[Ebook] ♔ To Seduce A Siren (Southern Sanctuary, #4) ♂ Franzbielmeier.de

I was very skeptical about Nate, honestly there is nothing worse than a Man whore, and I ve found very few authors who manage to redeem them believable Jane Cousins is one, despite him being an ass a lot in this story I liked him, and I totally got him Loved Cyd, and I was completely gobsmacked about Bettina I am so loving this series it s very very hard not to binge read it. A lot of action and a heaping of witty, snarky dialogue made this addition to the series sparkle I m not sure who I loved in this book, our Hh, Nate Cyd, or the vampire queen bad girl villain This series just keeps going from strength to strength Nate Cyd the sparks flew from the moment they met, but Cyd has a major secret she is keeping and boy, was it a fresh take on the Siren myth loved it Nate was all things great as an H alpha, warrior, flirty, sweet, and determined to find out what s going on with Cyd Our h, Cyd, is sassy, smart, and brave Plus she s an excellent match for super flirt Nate Their romance developed from sexy sweet meet up to hot, hot, love.Five stars plus for the vamp queen bad girl Destiny She was deadly, determined and wickedly funny.Secondary characters popped up love me a dose of that Darcy, she s a scream but not as many as earlier books in the series This one is really all about Nate, Cyd and their show down with the vamp queen slut in her black cat suit So much fun. [Ebook] ☢ To Seduce A Siren (Southern Sanctuary, #4) ♶ Being A Siren Sucked Charisse Bright Could Attest To That Admittedly, The Supernatural Package Came With A Face Body To Die For And The Ability To Manipulate Others With Her Stunning Voice, But There S A Major Downside To Being A Songstress Of The High Seas And She Wasn T Just Talking About The Never Ending Compliments, The Incessant Flattery Or The Drooling Ick, The Drooling No, She Had A Deep, Dark Secret Being A Siren Meant Bonding With A Possessive, Bitchy And Hungry Oh, So Very Hungry, Rock Charisse Has Enough On Her Plate Dealing With The Demanding Bitch Rock On Top Of Her Extensive, Magical, High Maintenance Family The Last Thing She Needs In Her Life Is A Man One Who Keeps Scowling At Her Rather Than Flirting, Kissing Her One Moment, Insulting Her The Next And Worst Of All, He Appears To Be Completely An Utterly Immune To Her Siren Powers No, The Last Thing She Needs In Her Life Is An Uncontrollable, Annoying ManWomen Women Of All Shapes And Sizes Love Maat Warrior And World Class Superflirt, Nate, But After A Hundred Years Of Flirting With The Best Of Intentions Nate Is Kind Of Weary Of The Whole Meaningless Dating Scene He Wants A Relationship, With A Nice, Easy Going, Uncomplicated Woman Problem Is, The Two Women Currently In His Life, Couldn T Be Different, Or Problematic One S A Bat Crap Crazy, Assassin Vampire Queen, Stalking Him, Determined To Make Him Her Eternal Chew Toy And The Other Well, The Other Is A Gorgeous Woman With Way Too Many Secrets Common Sense Tells Him He Should Steer Well Clear Of Charisse Bright, But There S Just Something About The Woman That He Finds Impossible To ResistNate S Determined To Rise To The Challenge Protect Charisse Kill The Vampire Queen And Along The Way Seduce A Siren Into Giving Up All Her Secrets He Won T Settle For Less Than Her Body And Soul Wow just adored book 4 in the fabulous Southern Sanctuary Series If I had to pick a favourite so far No, that s way too hard as they ve all been great.But this book had the best villain I ve read in ages the arrogant Vamp Queen was all things delightful as she stalks Nate, our H, obsessed with making the Maat warrior her eternal play thing.Nate, the superflirt H, was funny, smart, alpha hot He meets his perfect match in Cyd, the Siren h, who is beautiful but smart, capable and determined.Loved the twist on the Siren myth, Cyd s connection to the rock was a fresh take And Nate is now trying to fend off both the Vamp Queen s affections and Cyd s rock s hatred.We catch a fleeting glimpse of Darcy my all time favourite character seriously jonesing for her story and some quick appearances by the other Maat Warriors and Declan.Action, tension, a fantastic bad gal in the Vamp Queen and her minions, and a way hot, hot romance b w a witty superflirt H, and a confident, magically capable, smart h.That manipulative match maker working behind the scenes deserves a raise Can t wait for the next hook up. Loved this fourth book in the series Charisse Cyd great nickname is a Siren with secrets She s fun, sassy and strong just the way I like my heroines.Nate, warrior flirt is sexy, funny and determined to get to the bottom of what is going on with Cyd.Loved the vampire Queen bad girl in a catsuit who is stalking Nate.As always the secondary characters were a treat can t get enough of Darcy Plus nice to see earlier main characters pop up again.Great read that just swept me up action, humour, magic, mad vampires and a great sexy couple that were believable and made me laugh.What can I say but when is the next one due in the series Fantastic tale with a fresh, funny and imaginative take on Sirens This is another winner Loving the Southern Sanctuary Series.In book 4 we have a hot flirty alpha male with women problems He has a slutty cat suit wearing she bitch vampire queen stalking him wanting to turn him into her eternal chew toy And then there s the mysterious gorgeous Cyd Who has a big problem of her own in the form of an over possessive hunk of rock Action, suspense, a sexy sweet romance and lots of laughs and witty dialogue along the way Kudos for the creativity Love the fact that each book comes from a completely different direction, with new problems but we get the bonus of consistently great secondary characters both new and old.What a great read thanks for the laughs. Charisse and Nate end up as neighbors as he is baiting Destiny, the Vampire Queen.What I enjoyed Loved Bettina, the rock view spoiler and happy Nate figured out she was just trying to help Charisse hide spoiler Delightful The bad gal vamp almost stole the show even knowing she was major cliche in a black leather cat suit, I couldn t help but adore her She got all the best lines, and that is saying something when it comes to this witty funny offering.But the romance remained front and centre to the story and it was such fun As per normal our couple are insanely attracted to one another but don t wish to be so cue lots of snappy dialogue Cyd has lots of secrets, and the best one is about the ROCK Awesome And both inventive and cute as all hell Nate could have fallen into the man whore hole but once you get to know and understand him you discover he adores and supports women and it s not just all about the sex for him.Cyd and Nate rocked They were funny, and yet they managed to sizzle at the same time Jane Cousins has delivered yet another awesome romance and fun, action filled story LOVING this series. The best bit The villain vamp Destiny No, wait The hot romance No, hold on The sheer unmitigated fun Oh, what a problem to have Too much to love bring it.Book 4 in this world was balls out belly laughing fun We have Cyd, our Siren who has a way awesome secret The Rock another thing I LOVED and such a freaking cool idea And then there s Nate, a superflirt, but with a heart of gold.Throw a stalker vamp queen into the mix and you get five star fantastic.We only get a few chapters featuring the supporting cast Darcy Maat Warriors Hadleigh And Declan continues to step up an intrigue But this story is really about Cyd Nate getting to know one another, trust one another and fall in love while the Vamp queen circles wanting to sink her teeth into Nate big time.Perfect combo of romance, action and lots of laughs. I laughed, sniggered, chortled and chuckled my way through this wonderful fourth book in the series You could read it on its own, but don t You ll get so much out of it if you start at the beginning and get to know all the characters who pop in and out and the running jokes the author deftly weaves throughout all the books.What can I say This was just awesome and way cool The author s take on the Siren myth was unique and fun loved the addition of the rock And the Vamp villain She almost stole the show with all her witty dialogue But when it comes down to it this is a hot, hot romance Charisse and Nate were just so much fun They bicker and squabble but all the time their simmering attraction is just getting hotter and hotter There was action, danger, a visit from Darcy, Hadleigh and the other warriors And how cute is Declan Loving him Adore this funny, welcoming world Can t wait to dive into book 5.