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Jordan Silver writes the best pregnancy fetish story My fav in her collection so far,,, Sex and Marriage series.Keep Them Coming I Will Consume them all. LOVE LOVE LOVEOne of my favorite books from Jordan Silver Her books are my guilty little pleasures lol [Free Book] ⚉ The Billionaire and The Pop Star ♞ Trace McKenzie Is Expecting To Be Bored Out Of His Mind The Night His Little Sister Talks Him Into Taking Her To A Lingerie Fashion Show As A Billionaire Playboy He S Sampled Plenty Of The Runway Beauties And Was No Longer Interested What He Doesn T Expect Is The Sultry Hot Number That S The Night S Entertainment Her Voice Pulled Him Out Of His Ennui With Its Touch Of Old World Style, But What Trapped The Breath In His Lungs Was His First Look At Her A Quick Look At Google On His Phone Gives Him The Basics She S Shiane, The Worlds Hottest New Sensation, And She S Only Twenty Three To His Thirty Five But This Go Getter Isn T About To Let Something Like That Stand In His Way Before The Night Is Over He S Cornered The Young Beauty And Lays Down The Law I had to stop reading this at 73% Like every book from this author the H gets angry with the h over something minor and throws a massive tantrum He refuses to speak to her, acknowledge her, and rapes her while she is crying I thought this story would be different but I was really disappointed Plus, the first meeting btw the couple was ridiculous He sees her and immediately takes her to his house even though they don t know each others names. Trace McKenzie is one HOT alpha male he took one look at Shiane and knew that he wanted and had to have her One look at Trace and Shiane knew that he was a man she could not deny Another HOT whrilwind romance from Jordan with very HOT steamy claiming and mating Definitely need to read this one 2.5 Stars Reads like a first draft that hasn t been spell checked really bad view spoiler The H is borderline abusive The H spanks the h not in a hot way and treats her like a child, it was a turn off hide spoiler This was horrible I am done with this author There was no conversation between the two individuals, character development was minimal The proofreading and spellcheck were non existant Way too many run on sentences Sentence composition was lacking And the hero was an abuser. Another fantastic quick read I just wish JS will write books where the heroine actually talks back or at the very least saysthan 5 sentences in the entire book A little chase will also be nice. AbuseAll in all,it was a great story line, until he was abusive I m all for possessive hot men, but when he beats her with a belt, and yells at her for disobeying him and other stuff, that s abuse, it wasn t apart of any bdsm, it was abusive I would ve gave it 5 stars if it wasn t for that. The moment Trace McKenzie saw singer Shiane he knew he had to have her She is younger and a huge success, Trace has a reputation for being a player and with his wealth has his own attention Both Trace and Shiane want to keep their new found relationship private, with it though comes a huge learning curve for Shiane Trace is demanding and Shiane is having trouble guessing how he really feels.Not a favorite Trace was almost abusive I thought, he was plain mean in a few places and I just never softened to his character Did like Shiane, thought she was an interesting character Overall not one of my favorites.