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I have just finished reading Fight Game by Kate Wild This book was very intense and intriguing, it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book Wild describes lots of the scenes that take place and is very graphic about what happens The main character, Freedom Smith, is accused of pushing his friend in front of a bus which eventually ran the kid over To drop the charges, Freedom has to go undercover as an agent and try to figure out how this never ending fighting game is going on Freedom is a very skilled fighter but seems to get himself in trouble at the wrong time Have you anything on you that could harm me or yourself Wild 27 This quote is at the exact moment that Freedom Smith was getting arrested by the cop for his suspicion of throwing his friend in front of the bus At first, Freedom decided not to listen to the cops because his reptile ego go to him, he believes that reptiles don t listen to anyone This books suspense keeps on going from here Freedom remains true and authentic by questioning the cops and wondering if they will actually arrest him Freedom is known for his fathers past street fighting but the cops noticed something different about him, maybe his attitude or the way he handles tough situations This is how we forms his own identity in a world telling us what we should be I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about action and suspense Fight Game goes through a series of events leading up to the surprising ending This book really makes you wonder what will happen next, that s why once you read it, it is very hard to put it down. It s not very deep It is very fun I liked the narrative voice of the protagonist and the fact that he was a Traveler aka Gypsy. Wild, Kate Fight Game, 304 p Scholastic Freedom Smith s small Gypsy family has been trying to find a place where they can settle for a time, to let the little ones grow up in peace, but the townfolk around them have other plans Defending his family, Johnny is now in major trouble with the law, but he is offered a deal Use the fight skills he inherited from his famous many greats grandfather and infiltrate the seedy, dangerous world of an underground fight that has been going on non top for decades What Johnny doesn t know is that those weird dreams he has are really flashbacks and something sinister, with his own genetic makeup, is waiting to challenge him Definitely a book for the harder edged kids I really like the fact that though the book is extremely gritty and dangerous, the author doesn t not use swear words as a crutch and the violence is just what is needed to make the point, without become excessive and voyeuristic Note This post corrects my website that listed the main character s name incorrectly You can visit Kate Wild s site at www.fightgame.co.uk MS ESSENTIAL I liked the idea of the story, but it was executed poorly The same analogies were used over and over again and sometimes I was confused as to where the characters were as descriptors were poor The romance part was just sort of thrown in as an after thought and Java seemed like a small child at some times and a grown woman at others. Brilliant thrilling story well worth reading Seeing both sides of gang and government fighting to get Freedom on their side. love the fights an story of dna testing It is an amazing book and I would highly suggest it Just the way he was able to think at a fast pace and fight for the right reasons amazed me It had me a little confused about what he was gonna do but he made the book interesting I loved it and is one of the very few books that I would actually enjoy reading again. Fight Game by Kate Wild is a thrill ride and a page turner.As soon as I.picked the book up i couldn t take my eyes off of the exciting pages.Fight Game is about a Gypsy boy named Freedom Smith who has a great gen pool,his Great Grandfather Hercules was a great fighter, now young Freedom has all of his great grandfathers traits from his fighting ability to his keen senses But one night as Freedom, his sister Crystal,and there family are in their campers for the night some local skin heads come and start trouble for Freedom and his family by setting fire to their camp sit By being the fighter Freedom is and the protective person he is he strings into action, but in the heat of the fight one of the skin heads gets chased into the street and hit by a speeding car, and all blame is pointed on poor Freedom who in his life was never a poster child for good behavior or being a big fan of the cops As he is being questioned by an officer they decide to place Freedom under arrested for attempted murder,but low and behold there are higher powers who call for Freedoms help.So he is called upon my a secret agency called Phoenix to help them infiltrate an underground fighting club ran by a man named Darius Knight,at first Freedom is against working for Phoenix because as he put is Gypsies don t work for the police because they are nothing but trouble, But Wren the agent assigned to watch over Freedom and help brief him on the case helps him change his mind real quick By telling Freedom if he helped to bring down Darius and his fight club he would be cleared of all charges against him, but if not he would be charged for murder.So Freedom sets out to make everything right in his life to make everyone see that he isn t the bad and troublesome boy everyone thinks him to be,Freedom wants to only protect his family and make sure they live the life they deserve,in this novel we see what happens when you fight for what you believe in and fight for the ones you love and what is right Kate Wild does a great job detailing Freedoms search for redemption in this fantastic novel. Johny would always try to get into fights and he didn t care how much bigger the other person is he would still try to start and pick a fight. ^Download Pdf ↚ Fight Game ↡ A Fast Reading Thriller With An Extrasensory Twist, Told By A Rebellious Gypsy Boy Who Lives By His Wits And His FistsWhen Rogue Gypsy Boy Freedom Smith Runs Into Trouble With The Law, He Strikes A Deal With The Police Instead Of Going To Prison For A Crime He Didn T Commit, He Ll Go Undercover And Underground Using His Incredible Strength And Boxing Skills To Infiltrate A Nefarious, High Tech Fight Club Known As The Bear Pit His Mission To Save Other Street Children From The Terrible Fate The Pit Has In Store For Them Freedom Thinks He Can Trust Java, His Newfound Friend, With His Secret Life If Only He Knew That This High Spirited, Upper Class Girl Has A Secret Of Her Own