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OK, I can t even really speak to the story, which became obvious near the end, because I was so frustrated with the author that I could barely concentrate on it Clearly the author is a LLL psycho who only wrote in the new baby to have the opportunity to preach about breast feeding every other paragraph It distracted from the story, and I was really put off by the constant talk of tingly boobs, milk being let down, and lifting up one s shirt to give a snack Enough already We get it You re an aging hippie But it has nothing to do with the story at hand, and it was just really obnoxious Even if the story was great, which it wasn t, I wouldn t be able to get past this aspect of the book to give it a higher rating The next book in the series supposedly takes place 2 years laterso if she s still nursing a toddler and yammering on about it, I m done. I liked this one It s been a while but if memory serves me, it has much Halloween spirit with a fairly decent mystery attached Use to love Ms Meier s books until lately she s gotten too political and social issue leaning in her cozies I get enough of that from other sources and look to my mysteries to escape not run into . Eh It was ok Wantedof a mystery I felt like it started strong and then fell apart in the end. I always try to give a series two and sometimes three bad books in a row before I quit it, because even though one book may be a dud, it doesn t mean the entire series is After receiving the 22nd book from Kensington and Netgalley as an ARC, and reading the 1st and 2nd books and having neither of them pop out at me, I was wary of this book, but I decided to plunge ahead and read it I can say that I am pleased that I did I really like Lucy, and perhaps that s why I read this one so soon after reading the second one She s strong, smart, and not afraid to work, all of which make her an admirable character Her family is also wonderful Bill can be annoying at times, but I m very pleased to say that in this book he was tolerable The setting is so beautiful, and I wish I could find a town like Tinker s Cove to live in The mystery was well put together, though I did figure out the killer, the mystery still had tons of plot twists and turns and overall was just a good base.Overall a good book, if the rest of the series stays like this, then I ll stay with it A perfect beach read. Very good read. Only strange thing was that I read the Back to School first because it seemed likelogical order so when I read this one, I wondered why the baby was a newborn The mystery was very well plotted I won t be a spoiler you ll just have to read it for yourself Taking a short break to read somerecent releases but already have the Thanksgiving book borrowed from the library. Highly recommend this series to all cozy readers.. I believe this is my last Lucy Stone mystery I just don t like the characters Lucy is nosy, stupid, immature, has no self esteem and no doesn t seem to be in her vocabulary Her husband is manic depressive and borders on abusive when in the depressive state Her kids are sullen and whiney The mystery is never really the focus of these books The writing style reminds me of young adult books but the subject matter is very grown up With hundreds of other books available, I just can t see wasting anytime on these boring, annoying characters. A quick read and the first book in the series that i ve read I usually like small town quirky series but this one was quite repetitive, especially regarding the main character and her baby I thought if she wrote about her breastfeeding onetime, i d scream Not much of a mystery either in that our amateur sleuth didnt do much detecting and she did do that nosy woman bit that annoys me.Will try the next one i ve got and see if it gets any better. Very well written, not even half way through, I decided that I had to get all of the books in this series For such a small book, 256 pages, it packed a punch that left me feeling as though Id read a 400 pager This was a real page turner and its been a while since I said that Written back in 1997, I felt this author was way ahead of her time It felt modern somehow There was only one small thing that got on my nerves It was the repeated mention of breast feeding A lot of detail was put into nursing as opposed to any other subject except for the mystery itself As each chapter arrived, here would come the boob again Pulled her boob out here, there and everywhere and descriptions about it I was like, Come on already, why do we need to know this each time in such a detailed way I do recommend this book, just skim the milk boobie talk. {DOWNLOAD PDF} ⚥ Trick or Treat Murder ⚾ Haunted House Parties And Ghostly Galas Grinning Pumpkins, Mayhem And Murder It S Going To Be One Heck Of A Halloween For Lucy Stone And Tinker S Cove It S October In Maine, And Everyone In Tinker S Cove Is Preparing For The Annual Halloween Festival While Lucy Stone Is Whipping Up Orange Frosted Cupcakes, Recycling Tutus For Her Daughters Halloween Costumes, Helping Her Son With His Pre Teen Rebellion, And Breast Feeding Her Brand New Baby, An Arsonist Is Loose In Tinker S Cove When The Latest Fire Claims The Life Of The Owner Of The Town S Oldest House, Arson Turns Into Murder While The Townsfolk Work To Transform A Dilapidated Mansion Into A Haunted House For The All Ghouls Festival, The Hunt For The Culprit Heats Up Trick Or Treat Turns Deadly As A Little Digging In All The Wrong Places Puts Lucy Too Close To A Shocking Discovery That Could Send All Her Best Laid Plans Up In Smoke It was okay I took away one star because I did not care to read about her breastfeeding multiple times throughout the book I am all for breastfeeding but do not want to read about it or visualize someone else doing it while trying to read a mystery book This is my first book by this author I do plan to go back and read the first one and hopefully it will be better.