM Switching Leads by Mia DowningCharacters John and FinnMy Rating AMy Review It s been a while since I read a Mia Downing book and I ll admit that I had forgotten just how incredibly well she does angst This book is about John and Finn Now adults, they were once students at Cathia University and were involved then, 10 years ago It ended really awfully when Finn screwed up and the following blow up broke both their hearts Now John is the Coach of the Cathia riding team Unfortunately, the team has been rocked by a scandal from the an assistant coach who took advantage of John s distractions with his mother s health The program is in trouble, but John has plans to fix thingsthose plans don t include Finn coming back as his new assistant coach, but he s been overruled on the choice The history between the two is extremely painful, just in that neither one has truly ever recovered from it Finn knows he screwed up big time Helping out with the team is just one way for him to pay John back for that He also is harboring a secret and needs John s help too Everything about this story resonated with me The emotions felt true and valid I love a bit of angst and this book had it in spades I love the college setting for the entire book just because colleges have such a fantastic vibe to them, but I also really loved that both these mc s were a bit older than college students It made for an incredible storyboth with the back story and the depths of the current stories for both of these guys I loved this one Solid Education by Bianca SommerlandCharacters Gage and DerekMy Rating A My Review Wow, I really loved this story Two men brought together by the love of an abandoned dog was just perfect Gage is a recovering former Marine who lost his k 9 partner during the war After being wounded in the same blast, he was medically discharged His love for that dog brought him to Cathia University with the hopes of someday being a veterinarian Derek is a veterinarian and a professora professor who is harder on Gage than other students just to cover by how much he s attracted to the guy Derek is straight laced and a by the rules kind of guy Gage has learned way early in life that sometimes you have to grab life and just live He wants to do that with Derek, especially as he gets to know him better and better as they take care of the ailing, abandoned dog, Matty Matty was the perfect addition to this story Gage s backstory with his dog and his new story with Matty brought me to tears a couple of times during this book I love that the dog brings out the softer side of Derek so that Gage can see the true man behind the stern facade I really, really liked this one Great love story and romance with plenty of back story to be completely satisfying even as a novella.Did Somebody Order a Pizza by L.A WittCharacters Paul and CoryMy Rating C My Review This story didn t quite work for me personally There wasn t anything wrong with the writing The issue seemed to be with the relationship and my perception of it Paul and Cory were best friends as kids that naturally moved into being boyfriends as teenagers That all fell apart when they came to college and pledged the same frat where Paul stood up against the hazing and Cory didn t My problem with it was that happened 18 months ago and they never spoke again until Paul coincidentally delivered a pizza to the frat 18 months is a long time to go without ANY contact with your best friend Would Cory have ever contacted Paul if it wasn t for a pizza That just felt too convenient and then with the further events in the story, I just couldn t believe the true nature of the supposed feelings behind the relationship As a reader, I didn t believe in them and it just didn t work for m Winning Bracket by Annabeth AlbertCharacters Ollie and EdwinMy Rating AMy Review This was such a fun, cute story This one is about two RA s that have lived in the same dorm for the last four years They are complete opposites Ollie is all about the party, but Edwin is all about the rules They ve had a push pull relationship over the years just because they run their dorm floors so completely differently, but they ve also fallen into a friendship of sorts over that time They are both playing with an attraction for the other that neither will acknowledge With Cathia s basketball team headed into March Madness, suddenly they have a way to connect Betting on the brackets This is a way to meld Edwin s love of math and computations with Ollie s obsession with sports and parties It s a win win especially with the outcome of the bet being a kiss.I loved the set up for this one with the partying fun of March Madness These two guys are such complete opposites that they work together perfectly I also really loved the fact that neither guy ever guessed he truly had a shot at something with the other guy Ollie may play at the party animal who has a different guy every weekend, but it was perfect that a lot of that was just perception Seriously, I loved these two together Their small moments together left me smiling and happier for having read their story Artistic Endeavor by Whitley GrayCharacters Cobey and MichaelMy Rating A My Review I think this was my favorite story in the entire anthology There was just something about the character chemistry between Michael and Cobey On the surface, Michael is a man slut He hooks up a lot, but doesn t do relationships It s not that he s a bad guyhe s just been badly burned by love and wants nothing to do with it ever again Cobey is the exact opposite He grew up in a strictly religious upbringing and series of schools and although he s a professor, this is his first experience out in the world where a gay relationship is acceptable As a result of his background though, he has zero experience at the age of 25 He s tried on his own, but the gay club scene is too hard and too fast and too intimidating Mutual friends bring them together knowing they have art in common and that may make things easier for Cobey Also, although Michael has the experience, he s not a bad guy He can take things slow with Cobey and not overwhelm him What I loved about this story was just how much Cobey overwhelmed Michael Michael s the one with experience, but in the face of just Cobey s kisses, it shoves him to the brink I love how unraveled he would become by this guy And Cobey is just so shy and unsureI couldn t help but feel for him It s just a great book and I loved the art elements and Pride things going on in the background It made for a fantastic novella Lesson Learned by Dalton DiazCharacters Adam and TylerMy Rating A My Review Wowwhat a great way to end this fabulous anthology This story was about two men with a past For one, Tyler, it was his first gay relationship so he didn t realize it was so good because of WHO he was with, not that it was just another guy But by then he had broken Adam s heart and it was too late That was two years before this story took place and those two years haven t been great for either of the characters In fact, Tyler worked actively to make sure they never crossed paths in those two years until Adam walked in as his fill in professor for summer school This book started in that classroom with the shock of Adam walking in as the professor and the back story of what happened between the two men slowly filtered out, each revelation even painful and emotional than the one before Neither one of these guys is a bad guy and my heart ached for both of them The emotion jumps off the page and I was completely invested in both their stories I wanted and needed them to find that happiness together again I really like that Adam is a psychology geek.he is all about talking everything through which makes Tyler so uncomfortable, but it made the likelihood of success this time around so much better I loved them together and loved this story It s been a GREAT anthology and I love the stories that have come out of Cathia University I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. Anthologies are usually very hit or miss in my experience Generally speaking they contain one or two stories that might wow me and the rest are just ok This anthology I am pleasantly surprised to say is the exception These stories all take place at the same University though only in two of the stories do we have cross characters being mentioned It was nice though to see the connection through the places, most notably the pizza place the diner Though of course these are short stories, please do not think for one minute that they are going to be fluff The authors did a great job of bringing us wonderfully realistic characters dealing with many difficult issues, a couple of which brought me to tears We get to experience teachers, athletes, musicians, nerds, ex military men other professionals and students deal with life and it s many issues while falling in love Some of the issues, such as coming out, hazing bullying were expected since I knew this took place on a college campus However, I never expected to read about Alzheimer disease, alcoholism, war dogs, loss and second chances in this book Yet, it contains them all and in such a well put together, well written way that they are all welcome additions This quite truthfully is a solid 4.5 Star book for me but since I could not choose a 1 2 star and a couple of the stories were so phenomenal I just have to round up to five The half star though only factors in because of my personal dislike of one character and his actions and decisions that I just did not find forgivable Others however may feel totally differently I highly recommend it to all This book was provided to me by one of the authors in exchange for a fair and honest review. OK, so I m not sure how the authors pulled this off, but it s really good Each of these stories leads into the next and you get a full novel at the end That s an incredible feat to pull off and these guys did it well Of course I have my favorites, but overall, this was a really good read of nine short stories Law of averages should have put at least one or two stories below average but none were It was really exciting to read because this rarely happens I loved that I got to go back to college life while reading All the stories were real and had such true emotion it was hard not to feel like you were there And it has been over 20 years since I graduated from college LOL The struggles of homosexuality are also not swept under the rug That was a plus for me The awkwardness of meeting that special someone when you re that age was also very well represented I just really enjoyed reading this It was sexy and something new for me and I was very impressed all around GREAT JOB TO YOU ALL KyAnn Waters Private Lessons 3.5 stars Cute, fluffy story involving sports and a virgin, a winning combination I enjoyed this one, even if the writing was a bit clumsy at times, and it had a big misunderstanding plot element I have a weakness for a muscular guy who is the view spoiler so I was pleasantly surprised by this one Perfect for a first timer fix Sara York The Dust Of Everyday Life 2 stars This didn t really work for me A forgettable short story about a guy who lusts after swimmers and then ends up dating one of them The MCs felt underdeveloped, and I didn t feel the chemistry between the two guys I didn t really get Cole and Seever They were sort of in the closet, but sort of out of the closet but kind of vague about the whole situation They went from just meeting to very intense at breakneck speed, and I felt very blah about the two of them I also didn t love the writing style, which was repetitive and sloppy feeling This one wasn t terrible but it was one of the weaker stories in the collection.Cassandra Carr The Eloquent Jock 3 stars Virgin alert Cute book with mild taboo relationship teacher TA with some light angst to boot I think the MCs were a bit under developed and their communication could have been better, but I liked their chemistry And the sex scenes HOT, but I needed MORE Penetration, please I also liked the relationship between Brendan and his roommate A nice, easy read.Mia Downing Switching Leads 3 stars Sweet but not super memorable story about two reunited lovers I didn t love the past misunderstandings, and the equestrian plot line was lost on me, but I m always a fan of second chance love stories Though it felt a little forced and incomplete, it I enjoyed this in the end.Bianca Sommerland Solid Education 3 starsThe dog saved this one for me.I really didn t get Derek as a character I mean, I spent 9 YEARS in post high school secondary education, and I never had a professor correct my grammar or be that arrogant with me Real life professors don t act like that I also didn t get why Gage liked Derek one iota in the beginning Derek was nothing but a giant douche with a stick up his ass, and not in a fun way However, Matty, the injured puppy, saved the day I will never get tired of reading about combat veterans and their relationships with animals The scenes where Matty and Gage snuggled and soothed each other almost brought me to tears It made me a little less grumpy about the relationship between Gage and Derek and start to go with the flow a little All s well that ends well. This anthology had a bit of everything a variety of jocks, a handful of professors, a few teaching assistants, a couple of beautifully written first times, a bunch of second chances, a whole lot of man on man sexy times and a shit load of pizza Unfortunately, it also had a heck of a lot of spelling grammatical errors but I ll brush this aside for my overall enjoyment of the collection.I wasn t quite sure how to review these stories so I created a bunch of mini reviews In each, I ve attempted to condense plot descriptions to one line each, mainly to save time, but also because I don t believe it s vital to know much in advance, in order to enjoy these stories I ve also tried tried being a loose term here to limit spoilers but sometimes my ranting urges just broke through, uncontrolled apologies in advance PRIVATE LESSONS by KyAnn Waters 3.5 Stars CharactersRyan and Jake PlotCloseted soccer player falls for an out and proud TA This was a nice, easy read I liked both leads equally and the story flowed smoothly without any boring lulls to make me lose focus I m always apprehensive with in the closet stories, simply because I hate the drama it leads to and I often end up feeling sorry for the openly gay partner that has to deal with being a secret but this story handled it well and left me satisfied with the overall ending THE DUST OF EVERYDAY LIFE by Sara York 3 Stars CharactersCole and Seever PlotA gangly music student and a ripped Icelandic swimmer, find ridiculously quick love in a coffee shop Ignorant bigots ensue.Cole and Seever s first meeting was so cute and awkward I couldn t help but smile throughout the exchange Unfortunately, the relationship progression felt a little rushed and the dialogue, particularly all the you re so sexy comments, seemed forced and unnatural My major issues with this story arouse when people started questioning Cole and Seever s sexuality I found the majority of reactions by many of their fellow students both ridiculously random and barely believable Are people really this intrusive If so, I ve been living in a sheltered bubble view spoiler I would never say to any of my gay friends,how long have you been fucking him, or is he fucking you You guys love talking about that shit How big is his dickWHAT As if And don t tell me age is a factor here either because I wouldn t have been that confronting and inappropriately rude to a friend or a mere acquaintance when I was 19 22 years old Pfft I understand there actually are people out there who behave like this, which makes me all the madder and sadder, but it still annoyed me none the less hide spoiler