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@Read E-pub Ù The Scent of Jasmine ì Four Years Ago Jessica Taylor Thought She Was Ready To Leave Small Town Living Behind And Headed West Now She S Back In Cedar Creek, A Little Older, A Lot Wiser, And Ready To Live The Quiet Life For A While It S Been Eight Months Since Her Fianc E Walked Out And Shattered Grace Donnelly S Dreams Of A Happily Ever After Her Friends Tell Her It S Time To Start Living Again, But The Breakup With Emma Was Still Just Too Raw For Grace To Wash Her Hands And Move On After A Chance Meeting At Her Brother S Bakery, Jessica Finds Herself Unable To Get Grace Off Of Mind She S Sure She Feels An Attraction From Grace As Well, But Will Jessica Be Able To Convince Grace To Stop Living In The Past And Take A Chance On A Future Together With Her Original review on Molly LollyFour stars This book is a definite slow burn I loved the build up between the characters throughout the story The side characters kept trying to push them together, but they weren t ready They don t have their first date until almost 80% into the book I enjoyed the fact that Grace and Jess were cautious about starting a relationship There could easily be a sequel to the book But if there s not one, it s still an enjoyable story It sof a happy for now type of ending than a solid happily ever after My only issue with the book was getting bumped out of the storythan I would have liked for errors Words missing, wrong word used There s always going to be some of that in a book, but this one wasthan I would have liked.My favorite scene in the book was the opening scene The first line had me laughing so hard Grace s friend Kendra was a total character and would love to seewith her Short, sweet and surprisingly sexy I really wish this was longer It reminded me a lot of Love Bites which just like this little gem is packed with funny moments Though this is in need of an editor, it s a great book to read when you re in need of something to make you smile. I give this 3.5 stars rounding it up to 4 It s a bit of candy, a few hours of fun reading Quite some typos that need fixing though. A sweet snack of a romance In this short read, Grace and Jessica already intrigued me to knowBut, this is great on its own as a fluffy, humorous vignette into Southern ladies falling in love And, it made my stomach growl.