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@Download Pdf È Simon's Soul ⚶ Five Doctors Obsessed With The Enormous Power Of Modern Medical Science Have Devised A Chilling Experimentan Outrageously Dangerous Attempt To Explore The Unknown World Of Life After Death Dr Simon Warner Volunteers To Be Their First Experiment Subject A Willing Victim Of Murder If The Plan SucceedsSimon S Body Will Die A Martyr S Death But His Soul Will Live On If The Plan Failsthe World Will Pay A Terrible PriceLike The Legendary Dr Frankenstein, Dr Simon Warner Creates A Demonic Mockery Of His Own Image His Own Body Invaded By An Evil Power From Hell A picture Because it wouldn t let me add it to the listing itself This painful little tale is the story of four doctors who decided to kill one of their group so they can finally learn whether there is a god Never mind the bad science, that they are giving blood and oxygen to a rotting body that is decaying while they work or the repeated use of the ellipsis or that a doctor in good health would offer to have this done to him.But then we immediately go into classic Christian mythology Isn t there a CHANCE that maybe we re not right on with the heaven and hell mythos The only slight nod to comparative religion is a character named Isis This book was so vastly over written that I can just imagine the author wandering around for days searching for the right phrase one I recall is about his teenaged leviathan son is it doesn t matter if he adds like a horse if he is hung like a horse The kid has a vanity license plate on his Thunderbird, BIGGIE Characters are all profoundly stereotyped The worried Jewish doc Um, was he expecting his version of after life opportunities because, well, um, oh never mind I knew this was going to be bad when the cover blurb described the writer as a prolific screenwriter but didn t list anything he had screenwritten I did feel this was written to be made visual The maggots were a nice touch. This was one of the most interesting and one of my favorite books that i have read Throughout the story there are many different scenes that make you think of what god really is, if he exists, how he came into existance, etc In the beginning there is a team of scientists that to an experiment to see if there is really life after death and to do this one of them must be hooked to a machine and killed but by keeping their minds hooked to this machine it makes it impossible for one s soul to go to heaven or hell so it comes to them.