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The start I didn t like but the ending was really amazing Read this review at Brilliant BookshelfNetgalley provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review The book cover and synopsis drew me in, but the story did not live up to it I think it will be enjoyable for children, just not great I really liked that the main character had Aspergers Syndrome I know quite a few people in real life with autism, yet I rarely come across book characters with the disorder, so this was refreshing in a way Unfortunately, the topic wasn t addressed that much, but some things, such as Willem s issues with social interaction and his desire for structure felt really accurate At times it did feel like he was portrayed too much like a dimwit, but every Aspergers case is different after all Apart from the autism, the book addressed a lot of other themes and issues like friendship, bullying, abuse, love, civil disorder etc All these themes connected through the common interest of planes and flying I liked that it was the idea of flying that fixed all the problems in the end Further, I suspect that children who love planes or the war will like the story in particular because it will be right up their ally The one big thing that I disliked about How To Fly with Broken Wings was that it was dreadfully chaotic Not only did a lot of themes get explored, a LOT also happened Too much in fact Problems were appearing left and right without ways to solve them and most of the story described the characters running around in a panic The result was that many themes or events could not be explored in depth and that everything felt rushed Moreover, some events were unrealistic, even for a children s book Though the execution of the story could have been better, How To Fly With Broken Wings will nevertheless teach children a few things, which I find valuable in a children s book This was entertaining, but not brilliant, so I m giving it three stars. [Ebook] ⚖ How to Fly with Broken Wings ♣ If Finn Maison Shouts Jump You Jump Or You Are Dead Twelve Year Old Willem Has Aspergers Syndrome And Two Main Aims In Life To Fly And To Make At Least Two Friends Of His Own Age But All The Other Boys From The Beckham Estate Do Is Make Him Jump Off Things First His Desk And Now The Wall As His Toes Teeter On The Edge, Sasha Barton Gives Him A Tiny Little Wink Might She Become His Friend Bullied By Finn And His Gang The Beckham Estate Boyz, Willem Has No Choice But To Jump As He Flies Through The Air He Flaps His Arms, Wishing He Could Fly And Escape Into The Clouds Instead He Comes Crashing Down And Breaks His AnkleSasha, Angry With Herself For Not Stopping Finn And His Boyz, Is Determined To Put Things Right And Soon, While The Gangs Riot On Their Estate, Willem And Sasha Form An Unlikely Friendship Because They Share A Secret Sasha Longs To Fly TooAnd When Magic Man Archie Arrives With Stories Of War Flying Spitfires, He Will Change The Lives Of The Kids On The Beckham Estate For Ever And Perhaps Find A Way For Willem And Sasha To Fly Touching On Themes Such As Friendship And Bullying, This Is A Charming Tale About Overcoming Obstacles And Finding Friendship In Unlikely Places When Alexia Casale YA author, organiser of YA Shot and all round good egg, asked me if I would like to interview Jane Elson as part of a blog tour for YA Shot, I jumped at the chance Not only did I completely fall in love with Jane s debut novel A Room Full Of Chocolate last year but I have had her second novel on my Kindle for a while now wondering when I was going to get round to reading it I m so glad I made time for it now as it was a heart breaking and terrific read that cemented me as a definite fan of Jane Elson.The author focuses on a few different characters in this novel but the pivotal character is a twelve year old boy called Willem who has a form of autism known as Asperger s Syndrome This leads to him having problems interacting and communicating with others, strange rituals and behaviours that he must complete otherwise he gets very anxious and he also tends to see the world in a very literal way which can be quite confusing for him if someone is being sarcastic for instance, or making a joke that he cannot understand.At the beginning of the novel, poor Willem is at the mercy of school bully Finn and his horrible gang They exploit both Willem s fear of the bullies and his passion for flying in the worst way by making him jump off a fairly high wall He breaks an ankle in the incident but is still determined to complete his homework set by his maths teacher, to make two new friends Like a little guardian angel, in flies Sasha Barton She is the girlfriend of gang leader Finn but has become increasingly fed up with his antics and feels terribly sorry for Willem after he breaks his ankle, visiting him and vowing to be his friend.When the pair find out that they both share a passion for flying they are overjoyed but evenso when a kindly new neighbour to the estate shows them his beautiful secret, a Spitfire plane flown in the war which is now lovingly taken care of and flown by Archie himself The Spitfire has a wonderful history to go along with it and Sasha especially is entranced by the love story between a man and a woman in Great Britain at war, the woman Rachel being one of the very first and little known about women pilots who flew Spitfires for the war effort in the 1940 s Then when riots break out on the estate between Finn s gang and a rival gang, it pulls together all the characters in ways they never imagined and additionally creates a heart stopping and dangerous moment that reveals how terrifying peer pressure and bullying can really be As a result, it might even be possible for Sasha and Willem to discover how to fly but not initially in the way they dreamed of.This book tugged at every single one of my heart strings Once again, Jane Elson has pulled off a truly mesmerising read that will have you shouting at the page not this one hopefully no spoilers here don t worry and re evaluating how you look at treat people you come across in your daily life I know a couple of people with either autism or Asperger s Syndrome myself and I think Jane has done a stellar job, writing the character of Willem sensitively and accurately I loved Willem as a character he has that sort of pure innocence and honesty that we often lose early on in our lives when we become grumpy, cynical old adults It was quite refreshing for me reading a point of view like this but in another way quite bitter sweet as it can often make that child an easy target for bullies, which is what Willem goes through I also enjoyed the extra characters and what they brought to the story, in particular Willem s fiesty Gran who gives the rioters a run for their money the lovely neighbour Archie and even Buster the Staffie who I definitely developed a soft spot for As with her debut novel, Jane Elson does not hold back, hide away or attempt to side step difficult or traumatic situations Bad things happen, the world sometimes is not fair and telling children the truth I think is so incredibly important and is one of the very many reasons why I think Jane Elson is a brilliant author for the little people and even the big people in your life.For my full review please see my blog at Following on from A Room Full of Chocolate I was excited to read Jane Elson s next book.Willem is set extra homework by his teacher, to make 2 friends His grandmother doesn t count the teacher says So after he breaks his leg at school being forced to jump from a wall by a school bully and Sasha comes to see him, he thinks there might be potential for the first friend there.I have mixed feelings about this book, I liked the idea of the story as I did the idea of the characters but I never connected to any of them Willem, Sasha, Magic Man Archie , Willem s grandmother I wanted to care about these people but I didn t and I m not sure why that is.How To Fly with Broken Wings was enjoyable but I would always recommend A Room Full of Chocolate first. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.It says a lot that only a few weeks after reading How to Fly With Broken Wings, I am having a hard time remembering a lot of details about this book Actually, I had to look up two of the main character s names because I just couldn t remember them Yep, it was one of those books The writing style was the first thing that caught my attention in a negative way It s very flat, with simple sentences and little variation of sentence structure that made it hard to become engrossed in the book.Secondly, the characters yeahonce again, I couldn t even remember Willem and Sasha s names right away Finn, for some reason, I remembered I just really didn t care about them at all I ve seen characters like them before a bullied boy who has issues making friends, a bully who has a bad home life, the girl who befriends the bullied kid Honestly, there are plenty of books that deal with these dynamics between characters, and deal with it better The plot began to get a bit convoluted I think it should have just focused on the relationship between Sasha, Finn, and Willem that would have been enough Instead, we also were treated to rioting gangs, and stories of dead pilots and their long lost loves, and a kindly old man who is Willem s neighbor They were all nice plots, but they could be a distraction Sometimes, less isThis book had a lot of potential, but that potential was totally wasted How to Fly With Broken Wings had absolutely no emotional effect on me whatsoever, and I have a suspicion that in a few months I ll have practically forgotten it. 3.5 How to Fly with Broken Wings is a heartwarming middle grade novel about a boy with Asperger s on a mission to find two friends and a girl who wants to fly It s about love, friendship and forgiveness it s about the strength of a community, the magic of kindness and the beauty of friendship At first, I wasn t sure about this novel but I can safely say that theI read, theit stole a piece of my heart However, like I said, I didn t fall in love with this book from the start and I wasn t fully invested in it for a large portion of the novel This was partially because of the language used and partially because of the characters.The story is narrated by twelve year old Willem and Sasha and although I LOVED Willem s voice and he completely captured my heart, I took quite a while to warm up to Sasha At first she was one of those characters that I don t like because she hangs out with the wrong crowd and she knows she s hanging out with the wrong crowd, she was disrespectful during her lessons and she wasn t someone I particularly liked and, as she was narrating the story frequently, it was imperative for me to like her and connect with her The second reason I struggled to get into the book and what decreased my overall enjoyment is the repetitive language used in Sasha s chapters There was one word repeated so much that I rolled my eyes every time she said it and that word was proper For example this isn t a quote taken directly from the book, by the way , Finn was giving me that look that made my knees go proper weak But this was Finn, I couldn t be feeling this way about him Could I The boy was proper annoying a lot of the time so how could I feel this way It was used excessively and multiple times on certain pages It got proper frustrating proper quick.Another thing I didn t particularly like about the book was the gangs that were mentioned heavily throughout How to Fly with Broken Wings takes place in an estate in London and there were two gangs that were at war on the estate I don t like reading about gangs, just a personal preference, but it is something that I wasn t so keen on whilst reading this.However, after I got past those three things, I found myself thoroughly enjoying myself and I was getting quite invested in the story I loved that there was Asperger s representation as it s not something I ve read about before As I don t have the condition, I can t say if it was represented in an accurate, sensitive manner but I appreciated that it was mentioned at all.There was a host of lovable characters in this book Like I said, I absolutely adored Willem The way he took things literally, his intelligence, his kindness, his love and his determination to make two friends I absolutely adored him I didn t like Sasha for several chapters but by the end of the book, I loved her Her character growth throughout the novel was incredibly well written I saw her transform from a scared, disrespectful girl into a sensitive, brave, determined character I loved the way she looked out for Willem and how she was such an incredible friend to him YAY FOR FRIENDSHIP.I absolutely ADORED Buster, Finn s Staffie Dog s are just too precious.Then there was Finn who I m still not sure about He was a complete jerk, very disrespectful and so unnecessarily cruel to Willem that I was convinced I was going to spend the entirety of the book disliking him However, he redeemed himself several times throughout and I can kind of understand why he had turned into the bully he was because of the domestic abuse he was exposed to By the end of the book, I still didn t trust him and I still think Sasha was silly for staying friends with him for so long, especially in light of what he did to Willem.One great thing about this book is that there are active parents and guardians I know, it s hard to believe but it s true There s Willem s grandmother, Gracie, who takes care of him after his mom moved away because she couldn t cope with him any I LOVED Gracie She was actively involved in Willem s life and her love and care for him shone through the pages There was Magic Man Archie , the elderly man who moved onto the estate, slowly transforming the lives of the troubled teen residents by allowing them to work on old cars he had bought and ignited an interest in mechanics in several of them Another active parental figure was Sasha s dad who was initially disinterested and didn t feature heavily in his daughter s life but who becameof a present figure as the novel wore on There were some great character arcs in this book I adored Archie He was an excellent grandfatherly figure to Willem and Sasha and I admired all he did for the children on the estate His stories of the Spitfires in World War 2, his mother and her tragic romance with another pilot made him such an intriguing character and I was as rapt as Willem and Sasha as he told the tales of his family s history.One thing I love about middle grade novels is how they deal with important topics in such a sensitive, light hearted manner There were important things discussed throughout the book such as Asperger syndrome, bullying, death and so forth, but it was done in a wonderfully sensitive and enlightening manner I enjoyed the plot, too It was equal parts sad and heart warming watching Willem traverse the rocky plains of friendship I loved watching the slow recovery of the estate as it morphed from one of hate and violence into one of mutual respect and civility There were several subplots woven throughout this novel such as the tales of the Spitfires Archie s mother used to fly The stories of the Spitfires, Archie s mother s bravery and her short lived romance with the love of her life coated the story with a unique, somewhat magical atmosphere An important thing to add is that I wasn t ever bored reading this With the gang violence, Finn and Sasha s tumultuous relationship and the danger of Willem s naivety in such a toxic place provided for tension and suspense throughout There were some incredibly intense parts in How to Fly with Broken Wings, moments where I wanted to cover my ears I listened to the audiobook because I didn t want to hear what happened next I was also surprised that this book nearly made me cry, especially towards the end I had become incredibly invested in the story and I genuinely cared for the characters, truly.How to Fly with Broken Wings is a simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking tale about a boy and a girl who want to spread their wings and fly It s about finding friends that feel like family It s about character growth and redemption, loyalty and acceptance Charming and real, How to Fly with Broken Wings will steal your heart piece by piece and leave a feeling of warmth and contentment in its place I give it 3.5 5 cupcakes 21 stars This book something special The voice of Willem who is set the rather simple yet complex homework of finding two friends is totally engaging, page turning and heartstopping Sadly the adults, Staffie and Spitfire he encounters don t count as friends so he has to engage with his peers with humorous and heart wrenching consequences The literal way Willem engages with the world is dealt with beautifully I had to pause for breath halfway through after the riots in his home estate thinking this was a 5 star book in itself but it kept going, improving and I couldn t stop reading Willem s new found friend Sasha begins to find her own strength early on although there is the difficult issue of her gang member friend Finn to complicate matters There is a wonderful backstory of Spitfires and women who flew them which I must admit I thought was completely made up when reading it but it s explained in the end notes In How to Fly there are ecstatic moments, shocking events and tear jerking ones Highly recommended for 10.I find it difficult to find books to recommend to my 12 year old son but this is perfect for boys and girls If your child enjoys this book then I would recommend books by Jenny Valentine Older teens might want to read the Keren David series beginning with When I Was Joe I received a free pre release copy to review because I pestered the publishers after loving A Room Full of Chocolate. Tender but toneless The Best part of this young person s book is the first 10 or 15 minutes of your reading time, the adorable book cover and the description of the story in the blurb itself The reader feels the warmth immediately but that s all we get Basically, Willem just wants to make friends and Sasha shows him how Their friendship develops from a shared secret They both wish to fly Finn is the class bully leader of the kids Everyone does what Finn says to do.Several themes are not fully developed Aspergers syndrome, bullying, socialization, fitting in, seeking approval, blame, shame, worthiness, vulnerability, and the human desire to belong What we get instead is character Old Man, Magic Man Archie He tells stories to of war flying spitfires I didn t feel the magic Most of the time, I just wanted Willem to get back home to his grandmother s house, drink tea and eat digestive biscuits I was ready to join in There are many wonderful books to choose from these days for young people This is not one of them GREAT BOOK COVER, though I haven t read any middle grade in quite a while, so I am actually having a hard time deciding if this is a good book or not I did really enjoy the story, and I thought it was quite interesting It deals with Aspergers autism, making unlikely friendships, and even gangs Really, there are gangs and rioting in this book Heavy topics for a middle grade, I think, but I thought it was handled well Where I m not sure if this is good is the writing Like I said, I haven t read any middle grade in a while, so I m not sure if the writing was too simplistic or not But I thought this was a really unique story and the characters were all really good, so for that part I really enjoyed it I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review.