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Because my son recommended Miss Horton s first book, and told the author how much I liked it, she sent me a proof of this sequel Thank you, Miss Horton.I think this is better than the first, mainly because the action takes place in western Europe instead of Israel, and I have been to Europe, so can picture the places as I read.What makes this book so good is the characters The mom and daughter are strong and funny, but love each other and the family The father and son play off of their womenfolk well, and all four have important roles in the book The romance is sweet and funny, and draws the story along although it is not the important part I love the female bad guy, and was glad she didn t die I want to see she and Grace, the mother, interact face to face And the people my age, old codgers who are Grace s seminary professors, could be any one of a dozen people I know, she wrote them so well can tell the author knows her stuff, but is only telling a story through a Christian lens, and not telling a Christian story I am excited about what Miss Horton is writing I have told my son I want the third book for Christmas next year. This is the second book in this series I read The first is When Camels Fly Maggie Madison has done it again She has been abducted All because of a paper she was about to deliver on a possible water source under the Middle East that was referenced in the Bible and by the Reformationist Luther Grace who is the Mom who talks to herself a lot but who could blame her immediately sends a call to arms to her family Jeff, the brother who just happens to be on his honeymoon and her husband who swears he is going to get Maggie and keep her home on the ranch Maggie manages to extricate herself and meet up with her family but just has to find the last piece of the puzzle that will prove her theory Mom is still mumbling to herself Grace s old professor gets in on the act then he and his octogenarian twin disappear More mumbling from Grace As they travel from Paris to Rome and other countries intrigue follows with mumbling from Grace Meanwhile two of their companions are vying for Maggie should Grace get involved When Mark Dad literally rides to the rescue and everyone thinks the real troublemaker is dead You and I both will have to wait for the third in this series Title The Brothers KeepersAuthor NLB HortonPages 408Year 2014Publisher NLB Horton Camels Fly written by the same author introduces us to a world of espionage, danger and intrigue that centers on the travels of the Madison family The Madison family members have diverse gifts and reasons for choosing their particular career paths that take them all over the globe We pick up with the Jeff, honeymooning with his wife Becca, when his sister Maggie is abducted again.Now the parents along with Jeff and Becca agree to meet up and begin to try to locate Maggie by back tracking her recent excursions What makes the novel so intriguing and unable to put down is the constant moving of the plot along with trying to figure out who is for or against the family and the excitement of their discoveries The chapters are short, which make for a quick and easy read I love too how in this novel the topic of antiquities and how the Vatican may or may not hold one of the relics the family is seeking is discussed Unlike the Madison family others are seeking relics for self promotion and wealth.After finishing this novel, I was glad to read there is a third installment due to come out sometime in 2015 While most think of treasure as silver or gold, it is Maggie s latest discovery that brings out the self serving characters willing to go to any lengths to keep Maggie quiet At the end of The Brothers Keepers, the storyline seems to come full circle so I really cannot wait till the third book brings the climax to an end to show readers who is behind all the Madison family has endured so far.NLB Horton really brings a depth to a story that is enriched with vivid detail of the places they travel, a really an enjoyable part of the novel to me There are multiple nations the family travels to with many different people from various backgrounds, beliefs, and careers that both assist or attempt to kill the family Many may not know of NLB Horton s books yet, but I sure hope become familiar with her unique tales as some of places the author herself has even traveled to On the sidebar of this page are book trailers to both of her novels that will capture your attention and draw you into the mystery.My rating is 5 stars.Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at Based on a preview read of the first three chapters I have once again became enthralled by the exploits of an intelligent, older woman and her family whom I first got to meet in When Camels Fly It s so rare to find a heroine that the mature amongst us can relate to on some level I look forward to learning about Grace, Mark, Maggie, Jeff and Becca as they become embroiled in yet another adventure after Maggie goes missing and an attempt is apparently made on Becca s life whilst she and Jeff are honeymooning in Switzerland.As I read on I became caught up with the storyline, although still an academic style of novel it read a lot easily than it s predecessor It is a book that demands a lot from the reader and I m afraid that at times I came up short.I m still not that keen on Maggie, although as she is so obviously loved by not only her family but also by her two suitors that I know she must have something going for her that maybe it s just me However, I love Grace and find her, at least on a superficial level, to have quite a lot in common with myself age, weight and maternal anxieties for example but intellectually she is so far superior to me I feel a little inadequate I did love it when she expressed her inability to tie a stylish scarf, it made her seem quite touchingly normal I loved the geographical details of their travails and especially those pertaining to Venice Unfortunately, for me, lot of the historical and political detail was at times difficult to keep to the forefront of my mind At this point I think I need to have a little niggle about the list of terms requiring explanation For such a demanding read I cannot understand why so many obvious things, such as translations of foreign, mostly French sayings that are in common parlance, are included when there are so many other technical terms I would have liked explained Also, for myself as a Brit I am in need of assistance with American terminology Although both nations speak English they do not always seem the same language I was at a loss when I read that the family always pack Under Armour when winter travelling a quick look at Google soon put me straight As a Kindle reader I think the list should have been included at the beginning of the book where once seen it could have been referred to if necessary but coming across it at the end was just too late.A really intense read, very well researched that kept me enthralled throughout I became a little confused during the penultimate chapter but a re read soon sorted me out, but my word, what a fabulous final chapter Roll on Autumn. I thought Horton peaked with her first novel, When Camels Fly I ll admit, I was wrong The Brothers Keepers is magnificent The main characters from her first novel are beautifully developed in this sequel This is a accessible novel than When Camels Fly mainly because of the location Europe She incorporates the history of the places her characters visit, and she weaves an incredibly feasible story around these events The story is as complex as When Camels Fly, a good thing that requires close reading, but it is well worth the effort I highly recommend reading When Camels Fly before this one and continuing journeying with the Madison family The Brother s Keeper by N.L.B Horton is the second book in the Parched series The Brother s Keeper was a roller coaster ride of suspense It was quite the international thriller as well as being a family drama I think everyone will find something to keep them riveted to the pages.I always wanted to be an archaeologist when I was young and even took a few courses in university so I found the archaeology aspects of The Brother s Keeper to be most interesting I also found the historical information to be fascinating Lots of historical religious information about Martin Luther I enjoyed the European and Holy Land settings N.L.B Horton is a Christian writer and I liked the Christian dimension that was big part of this novel.As I was mentioning above, The Brother s Keeper is the second book in a series, however you do not need to have read the first bookI hadn t and it did not hamper my understanding.Great page turner..be sure to pick up a copy I like these books I read the first one, When Camels Fly, when it was a gift from my grown daughter They are written like the other suspense I read, which means they re not as simple as some books with Christian characters But the author writes about her characters differently than male suspense authors I think one reason is because her hero is a woman, even though many of the other characters in the books are male No one is traditional in this series and most everyone has a sense of humor It s good to see a family of faith going about their dangerous business in faraway places I really like the way they interact and wish families and books were like these. NLB Horton continues to deliver on the promise of her first novel The Brothers Keepers.I is another satisfying, globe hopping adventure The author draws on a deep well of travel experience to weave a page turning story of intrigue with wit and skill If well drawn characters, multi layered plots and satisfying family relationships are your thing, put this book at the top of your Read Now list {Free Pdf} õ The Brothers Keepers ⚣ BOOKSTORE WITHOUT BORDERS LYRA AWARD, Second Place Winner When A Dear Friend Disappears Without Warning, Archaeologist Grace Madison Exposes His Deadly Deception Only To Realize That It Endangers Everything She CherishesWhile Cataloging Looted Antiquities In Brussels, Grace Learns That Her Son S Bride Has Been Attacked In Switzerland Her Day Careens From Bad To Catastrophic When Daughter Maggie, A Hydrologist, Disappears In FranceCoincidence Is A Luxury That Grace Cannot Afford Particularly When Near Fatal History Saturated In Espionage Is Repeating ItselfFamily Members Convene In Paris, Where They Discover The Key To The Danger Consuming Them Embedded Like A Taproot In The Ancient Near East, The Cuneiform Clay Tablet Is Their Only Lifeline But Before They Can Save Themselves, They Must First Find And Rescue Their Elderly Friend If He Ll Let ThemOn An Epic Journey Following Two Brothers, Crossing Three Continents, And Spanning Four Thousand Years, The Madison Family Risks It All To Save It All They Rediscover And Reinvest In Love Offer And Receive Redemption And Summon The Courage To Face Truth About Themselves, Each Other, And The Difference In Right And Wrong Because Sometimes, Doing What S Right Is All That S LeftThe Brothers Keepers Is Book In The Parched Series, Continuing The Misadventures And Exploits In When Camels Fly Another great adventure into antiquities and waterJust a fun way to find out about Israel and other world locations Great adventure into history brought alive by the author.