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This is a great book for children and adults as well Bullying is a serious issue and I think it is depicted well here A bullied person can commiserate with Noah while a bully might be able to see how wrong and hurtful his her actions and words can be to others There is also a list of ways to deal with bullying for both children and parents The book also explores how to make friends and shows friendship as a fun and supportive relationship It is a good book for any child, especially those who already feel alienated after being bullied for so long. The Bully and The Shrimp is a great book for children about to start school as well as those already attending.It sensitively and entertainingly broaches the ever constant issue of bullying in a way that is accessible to young children and covers all the emotions felt by both the person being bullied and the bully themselves.Cleverly illustrated half as Noah Shrimpton s diary showing his emotions with doodles as well as words, The Bully and The Shrimp gives you plenty to talk about with your child as you share it together.The story is written from the perspective of the child being bullied but we found it was very useful and effective to read with Tori on a day when she had been very overbearing with Arthur and their friends It helped her see how sometimes she can slip from a bit bossy into the edge of bullying territory and it showed her how she might be making the other people feel It is very hard to explain to a five year old how their playing might upset other people but The Bully and The Shrimp did it brilliantly At one point, Connor grabs and takes Noah s pencil crayons something Tori had done to Arthur that day and when she read how that made Noah feel upset and cross she said Is that why Arthur didn t want to play with me any It was a gentle prod towards helping her see how her own actions can affect other people.I can see it being a brilliant resource for all parents of children at school it is fun to share and shares an important message without being accusatory or judging anyone There are extra resources at the back for the grown ups to help if your child is being bullied which is a nice touch and helps lift it from just a picture book to a real helpful tool.A great book even if there are no bullying issues around anyone reading, The Bully and The Shrimp is a great example of the power books can have to help people A great addition to our shelves that I am sure will be called upon again and again as Tori and Arthur go through school. I would recommend this book to any teacher I personally would introduce this book on the first day of school to show that bullying is not acceptable in the classroom This book is about a little boy who is picked on because of his size and name Throughout the story, the child accepted that he was being bullied until a friend convinced his that it was not ok and he was perfect the way he is The boy stood up to the bully and the bully apologized and they became friends The illustrations in this book is a lot of fun and different than the average illustrations The font is sometimes written in speak bubbles and capital letters The pictures are very child like but detailed and fun I would use this book in my classroom to fight against bullying and pull it out anytime I felt bullying was becoming a problem In the back of the book, students are informed about what to do if they are being bullying There is also a letter to parents if their child is being bullied This book is the perfect child example to demonstrate why bullying is wrong I am extremely glad I came across this book. Noah Shrimpton is short, but that s okay He s recently moved to a new school, and at first everything seemed fine until Conner showed up Noah is picked on because of his height, and most people seem to think it s funny, except for Ellie Noah must find the strength inside him to stop Conner and take his life back This is a great book about overcoming obstacles and how to find courage and strength when you or a friend is being bullied. This book shows that bullying is not right and should not be tolerated by anybody A young boy starts a new school and due to his small size gets called names by one of the others He makes his life hell and everyday Noah has to put up with some sort of bullying from Connor until he has finally had enough and a friend tells him its not ok to let himself be bullied A very good book with wonderful illustrations and i love the way he explains some of his bullying in a diary format i will will definitely be sharing this one with pupils. The pictures and the style was entertaining Half of the images where of the little boys drawings. ^Free Epub ★ The Bully and the Shrimp ☊ Meet Noah Shrimpton, A Confident And Happy Kid Until He Starts At A New School At School A Kid Named Connor Decides To Pick On Him This Makes Noah Upset And He Uses His Journal To Draw All Kinds Of Doodles About How To Stand Up To His Bully In Class, Noah Is Too Afraid To Say Anything To Connor Because He Is Scared Of Making Things Worse Finally, One Day, Noah Finds A Friend Can She Help Him Stand Up To The Big Tall Bully Read And Find Out What How Noah Overcomes This Challenge, From Award Winning Picture Book Author Catherine Allison And Illustrator Kim Geyer