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This book was going along terrifically, then a whole host of mistakes ruined it, most of them past page 250, which is around 94%, so I ve no idea what happened but they cost him the 5 , especially as some were misspelling the name of his own character That s always unforgiveable for me I was shocked silly and soooooo disappointed, too.I was enjoying the story In places it s a little out there but in no excessive way, or I d have packed it in I did love his little disclaimer at the beginning I m sure many missed that but I always scan by those parts so I spotted it and it made me laugh aloud.I read one woman was single, no divorce was mentioned but they did ask for her maiden name as well as her surname which were different so perhaps they use the mother s maiden name in Sweden as well as the father s surname I noticed at one point he wrote that Agnes attempted to calm Nils down but I think he meant Gren, since Agnes hadn t been in the room I liked Agnes as a character She s way easier to be around than Lena is so I hope she ll feature in the other stories He also wrote self perseverance at one point which I think was meant to be self preservation and pang should be bang I am sure parking house refers to a parking garage or carpark and bakeries mean cakes or pastries and just got a tad lost in translation However, that s pretty good going There are no apostrophe or punctuation mistakes which is bloody admirable as English isn t his first language.However, where he lost that 5th star was by suddenly changing John Andersson s name to John Anderson 5 times that I spotted and only in the Epilogue chapter I was shocked silly by this and can t believe nobody spotted it before going to print or how it even happened in the first place What a shame.I ll definitely try the next story in the series, though. (((READ EPUB))) ☠ Siren Song (Detective Lena Franke Series, #1) ⇰ A Man Hunting His Girlfriend S MurdererA Desperate Soul Trapped In HellAnd A Detective Trying To Find Them All Before Her Past Destroys Her John S Girlfriend Is Brutally Murdered Moments Before He Arrives At Her Flat In A Stockholm Suburb The Killer Flees Into The Blizzard And Leaves John Behind, Stricken By Grief And DenialBut Instead Of Breaking John, The Shock Cuts His Soul ApartOne Part Of Him Remains Conscious And Goes On A Ruthless, Calculated Manhunt Unlike Anything The Police Has Ever Seen At The Same Time, Another Part Of John Plummets Into A Private Hell, Which He And An Enigmatic Guide Desperately Try To EscapeBecause John S Waking Self Is Bent On Revenge And Will Soon Become A Murderer TooMeanwhile, Detective Lena Franke Is Racing After John, But She Finds Questions Than Answers As She Tracks Him Through Stockholm S Streets And Lena S Sanity Hinges On This Mission Burdened By A Dark Past, Her Chance For Redemption Rests With Saving John If She Can Find Him Before She Falls Apart, Or John Is Truly Lost I read this book for the Nordic Noir prompts for the PopSugar Reading Challenge I don t think I would have read it otherwise It was a very weird book There was a murder of a young woman witnessed by her boyfriend When the boyfriend sees what happens, what I can only call a demon his darker counterpart takes over the body of the boyfriend and chases down the murderer.While all that is going on, there is a cop chasing down the demon boyfriend and she has some skeletons in her closet as well The demon that has taken over the boyfriends body apparently is aware of the skeletons and wants her to cross over to the dark side permanently or somethingVery weird book There are two books in this series and I doubt I will be reading them. This book was a bit of a struggle to get through at first because of the way it was written Once I got the hang of the characters and how things worked I was pulled into the story Hopefully the next two books in the series don t take as long to get into and will be just as interesting. Scandinavian Noir with a mythic dimensionA petty crook becomes a casual killer The victim s partner seeks revenge, going up the food chain towards the person ultimately behind the crime Meanwhile on another level he undergoes a psychological quest to lead him back to normality Officer Lena Franke, damaged from an earlier case, must try to find him before he hurts others or gets caught in a well intentioned shoot out. When John Andersson is confronted one evening with the murder of his girlfriend, he decides not sit and wait for the police to arrive Instead, in an act of calm, he unlaces his shoes and steps out of them This quiet act of stepping out of his shoes marks the start of his hunt for Molly s killer, a chase that takes us through the windswept streets of Stockholm, underground train networks, and grimy suburban landscapes Lena Franke, the lead detective in charge of the murder case, races after him Siren Song is dark, gripping and wonderfully stark in the manner of the classic Scandinavian crime fiction.The book is divided into compact, punchy chapters told from three third person perspectives John, our hero and anti hero Detective Lena Franke, the lead officer in charge of the murder case and John, but now the part of him trapped in a shifting, liminal tableau It is this last aspect that adds a gothic arc to the novel There are glimpses of what John was like before the tragedy but many of the scenes are nightmarish and reach deep into the character s psyche Without being told what to expect or where to go, John must escape from this perverse, uncanny realm there are scenes in which he finds himself back in school and surrounded by his classmates, ordinary enough but for the fact that everyone around him is mutilated , and he has to do so before he loses himself for good This story of Everyman turned vengeance seeker is balanced with that of Detective Lena Franke s Lena, overburdened and increasingly troubled by her muddy past, stumbles as she works the grisly crime scenes left behind by John Her excellent instincts and empathy are what keep her on track even as she is reminded of a decision she made years ago during a raid, a decision that she has tried to come to terms with ever since By her side is Agnes, a new police officer, keen and unquestioningly loyal This was the only thread in the novel that I felt wasn t properly tied up I felt Agnes motivation needed to be explained Every chapter in Siren Song is compact and crammed full of expositional detail Descriptions of place and people are clear and to the point the author does a careful job of sketching out the scenes while letting the story shine through There are no plodding moments, this is a novel that you race through in order to keep up with the characters Though it will almost certainly guarantee you loss of sleep, Siren Song is a novel that you will want to savour on a cold winter s night. Siren Song started off promisingly but, well, was it originally written in English or was it translated from Swedish Either way it would benefit from the attentions of a vigilant proofreader For me, personally, the language was all wrong and that distracted me from the plot so much that I abandoned the book at page 214. A decent book set against John s discovery of his girlfriend s body when he goes to visit her one evening.He deals with his grief in an unusual way which sees him hunt down the killer killers and exact revenge in wholly brutal ways