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Meh I think I m almost over this series five books inhah Nell is super freaking annoying And everyone getting over involved in each other s lives is getting old Like, view spoiler She s trying to definitely and angrily and rightfully leave and go home, and they trick her and badger her into buying an entire newspaper What Never, in the entire book, did she mention wanting to own and be responsible for an entire newspaper She just wanted to do the crime investigatingBut, like 20 people and their kids show up at her door and bully her into it I kind of hated that part I really wanted her to leave hide spoiler ARC REVIEW WEDDING BELLS IN CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS, COLORADO 4 BY DEBBIE MASON My Review Wedding Bells in Christmas Christmas, Colorado, 4 by Debbie MasonMy rating 5 of 5 starsFound nothing unappealing about Wedding Bells in Christmas By Debbie Mason Loved the small town, family feel to the story Enjoyed the chemistry between Chance and Vivian The matchmaking attempts proved hilarious Evenfunny were the lengths that Chance and Vivian went to deter falling victim I received Wedding Bells in Christmas for and honest review This story is an adorably funny and heartwarming read www.goodreads.com review list 2555691Barnes and Noble Google Play Books Kobo #READ BOOK î Wedding Bells in Christmas (Christmas, Colorado, #4) á To Have And To Hold From This Day ForwardWedding Bells Are Ringing In The Charming Town Of Christmas, But Not For Vivian Westfield She S Just Had Her Heart Trampled Under The Cowboy Boots Of Chance McBride And Lost Her Dream Job At A Big City Newspaper But When She Returns For A Wedding, She Stumbles On A Story That Could Resurrect Her Career First, Though, She Ll Have To Deal With The Handsome Man Standing In Her Way And A Still Burning Flame That S Too Hot To IgnoreChance Recognizes Trouble When He Sees It He Just Didn T Expect To Find It In The First Class Cabin On The Flight Home For His Father S Wedding Yet There She Is, As Gorgeous As Ever Vivi Dared Chance To Want Things He Knew He Could Never Have It S Why He Left Her But Christmas S Meddling Matchmakers Have Them Firmly In Their Sights So If They Want To Survive The Next Week, They Ll Have To Play The Part Of An Adoring Couple An Irresistible Charade That May Give Them A Second Chance At The Real Thing I m telling you right now, if you haven t yet read a book by Debbie Mason you don t know what you re missing Her Christmas, Colorado Series is so good It s full of great characters, fun humor and at times some very touching moments I will tell you right away that I believe that you should read this series in order It just adds so muchto the characters when you get to know them from the beginning of their stories There is not that many to read so you can do it in no time Wedding Bells in Christmas is about Vivian Chance I will admit that for a while I couldn t remember who Chance was but it did finally come to me At times he pissed me off You just wanted to shake him and saystop it Of course even at those times I still liked him There is just something about him that makes you feel for him Now, Vivian was a shock in this book In the past ones she was a slightly hard person, not so in Wedding Bells in Christmas You just couldn t help but liking her She came off as a very sweet, caring person I just love this series and think you will too Give Wedding Bells in Christmas and the whole Christmas, Colorado Series a try. WEDDING BELLS IN CHRISTMAS is another fun and touching addition to the Christmas, Colorado series Chance lost his wife and child 5 years ago and feels like he can never love again So why can t he stop orbiting around city girl Viv He is a typical frustrating man Sexy and protective, He fights with himself over his attraction to the tough and vivacious Viv Being the stubborn man that he is, he very nearly blows his chance to be happy again It takes a town full of matchmakers to steer him in the right direction to where his heart needs to be.I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Just finished Wedding Bells in Christmas, and I am ready to go out and buy the rest of the series I love these people and want to visit Christmas and meet them I am partial to small town stories where the people are involved and are caring which fits this book perfectly, but what makes the book really awesome is the chemistry between Vivi and Chance The book falls pretty close to the sweet romance description, but the characters are fire, steam, humor, and human.Vivi fell in love with Chance while he was undercover in New York, but he wasn t ready to move on from the pain of losing his wife and baby in an accident for which he blames himself They are manipulated into meeting again on a flight to Christmas She knew he would be there since the trip is for father s wedding but she hoped she could mostly avoid him, little chance of that with Aunt Nell pulling the strings The story is big and wonderful, enjoy. Fantastic story and a great addition to the series Chance McBride is a man who has lost so much in life and isn t willing to put his heart on the line again Vivi is a woman who is focused on her career Well, at least she was until it imploded now she finds herself writing an advice column of all things Her brief but oh so hot fling with Chance shouldn t be a problem but when Chance s Aunt Nell starts her matchmaking ways, things get out of control Fast This is a great story with Chance finally coming home and dealing with the past and Vivi trying to figure out her future Definitely one you don t want to miss I highly recommend it. Enjoyed this heapsthan Book 3 in the series Love Vivi and Chase and their complicated story. Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI loved this book I fell in love with Chance and Vivi and the rest of the cast of characters in Christmas, CO Vivi is exactly the type of character I adore She is crazy smart, super creative and beyond spunky She lives her life on her terms even if she may be a tad harsh and not overly caring to those not in her inner circle.Chance has many demons that he needs to fight as he returns to his hometown of Christmas The emotions he feels is above the top and needs someone to soften him up He is a bit of an over the top macho man who feels the need to protect everyone around him especially Vivi.The suspense of the novel was well thought out and unexpected It made the book a lotinteresting and kept me wanting to read faster to find out what was going to happen next.I loved all the secondary characters They brought a charm to the story I loved Chance s meddling great aunt who was full of schemes to keep both Vivi and Chance in Christmas instead of returning to New York She is the type of aunt that everyone wishes they had Quirky and totally out of control.I really liked how you could feel a connection between all the characters Vivi was super close to Madison and Skylar along with their husbands Everyone looked after each other and were a big happy family albeit wacky and unconventional Princess, Chance s dog is a hilarious character in her own right.I can t wait till the next book in the series I went and bought the first 3 in the series so I could read the other love stories that happened in Christmas. It was book 4, and sure there was talk about other couples, but I did not feel like I had missed out It worked well as a stand alone And that next book seems promising.Viv is a hothead It s good to be curious, but curiosity killed the cat She was reckless.Chance lost his wife and child 5 years ago and will never love again It s good to mourn, but life goes on and you can love again And you obviously like Viv since you are protecting stalking her.They had a fling, he left cos he can t love again She is angry oh and there is this other thing, not cool man Sparks fly, cos they can t stay away from each other.To their help in this small town they have Aunt Nell More about her Not enough, not near enough of her Ya know, the meddling older relative who likes to play matchmaker.But, with all those good things I felt kind of..meh I did not like Viv, there is a line she crossed of recklessness And Chance was particularly stalking her even though he sigh, could not love again I did not feel like they worked together I did not feel the chemistry and I did not like themBut the suspense was good Still, a meh book.