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Wow, this M M erotica is amazing This is a descriptive series of a college guy, Tad, having his first BDSM encounter with Scott in his dungeon in book one, leads to Tad returning to do the work out video Once again, this night proves to be than Tad counted on He loves everything Scott is doing Minute by minute explanation of what both men are doing, feeling, and loving Whew That is a detailed long sexy scene Looking forward to book 3 93% of reviewers so far have liked it Love the erotica ENJOY BLOODY HELL, COLD SHOWER ALERT These books are seriously HOT Anyone who enjoys m m books should definitely try these, am loving Tod and Scott so much, sex scenes are of the charts hot, but there is also a developing relationship going on,Might not be for everyone, depending on your preferences but if you like hot m m action I would totally recommendedCannot wait for next one, out next month, bring it on, think next one gonna be crazy r [Free Epub] ♹ Test of Endurance ♳ The Last Time Tad Saw Scott, The Ripped Physical Trainer Left Him With Quite A Lot To Think About And That S Pretty Much All Tad S Been Doing For Nearly Two Weeks Straight At His Wit S End, He Seeks Scott Out, Voluntarily, On His Own Terms Will The Completely Different Setting Offer What He S Seeking Proof That Their Exchange S Unexpected Turn Was Just A Random Mishap Hormones Run Amok And Truly Nothing Or Will Being In Scott S Presence Suggest Something Different Their Newest Encounter Tempting Tad S Resolve While Testing His Ultimate Limits 4 Stars.Tad has continued on with his life walking away from Scott and all that went on that night with Scott but he can t seem to get him out of his thoughts and what that means not only sexually but about who he is, he keeps picking his phone up putting it down till eventually when his friend asks him to go out with a group of friends including girls and he just can t stomach being with them this just pushes him to pick his phone up and do a workout with Scott actual EXERCISE yes and that s how it starts Obviously something leads to and that progresses on This is another HOT read but I will say this has of a hearty feel, Tads inner feelings and also I personally felt that Scott s emotions how he wants Tad to be his if only for now he wants Tad TO BE HIS Tad could feel a grin trying to emerge, even as he struggled to accept Scott s advance He felt so invaded, so unhinged, so owned A possession Scott somehow had managed to claim This is very seductive read but I totally could feel both their emotions and what they should do should they continue I m really hoping in the next one we see a little character development and an HFN if not an HEA as the feel I m getting right now is this is an Tads lifestyle change and who he is I just really hope Scott is involved in that as I truly feel they both need each other in each others lives Kora s writing is detailed and in aspects to her talent as an author she knows how to write SEX and M M For short reads I d definitely recommend this one just don t expect lots of plot I really would say though this is a series about self discovery and lifestyle, the author has said she s seeing 5 or Novellas so another 3 yet at a minimal so lots to come for these two delicious hotties. 4,5 stars Tad s been left pretty shaken after the events of the first chapter in this six part story Quite a few of his assumptions about who he is and what his sexual preferences are have been rattled badly.Can he keep away from Scott though The charismatic, built like a brickhouse, sex God who brought him pleasure like no one before Even though Tad is not gay and not into BDSM.Nope, of course not It s not that Scott is pushing, or that Tad is asking, but it seems that these two are unable to keep their hands off each other I like how considerate Scott is, how careful and passionate And it s pretty obvious to us, but not to Tad that Scott really fancies Tad Not only for the sex, but because he genuinely likes the other guy, as they start getting to know each other better here.There is no BDSM in this instalment, just some incredibly scorching sex No doubt, Kora Knight has serious writing skills in that department I would happily compare her to Hailey Turner and Roe Horvat Saying that, it s becoming a bit clearer in part 2, where this is heading for Tad I think a lot of self revelation might lie ahead of him Loved book 2 Ridiculously hot sex Will review when I am finished with the series. Tad has come up with a handful of excuses that explain his reaction to Scott but unless he goes back, he ll never truly know In the hopes of proving that the one time encounter was based solely on the circumstances, he seeks out Scott But he soon realizes that even in the most innocent of situations his body craves something A little work out session turns into erotic massage as Tad allows Scott to rub in all the right places Installment two gives you a bit of drama with the conflict as Tad tries to make sense of his response to Scott And if you thought part one was hot be prepared for part two Whereas part one gave you a hot scene, this one gives you some alone time with Tad and his thoughts A little insight into what he seems to be denying in his head, but a truth that Scott can clearly see Another steamy addition where we see Scott in full seduce mode These short installments have, so far, been written in such a way that makes you crave You want of the sex of the off the charts panty soaking encounters, you want to watch Tad discover the real reason behind his body s reaction to Scott and this reader wants to desperately see Tad accept it Ready for part three Vacation Countdown Shorty 3 19 Wait a minute I just have to wipes sweat of her forehead take a deep breath and gather my thoughts.OK I m fine Essentially it wasBesides theIn this story the build up is slower than in Loser Takes All and we also get some tender moments.Tad s struggles with his inner conflict had me a lot ofWhile at the same time it just made the story feeling real IMO.I love the friendly banter between Tad and Scott as much as the humor which shows in the writing.While I was a bit suspicious about Scott and his motives in Loser Takes All, now I think I do understand him better.You know, what is the meanest thing about it all Now I have to wait for the next instalment Also in this series 1 My Review 3 My Review 4 My Review 5 My Review My Vacation Countdown so far 1 U.S Male My Review U.S Male Inside the Box My Review 2 Loser Takes All 3 Test of Endurance 4 When You Were Pixels My Review 5 Sand and Ruin and Gold My Review 6 Welcome to the Dark Side My ReviewSpecial Weird Wednesday Edition Mounted by a Monster Werepuffer My Review 7 Quid Pro Quo My Review 8 Gaydar My Review 9 Geeking Out on 11C My Review 10 Beach Climb My Review 11 Smug the Magic Dragon My Review 12 The Lonely Drop My Review 13 The Princess the Penis My ReviewSpecial Weird Wednesday Edition 2 Captured by Cavemen My Review 14 One of Those Days My Review 15 Make Her Howl My Review 16 Helloween Ed Fred Are Dead My Review 17 Boo My Review 18 Karma Bites My Review 19 Straight Frat, Gay College Jock Sex My Review 3.5 Solid Stars for Round 2 Oh our dear Tad He sorta kinda wants to forget the UNFORGETTABLE night he had with Scott but he just can t stop thinking about what happened Can you blame him I surely don t.Sooo under the guise of helping Scott out with his exercise videos, he goes over to make sure that Scott isn t all that appealing in broad daylight, right RightSilly Tad Ensue another mind and other things exploding experience wink Yep Tad was proven wrong and wanna bet he ll back for You know it 3.5 StarsThis was just as hot as the first instalment hell, maybe even hotter but with the added bonus of better character development and a much clearer, and thus intriguing, relationship dynamic I like Tad and Scott a good deal already and I m fairly confident that their relationship progression will work a treat for me as the series unfolds one kinky AF story at a time.