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~E-pub ♽ The Dread Wyrm ♪ SOME ARE BORN TO POWERSOME SEIZE ITAND SOME HAVE THE WISDOM NEVER TO WIELD ITThe Red Knight Has Stood Against Soldiers, Against Armies And Against The Might Of An Empire Without Flinching He S Fought On Real And On Magical Battlefields Alike, And Now He S Facing One Of The Greatest Challenges YetA TournamentA Joyous Spring Event, The Flower Of The Nobility Will Present Arms And Ride Against Each Other For Royal Favour And Acclaim It S A Political Contest And One Which The Red Knight Has The Skill To Win But The Stakes May Be Higher Than He Thinks The Court Of Alba Has Been Infiltrated By A Dangerous Faction Of Warlike Knights, Led By The Greatest Knight In The World Jean De Vrailly And The Prize He S Fighting For Isn T Royal Favour, But The Throne Of Alba ItselfWhere There Is Competition There Is Opportunity The Question Is, Will The Red Knight Take It Or Will The Creatures Of The Wild Seize Their Chance Instead A Stirring, Gritty And At Times Quite Brutal Epic Fantasy Tor This Series Promises To Be The Standout Epic Fantasy For The Ages Fantasy Book Critic review to come when I find brains to eat. Everything I love about great fantasy is between the pages of this book layers of plots, awesome magic, mysterious weapons, a plethora of interesting and powerful characters, frightening creatures, and epic battles and it only seems to get better with each new installment This is quickly becoming one my favorite series The reality men build is fragile than they know. Where the first two books set up the world, introduced the characters and the conflicts, and hinted at some outside influences, this book finally provides some solid footing We begin to get a better look at what s been behind the rise of tensions across the kingdom and the Wild, and a peek atwho is responsible What You thought this was about a wizard with a few loose marbles Wellmaybe Guess you ll have to read to find out.I can t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this I love a lot a books, and I spare no stars for those I love, but this book deserves every single one I gave book one 5 stars too, but that first book was pretty weak when compared to how far the story has come Maybe I ll change it upon reread, but for now it sticks.I love the magic system, but I m not even going to attempt to explain it I don t have that kind of grasp on it yet But I think the author has made it fairly easy for the reader to follow along, and develop a basic understanding of how it works It s a very cool system, and I love the various ways it s been used, especially how those with power can interact And if you re like me, and like to dig a little deeper you can search hermetic magic to learn a little bit about the inspiration for the system.If there s anything that I appreciate about this author it s that he s not so attached to his own characters that he can t let them go Yeah, it s disappointing, especially when I grow attached to a person only to find them chopped in two, smashed by boulders or burnt to a crisp, amongst other things But I like the tension it adds, knowing anyone well almost anyone can bite the dust at any moment Well, if you skipped to the end of my review because it was way too long just know that I highly recommend this book Nothing s finished. This is book number 3 in the series and I have to say it continues to be a lot of fun and a pretty fabulous series overall as I think all three of them have got 4 s or so far This is probably one of the only series which I would class as having good battle scenes in fantasy which do actually make sense to me and interest me I think this is largely due to the fact that the author is originally a historical fiction writer and this ability to accurately represent battle scenes probably stems from that prior knowledge.This story focuses a lot on the Red Knight and his company than the previous books which, although very interesting still, split up the narrative a little evenly We do see snatches of the various characters around the world at different times, sometimes they are interacting with one another, other times they are doing their own things to influence the passage of the story I think being able to see the story and follow the company means that I really connected with The red Knight and some of our old favourite characters again in this book and that was super nice The plot is largely about the Red Knight and the Queen who are both being questioned by many others for their motives We know that the Queen s been through some rather horrible suggestions and insinuations from the last book to this and when we pick up her story she s in a rather bleak situation which made me definitely feel for her immensely I think she s a character whom I really connected with in this book and seeing her plight and the horrible people who judged her was really moving at times Throughout it all she s strong and wonderful though The Red Knight, Gabriel, is being questioned by his family and his followers about his quest because many know he has the potential to take the throne should he wish it and many who would back him were he to try The idea of stealing the throne and becoming a ruler instead of a Captain definitely brings temptation, but seeing the Red Knight deal with this was great.Finally we have the ever growing problem of the Wild and their leader Thorn who we also know has a master of his own The Wild grows ever threatening and launches many skirmishes and attacks on various groups across the course of this book forcing fights and problems upon them I really love seeing the creatures of the Wild and the sides that they choose to side with and that s one of the original and exciting elements of this book for me.The love and romantic elements of this book I thought were handled very well actually because I feel like Cameron knows how to create both toxic and beneficial relationships and his characters play to their strengths within these relationships at different points of the story.We had a few great battles, including the final one, and this really starts to introduce of the overall plotline too and show off some of the things which may be coming in the next few books for our characters too which I really liked.On the whole another solid addition to the series and a really good 4 read even though this one took me a lot longer to get through than I d have liked it to 4.5 StarsEasily the best book in the series so far, The Dread Wyrm was a fantastic read After a stunning success in Morea, the Red Knight returns to Alba with power and influence than ever But Alba is dangerous than ever, threatened by Thorn and his army of the Wild from without and undermined by Jean de Vrailly and his Gallish soldiers from within As usual, the Red Knight has a plan And as usual, there is a decent chance that plan gets everyone killed Short story, this book was fantastic All of the promise of the first book and the buildup from the second book was realized One of my criticisms of the second book was that it was a bit slower and felt like a setup than a complete story Well, my patience was handsomely rewarded as all the various plot threads came together in a truly epic series of confrontations The pace was frenetic, the action epic in scope, and there were several truly satisfying moments With Cameron s expertise in medieval combat, the action is written unlike anything else in fantasy and the combat scenes are a joy to read Cameron continues to shine with his characterization The cast is enormous, but there are dozens of characters that feel fully fleshed out with distinct personalities They aren t static either, each of them has shown change and growth throughout the events of each book He also excels at portraying the reality that most of these characters aren t simply good or bad At times, they could be both hero and villain A special mention for how he managed to make me loathe a few specific characters An author that can make me frustrated reading about a truly despicable character because I just want someone to kill them has done their job well It was awesome seeing all the factions converge From the separate plot threads of the Red Knight and his company, the unrest in Harndon, the Morean Empire, Bad Tom and his hillmen, the Jacks, the creatures of the Wild, the Outwallers, all the various plot threads patiently woven come together Several characters get standout moments, from Gabriel to his brother Gavin to Bad Tom to Desiderata, each of them have their turn in the spotlight Three books in and this has been a great series so far After the climax of this book I m curious to see how the author picks the story back up in book four, but he s given me every reason to trust that he ll pull it off and do it well. I don t really feel like writing a proper review as not only am I a lazy arse, I m also shit at reviewing books, movies, you name it Also, there are plenty of exhaustive reviews on GR anyway For what it s worth, my opinion is it s hard to get any better than this The Dread Wyrm features two highly rewarding climaxes, peeps TWO of them. This third book in the series expands the scope of the story and the world Cameron has created in a quite satisfactory way, while at the same time the author introduces the back story in a natural way, using it as a means of not only bringing the new reader up to speed on past events but also the nature of the relationships of some of the key players From this quick introduction the author moves you through various frames of reference, bringing different characters and armies into play and informing the reader, again deftly and without a forced hand, where they stood and where they were going Being that most of you are just now cracking the cover, I won t give any spoilers at all, except to say that much like the Moirai or perhaps the Nornir Cameron weaves in new lives and fleshes them out in the story, measures them carefully, and then cuts out, dead Sometimes this is with a seam ripper, one thread at a time, and other times it is as a giant pair of shears ripping through cloth Much like the Red Knight and his plans, the author s plans unfold in front of us as armies move in the real and the aethereal, and yet there is no hollow feeling you get when an author uses a deus ex machina to affect an outcome.The final battle is well written and serves as both the climax and the denouement, and still, the very short epilogue serves to set up the next story quite well, although I am a sucker for a chant of joy by a body of armed men I stopped reading fantasy than a decade ago, mostly because it was written by people who didn t understand the fear and joy that precede combat, or even the physics of melee, or the all importance of the supply train Cameron masters these three things, which is enough to make me enjoy the books, but on top of that he tells a story in which you are vested and uses characters that have depth and variety. I listened to this on Audible, as I did the first two Recommended by a friend who clearly knows me, this series has rekindled my love for all things medieval and brought back fond memories of my own reenactment days.A different narrator to the previous two books threw me off to start with I really liked the last gent and it took me a while to get used to the new voices of characters I d come to know However, that being said, once I d gotten used to who was who and the new narrator, the story continued on with as much detail and exquisite description of characters personalities as well as weapons and gear and magic I fell straight back into this alternate history or so it feels.The battles are complex and visual, the lives as fragile as those in real life and the magic and monsters, wow They just get bigger and better, as does the interwoven plot.Big things happen and big promises are made of to come I can t wait for the fourth book to read, or likely hear, what the brave and brutal company of mercenaries get up to next.A fan of medieval fantasy Or even medieval historical fiction Then pick this series up and emerse yourself in what could have been, if magic and monsters were real Well one thing turned out well in this epic Military fantasy the red knight stopped his whining about Amicia and hooked up with someone new , this book was well written, the Plot is very well layered a lot of battles , duels magical OR Physical, new allies and revelations and of course death of multiple characters , we now know the reason behind all of these battles and the Previous ones going to thirty thousand years ago the earth is not the only sphere existing in this universe but there are others that are also inhabited , what is special about the earth is that it s a crossroad to the other spheres and it contains several gates that if opened hell will cross over like it happened before with the wild , said gates are located all over the world like under the abbess fortress and the Albanian royal castle Ash s goal all along was to create so much chaos and spill rivers of blood in order to Manifest fully and physically in this sphere so he can open the gates, let his allies in, eat his rivals and dominate One of the things i disliked in this book was the red knight s behavior the he uses his name the the bitch in him manifest, he is weeping openly now and breaking down and ,, i know i am exaggerating a little but that s how i feel , i hope he gets his shit together in the next installment, that s it for me now bye. 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