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At times it is evocative of moods, but mostly it reads like psychosis. . @FREE E-PUB õ מצבי רוח ⛓ Part Novel And Part Memoir, Yoel Hoffmann S Moods Is Flooded With Feelings, Evoked By His Family, Losses, Loves, The Soul S Hidden Powers, Old Phone Books, And Life In The Galilee With Its Every Scent, Breeze, Notable Dog, And Odd Neighbor Carrying These Shards Is A General Tenderness, Accentuated By A New Dimension Brought Along By That Great Big Pill Of Prozac Beautifully Translated By Peter Cole, Moods Is Fiction For Lovers Of Poetry And Poetry For Lovers Of Fiction A Small Marvel Of A Book, And With Its Pockets Of Joy, A Curiously Cheerful Book By An Author Who Once Compared Himself To A Praying Mantis Inclined To Melancholy So unlike my usual reading but picked it up which actually took some effort as my library didn t have it and I ordered it from my Independent Bookstore Slim mystical, mysterious, poetry in the form of short statements about family, loss, girlfriends, daily life, mystery Profoundly moving. A unapologetically metafictional postmodern novel that is funny, sad and compulsively readable 191 short chapters that feature characters and anecdotes drawn from the author s life and family are woven together with thoughtful reflections on life, the universe and absolutely everything else For my full review see A few years ago I bought a very colourful, heavy book called Buddhist Offerings 365 Days a 750 page book with a short Buddhist quote and a colour photograph generally from Tibet for each day of the year The intention was to read and reflect on the quote each day, one of those grandiose ideas that lasts a week or two, however I do revisit the book from time to time for a timely quote or two, the first quote happens to be today s 10 June , the others are just random choices Every event, every situation in which you may find yourself has a positive value, even the dramas, even the tragedies, even the thunderbolt from a calm sky Arnaud DesjardinsIt is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free Dilgo Khyentse RinpocheUsually we think that brave people have no fear The truth is that they are intimate with fear Pema Ch dr nLike all reflective quotes the act of pondering what is deemed as ancient wisdom permeates and can leave you with a feeling of becoming wise simply by contemplating somebody else s musings Unlike a novel, or even a short story, the very short form can leave itself open to many interpretations and the relationship between the writer and the reader is along the lines of a passing punch in the face immediate and extreme but quickly forgotten or, at the other extreme, a shadowy brush that somehow lingers for longer than the relationship itself and comes back to haunt you when least expected.Yoel Hoffmann s Moods translated by Peter Cole is made up of 191 short musings on human emotions moods And each and every section impacts the reader in different ways, reflecting moods, emotions, temperaments.For my full review go to What s it about Beats me Life, I guess Hoffmann s thoughts on people and circumstance and life in general Fiction Memoir Philosophy Beats me It doesn t matter It s clever, heartfelt and wise. So strange So good. Who knows what Yoel Hoffmann s book Moods is As goes for most things, and interesting books in particular, who knows What it is, for the sake of is ing, is a fascinating, small paperback book made up of short, poetic chapters Some describe daily life in Galilee Some touch on the mythological and the spiritual And some just send up the psychiatrists, scholars, and intellectuals Moods is full of doubt and faith it is a book that fails to start and hesitates to end. We re asking ourselves what the point of this book is or of books in general We ve never seen books classified by genre That is, we ve seen them classified, but not correctly What s the point of classifying books as fiction or contemplative literature, for instance, when fiction is part and parcel of contemplation and contemplation is entirely a matter of fiction Or take, for instance, science books These aren t stories Accurate ones But stories nonetheless Or the distinction between biographies and novels Is there a biography that isn t a novel Or a novel that isn t the story of a life If books are going to be classified by genre, it should be done in an entirely different manner First, one has to distinguish between happy books and sad books Not books that make one happy or make one sad Happy books, plain and simple A book that can laugh or smile or cry The book itself The reader can behave however he likes At first glance this book would seem to be a hybrid That is, a book that sometimes laughs and sometimes cries But in fact as the logicians say , it s laughing and crying at once, and to the same degreeMoods has no page numbers and is told in 191 numbered brief chapters vignettes is the better term of typically a page or less That Moods is no ordinary novel is flagged early on9 I could write.a bone fide story with plot twists and intrigue and to an ending cut off like a salami to keep it modern Books like these have to have at least three hundred and twenty eight pages, and in the end mobs of people running around you like holograms But I can t because of the turquoise sunbirdsThat this last sentence takes the text in a rather startling and, it must be emphasised, unexplained direction is key to the novel s aesthetic This certainly isn t a book to read looking for a coherent plot or even really a coherent message It has elements of memoir and even of poetry Some of the vignettes are self contained, almost micro fiction75 Here are some other things that break the heart An old door A glass left out in the yard A woman s foot squeezed into shoes, so her toes become twisted A grocer whose store no one goes into Above all, a husband and wife who don t talk to each other One eyed cats Junkyards The stairwells of old buildings A small boy on his way to school Old women sitting all day by the window Display windows with only a single item or two, coated with dust A shopping list Forty watt bulbs Signs with an ampersand such as ZILBERSTEIN CHAMNITZER , and when a person we love disappears at a train station, for instance into the distanceMore typical are others that make references that seem equally unrelated to the surrounding text, e.g a brief tale of the author s tax affairs is interrupted with the following39 The air over Nahariya is full of crows These small black people know a thing or two that people below do not We hear them as one hears a large synagogue Sometimes a crow comes down between the tables at a cafe and sees the urologist from the Clinic, or a woman named Aviva But at dusk, all fly up from the tops of the eucalyptus trees, like a man who can t remember if he s taken off his socks, drunk at the sight of the weakening sunThe women called Aviva is not mentioned elsewhere in the novel and the only clninc mentioned, two vignettes earlier, is the subject of the equally unexplained commentwe ve already written in another book about the donkey my Uncle Ladislaus received from the clinicThis reference to other books is a recurring feature of the novelwhom we ve written of elsewhere , her name wasn t what we said in another book , we ve already written in another book aboutI don t know anything of Hoffman s former novels to know if these references are real or novelistic, but they are I suspect, in either case, inserted to add to the aesthetic And yet there are themes, motifs, and even almost despite the author s intention it seems characters that recur through the novel Language and the sound of words, including onomatopoeic wordsMy stepmother Francesca called the ground Boden The two of us walked across the ground but, because of this other name, it the ground carried her differentlyorWe re wondering if the word zarzif drizzle is onomatopoeic That is, a word that makes the sound the thing makes Bakbook bottle , they say, does that Or pkak cork But not lavlav pancreas No one has yet heard the sound that organ makes But parpar butterfly yes People with a heightened sense of hearing can hear this sound when butterflies flutter around themHoffman justifies his use of the 1st person plural on the grounds that the inclusive pronoun reduces his embarrassment Movement along horizontal and vertical planes E.g this, which refers to a liftYou re walking horizontally and suddenly you re lifted along a vertical axis After a while, you descend the vertical axis and go back to walking horizontally Sometimes you re parallel to the ground that is, your entire body is horizontal , as when making loveThe novel at times appears playful but also infused with melancholy, and at times serious One passage towards the novel s end readsThe counting did in fact begin, as the Christians have it, with the birth of the infant Jesus But it concluded with the birth of Adolf We were given just 1,889 years of lifebut is followed byWe know that we need to say something amusing now. For me it was an interesting but ultimately slightly frustrating read A book that rather like Pessoa s Book of Disquiet may be best dipped into randomly for pleasure of the prose, rather than read sequentially WG Sebald who was, it must be said, generous with his endorsements including some assigned by publishers to novels like this one written after his death wrote I am confirmed in my admiration for Hoffman s oblique and elliptical style But both adjectives imply a sense of direction, however wayward and circular, which was missing for me Sebald allowed this thoughts to pull him in unexpected directions, but each sentence followed from that preceding Hoffman s text meanders randomly, and seems the novelistic equivalent of the artist who throws paint at a blank canvas.I can perhaps accept it is worth its place on the Best Translated Book Award 2016 longlist for the quality and novelty of the writing, but I unlike the judges definitely wouldn t have included it on the shortlist Indeed it could equally have figured on the poetry rather than novel longlist it s both and neither To quote the authorwhatever seems like a poem isn t a poem and what doesn t seem like a poem is