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@Free Ebook õ Alpha Stud On Cam ⛈ Jared Is An Alpha And A Pornstar He Loves Showing Off His Magnificent Body, Flexing, Posing And Doing Other Things For His Audience When The Opportunity To Get His Own Omega Despite The Fact That He S A Class A Alpha Presents Itself, He Pounces Scott Has Had His Chance At A Nice Class B Or Class C Alpha And Blown It He S Too Difficult To Control, And As Such Will Be Handed Off To One Of The Beasts A Class A Alpha This Is Not What He D Planned Story Is , Words Long Scott We Ve Matched You With Another Alpha Sharon, His Caseworker, Didn T Look Happy Usually She Would Be Bubbling At This Point, Singing The Praises Of Whatever New Asshole He Was Being Paired With As If It Mattered In A Few Weeks They D Be Right Back Here, His New Alpha Returning Him And Demanding A Suitable Replacement Like It Was His Fault He Didn T Want Some Meathead Knotting His Virgin Ass Knotting Contrary To The Propaganda Spread By The Alpha Elite Hurt Like A Bitch Scott Might Not Have First Hand Experience To Back That Assertion Up, But He D Talked To Enough Mated Omegas To Know That It Wasn T A Fun Experience That Being Filled And Claimed Was Excruciating OK Tell Me About Him Does He Rescue Puppies Does He Save Cats From Tall Trees In His Free Time He Asked Sarcastically, Giving His Attempts To Get Out Of The Cuffs One Go Sharon Looked Down, A Frown Pulling The Corner Of Her Mouth Down No His Name Is Jared Wood, He S Thirty Years Old, And He S Not At All Suitable I Have No Idea How His Application Was Accepted But It Was And Now You Re Facing The Consequences Of Your Stupidity What Scott Was Confused They Re Not Going To Waste Any Time With You, Scott Jared Is A Class A Alpha He S Your Last Stop 3,75 for a short erotica read, not romance.