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~FREE PDF ☨ Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans ♞ A Chilling Story Of Human Depravity And Ultimate Justice, Told For The First Time By An Eyewitness Court Reporter For The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Of Nazi Doctors This Is The Account Of Men Torturing And Killing By Experiment In The Name Of Scientific Research And Patriotism The Book Includes Trial Transcripts That Have Not Been Easily Available To The General Public And Previously Unpublished Photographs Used As Evidence In The Trial The Author Describes The Experience Of Being In Bombed Out, Dangerous, Post War Nuremberg, Where She Lived For Two Years While Working On The Trial Once A Nazi Sympathiser Tossed Bombs Into The Dining Room Of The Hotel Where She Lived Moments Before She Arrived For Dinner She Takes Us Into The Courtroom To Hear The Dramatic Testimony And See The Reactions Of The Defendants To The Proceedings The Doctors Tell Of Experiments Involving Depriving Concentration Camp Inmates Of Oxygen Freezing Them Injecting Them With Malaria, Typhus, And Jaundice Amputating Healthy Limbs Forcing Them To Drink Seawater For Weeks At A Time And Other Horrors Considering the author was the court reporterof course the book is highly detailed She also does a good job reporting from a non insider point of view, especially just about how things were run, how she got to be in the trial and all of that When it came down to the trials themselves and what was said, if you re a world war II buff, this is really good She definitely did a good thing, putting all this information out there If you have any interest in the topic at all this is the book for you.I personally got the book to find out about the nazi experiments while there was plenty of information on that topic it wasn t really what I was looking for the book focused on her getting to the trial and how it changed her and what she saw back home I feel like the title was false advertising in that regard If you re looking for information on the nazi medical experiments and don t already have a solid base knowledge then start here But for those, like me, looking for obscure knowledge on the subject , go somewhere else. Documented history, hopefully never to be lost A fresh approach to the Nuremberg trials and the atrocities of the Holocaust Spitz, the youngest court reporter during this time of testimony, writes with a profound sense of truth and a no nonsense dedication to facts. One of my Christmas presents Couldn t we pick something a little cheerful 6 novembre 1946 Vivien Spitz, 22 anni, arriv a Norimberga con l incarico di stenografa al processo ai medici nazisti Vivian, per met tedesca, non voleva credere che i tedeschi avessero veramente compiuto le atrocit di cui si parlava Ascolt e trascrisse le testimonianze di vittime e carnefici Sent descrivere gli esperimenti medici, ud dalla viva voce dei superstiti le sofferenze e torture di brutalit inaudita patite Raccolse 11.538 pagine di documentazione Esperimenti sulle altitudini Esperimenti sul freddo Esperimenti sulla malaria Esperimenti sulla rigenerazione di ossa, muscoli e nervi e trapianto di ossa Esperimenti sul gas mostarda Esperimenti con sulfamidici Esperimenti sull acqua di mare Esperimenti sull itterizia epidemica epatite Sterilizzazione Esperimenti sul tifo Esperimenti sul veleno Esperimenti con bombe incendiarie Esperimenti su flemmone, polygal e fenolo Collezione di scheletri ebrei Eutanasia Gli imputati si ritennero non colpevoli In nessuno di loro ci fu un barlume di rimorso Questa la storia della violazione di massa dei diritti umani, la violazione della dignit della vita Ma anche la storia dell indifferenza di chi sapeva e ha taciuto, dei capi di stato che volsero lo sguardo altrove, dei capi della Chiesa che non si mossero contro quanto accadeva per paura di ritorsioni personali la storia dell apatia della gente comune che si volt dall altra parte quando i loro vicini vennero portati via Non si chiesero perch Non si sentirono coinvolti In fondo non era toccato a loro Riecheggiano le parole del pastore tedesco Martin Niem ller In Germania vennero prima per i comunisti Non dissi nulla, perch non ero un comunista Poi vennero per gli ebrei, e non parlai perch non ero ebreo Poi vennero per i sindacalisti, e non dissi nulla perch non ero un sindacalista Poi vennero per i cattolici, e non parlai perch ero un protestante Poi vennero per me, e allora non c era pi nessuno che potesse parlare P.S Alla fine del libro c una parte dedicata alle fotografie Lo sguardo si fissa negli occhi di quei medici, esseri umani che nulla hanno di umano La domanda che si ripete perch 3.5 2 1800 23 Quick take thanks to an ongoing hand injury that doesn t like typing 3.5 stars, really, but I ll grant it a 4 because it s such a unique perspective on otherwise available information Spitz intersperses her Nuremberg transcripts with personal wartime anecdotes that make it easier to imagine what being in the presence of evil was really like.On the other hand, the detours outside of the courtroom may be taken as false advertising courtesy of the title of this book It s not, as one might expect, a dispassionate 300 wall to wall pages of Nazi horrors Spitz spends a chapter here and there illustrating postwar Germany and America, and it does take a while for her to bring us into the court with her young self I was a bit impatient in the beginning, but by the end and after a dozen chapters illuminating some of the most upsetting and repulsive things humanity has ever done I welcomed the sidelines about how she dealt with her job on a personal level It took me out of the terrible things too vividly conjured in my own head by the haunted words of Dachau survivors.Overall this is a well researched, finely remembered account of the doctors who were tried for war crimes Once you get to the details of the experiments you may find yourself wishing you d turned back I felt quite ill at points, and I m pretty well versed in my WWII history The witness testimony will shake even the most unshakable reader, and the total lack of guilt or remorse from the defendants is still a total gut punch 70 years later The Kindle version has some formatting problems that make a few of the transcribed sections difficult to follow, but that s a fairly minor quibble in the face of this insider access.If you re looking for an entry level book on the subject of the Nazi experiments and the Nuremberg trials, this will work for you If you re a bit advanced you may want to seek out a specific, deep dive kind of book instead Truth be told, thoughfor me, the level of detail in DOCTORS FROM HELL was than enough I can barely figure out how I ll ever get those chapters out of the front of my mind, let alone imagine wanting to read about them You ve been warned It s almost certainly worse than your history classes let on I m at a loss. Uf Pokud jsem k Laskav m bohyn m doporu ovala otrlost, tak na tohle j , pros m, m jte je t n kolikan sobn tolik, bylo to toti okuj c a odporn.Mengeleho a jeho experimenty zn nejsp ka d , ale toho zde ne ekejte u jen proto, e po v lce nebyl souzen a uprchl do Ji n Ameriky , ekejte naopak mnohem m n zn m nacisty, kte t prov d li experimenty na lidech.Vivien Spitz je americk stenografka, kter byla p tomna u Norimbersk ch pov le n ch proces s 23 nacistick mi ,,l ka i a kn ka je tak vlastn shrnut m toho kdo jak experimenty na lidech v koncentra n ch t borech prov d l, v etn v atk ze sv dectv ob alovan ch i sv dk Konkr tn jsou zde kapitoly o pokusech simuluj c ch pobyt ve velk ch nadmo sk ch v k ch, experimenty s podchlazen m i mal ri , pokusy t kaj c se regenerace sval , nerv a kost , experimenty s yperitem, sulfanilamidem, dlouhodob m pit m mo sk vody, infek n loutenkou, tyfem, jedy, z paln mi bombami a podobn D le jsou zde i kapitoly o sterilizaci, vytvo en sb rky idovsk ch koster i o masov eutanazii ,,neu ite n ch jedl k.Na za tku jsem trochu musela p eskakovat autor in vod, proto e m opravdu moc nezaj malo t eba ten o tom, e je na vojensk z kladn p i ek n na odlet do N mecka pova te jedin ena a podobn Pokud chcete n jak okuj c a znechucuj c ten , tak doporu uju. Well written book, but I felt a bit hoodwinked The title suggested a comprehensive picture of the atrocities committed by medical professionals within the Third Reich However the book is really a summary of court room testimonies as recorded by one of the court reporters The author also gives a brief glimpse in to the climate physical and emotional of Nuremberg during the secondary trials and her life after returning to the US.Interestingly, one of the witnesses for the prosecution was Dr Eugon Kogon who survived a concentration camp I think it was Dachau His book, written shortly after liberation of the camp, gives a much better account of experiences in the camp You can find it here If I were setting a curriculum for anyone seeking any degree in any medical profession and or governmental profession, I would make this required reading Actually, I think I would make ethics be a required course for all and it would include this book We often think of terrible atrocities carried committed against mankind are only done by the most uncivilized, least advanced societies This book proves that nothing could be further from the truth People need to see what can happen when the state is exalted and science is misused to advance the state and God s teaching to love one s fellow man is rejected It soon becomes all to easy for the individual to be dehumanized If he be considered an enemy to the state he can be referred to as a human guinea pig , or a rabbit , or even material and the results can be horrific I am confident that God has blessed and may he continue to bless Vivian Spitz for having the courage to right this book.