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Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone are two well known US health and fitness bloggers who have paired up to launch a new book, What You Can, When You Can The book s title says it all essentially it s about MODERATION.As the authors themselves note this isn t rocket science and they re not introducing any new health and fitness concepts Most of us already know what we could be doing We just don t do it For a myriad of reasons.Chapters on mindfulness, decluttering and meditation confirm this book s aboutthan health and fitness It s about life in general and promoting a sustainable lifestyle change.At 177 pages it s an easy read which includes practical examples to offer additional guidance Another great initiative is the inclusion of social shares at the end of each chapter, with suggested activities or learnings which you might want to share with others using the hashtag wycwyc.There were at times a few inconsistencies in terms of target audience, which I think is a challenge for the authors as their readers may include everyone from beginners to the very fit All in all however, this is a great read written in an light hearted and accessible tone, promoting moderation In all things.Read the full review on my blog Disappointing Of course, expecting a book to change my life is asking a bit much But even keeping that in mind, this book wasdisappointing A friend recently challenged me to set tiny goals, a foreign concept to me This book seemed like it could help I had high hopes But it really wasn t written for someone in my demographic If they mentioned doing laundry or the kids onetime, I was going to scream Yes, this book was written for soccer momsMost of the advice was common sense There were a few nuggets that I enjoyed But most of it was really simple things that I already do The worst part is that it seemed cultish Every chapter ended with suggested ways to be a part of the wycwyc community The first chapter and the last chapter were all about how to participate Yes, being a part of a community and getting support are great But this was over the top Bottom line I get deeper, andrelevant, advice from my friends. Here s why I love this bookIt offers suggestions and ideas for ways to make series of positive changes in your life Doing what you can when you can serves as a reminder for those of us that quit healthy eating for the whole day or week because of one small misstep It also reminds you that just because you don t have time to get to the gym for a full workout doesn t mean you can t squeeze in a walk after dinner which is also a successful step This book does not offer hardcore advice on diet and exercise, but instead empowers you to make your own decisions with guidance and positive reinforcement It s all these small victories that lead you to success I do read Roni s blog and listen to their podcasts, so I read this book like a friend wrote it and maybe that makes me a tad biased, but I recommend you give it a try Fan van de podcast en al jarenlang trouwe bezoeker van Roni s blog, maar dit boek vond ik maar niks Meh. I liked this book is that doesn t insist on the willpower, or lack of the same in my case, to offer a number of easy and fast tips to try to eat better, reduce stress and possibly lose weight or get in shape.Mi piaciuto questo libro che non insiste sulla forza di volont , o assenza della stessa nel mio caso, per offrire una serie di consigli facili e veloci per cercare di mangiare meglio, limitare lo stress ed eventualmente dimagrire o rimettersi in forma.THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND PERSEUS BOOKS GROUP, SEAL PRESS FOR THE PREVIEW You can t go wrong with the wycwyc philosophy Doing what you can when you can reminds us that having a positive mindset can go a long way This book does not offer concrete steps on how to overcome hurdles towards getting to a goal, but it does shift ones mindset from being too narrow mindedly perfectionistic to being open mindedly human It s a great way to go about life as it promotes living life to the fullest the way you can Definitely a good read Note This E Book is free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. .READ E-PUB ☺ What You Can When You Can ♛ We All Know We Should Eat Better, Exercise , Get Better Quality Rest, And So On Tell Us Something We Don T Know, Right After All, Every Statistic We Have About Americans And Our Health Proves That No Matter How Good Our Intentions Are, We Are Failing To Change The Habits That Undermine Our Well Being But How Do We Achieve Our Healthy Living Goals When They Re So Daunting Who Has The Time, The Willpower, The Resources To Do All That Nutritious Eating, Muscle Building, Restful Sleeping, And Work Life Balancing Carla Birnberg And Roni Noone Have The Answer To That The Answer Is You You Have The Power To Make Healthier Living Easy And Exciting, Just By Adopting One Simple Mantra What You Can When You Can It S All You NeedWhat You Can When You Can Wycwyc Is A Book, A Movement, A Mindset, And A Lifestyle One That Harnesses The Power Of Small Steps To Let You Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals On YOUR Terms The Wycwyc Pronounced Wickwick Philosophy Applies To Anything And Everything That Contributes To A Healthy, Happy Life Nutrition, Exercise, Physical And Mental Rejuvenation, And So Much This book was really just a fabulous reminder to all of us to relax It tells us that it s ok if we slip up on day on that diet or exercise, just do what you can, when you can wycwyc This was really something I needed to hear at this point in my healthy lifestyle change journey It was an encouragement to me, but it did get just a bit repetitive, only drawback Overall very good book I was given a copy by the publisher and Netgalley This book deals with healthy living, watching what you eat and exercising without giving up after a few days They have lots of suggestions and there is even a online community to help you keep up your healthy objectives on your own terms I thought the ideas of what to do were great and the small changes are easy for anyone to do. A great way to get started or keep going with any goals, the book offers baby steps and easy ways to get going with your health and fitness I love the actionable steps, the concentration on building support, and the examples for each step A quick, easy read, it s a beautifully inspirational book with just the right info.