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Setting raft on Colorado River Quito Chalice Wall, Windmill Hill, crop circle, Tor cave, Glastonbury Pleades star system Avebury Stone Circle Chalice Well Garden Theme forgiveness trust love Light vs Dark Characters Nolan Galloway Taqe archeologist has the mark loves Kendra when engaged 10 years later, took her and her sister on a raft to a site, there was a whirlpool, boat hit rock, sister died Kendra broke engagement, angrily blaming him has psychic power of telekinesis tried to use it save the sister Kendra Johnson Taqe archeologist has the mark anger toward Nolan has sat with her for 10 years her psychic power when touches a person or object, gets impressions of past visions, conversations, etc.Calen Hernandez and Reno Manchahi Taqe building the home base hire Nolan and Kendra for the 3rd emerald Ana and Mace Ridfort Taqe At the Village of the Clouds in Peru last book, recover 2nd emerald she is pregnant, and the one to wear the complete necklace Victor Carancho Guerra Tupay master sorcerer lives in ether world, but can inhabit a body but the body dies when he exits it 1,000 of years old wants the emerald bracelet and the power Publius Hadrian Roman emperor, settled in Scotland takes a new body as needs it subordinate of Victor, tries to get the emerald from the other two Calandra of the Pleiades reaching out to the Light on earth ready to guide them Eurica, spiritual guardian of the Avebury Stone Circle Dragon, home of constellation Draco, of the Light Major Mike Houston and Dylan Riggs Brody carter and Cian Hennessey Robert and Olivia Dillinger next book Summary As Kendra and Nolan work together to find the emerald, Kendra starts to release her anger, and to allow her feelings for Nolan to return Nolan is hopeful, Nolan makes a wish to the fairies that they reunite and she gives him a kiss Nolan allows her to make each move And the yew trees call the fairies and the dragon, who bring her the 3rd emerald hidden in another dimension they face off Victor who takes Kendra s body Nolan stops him she dies, but is taken to the other dimension to heal and does.And Kendra and Nolan reunite Memorable scenes The 3rd book in the Warrior s for the Light seriesI felt this one was definitely better than the first two books in the series. Dr Kendra Johnson, renowned archaeologist for Harvard University, is not sure she wants to be working with her former lover and fellow archaeologist Nolan Galloway She has not forgiven him for his part in her sister Debby s death Yet she s being asked to work with Galloway for the Vesica Piscis to search for Emerald Key necklace Both Kendra and Nolan have Vesica Piscis birthmarks on their necks Dr Nolan Galloway is not sure how he s going to react to seeing Kendra again He s still in love with her after all these years apart Vescis Piscis are people of the light or light energy called Taqe and people of the dark or heavy energy called the Tupay are also searching for Emerald Key necklaces too The Tupay leader is Victor carancho Guerra will possess a body to get what he wants no matter the cost It s a race to see who gets the Emerald Key necklace first Can Kendra forgive Nolan Will Nolan tell Kendra how he feels Can Kendra let go of the past Will Guerra succeed Your answers await you in The Quest. Kendra and Nolan were once engaged when an accident occurred where Kendra s sister was killed She blames Nolan Nolan has never stopped loving his ex fiancee The two are chosen for their special skills to work together on a dangerous assignment. Paranormal just not enough here to make up for the stuff i really didn t like. {Free Epub} ô The Quest ô Death Divided Them Until A Desperate Mission To Conquer The Dark Lord Reunited Them For Renowned Archaeologist Kendra Johnson, Working With Her Former Lover, Now Her Rival, Was Inconceivable Nolan Galloway Had Betrayed Her During A Gruesome Tragedy And Yet, Born With The Vesica Piscis Birthmark, The Two Were Chosen For Their Special Skillsand Destined To Join Forces Once AgainNolan Had Never Stopped Loving His Ex Fianc E Teaming With Her On This Dangerous Assignment Tested His Restraint Above All, He Had To Protect Her, As Their Enemy Was Hot On Their Heels On The Hunt For The Emerald Sphere, They Had To Believe In The Power Of Goodand Love