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I got 57% of the way through this before calling it quits I love true crime stories, and length of book isn t daunting for a speed reader, but this book is frankly a bore after the first 200 pages As one other apt reviewer put it, If someone farted within the vicinity of someone who knew Jonbenet, it s documented here The constant asides and first person recollections detract from the narrative utterly and completely Not suited for someone reading multiple books at once due to lack of chapters or sections Calling it quits. A loooong book I forced myself to read all of it even though I knew there wouldn t be any resolution in the end I guess I picked it up for the same reason most people do I wanted to learn as much as I could about this unsolved case, and see if I could draw my own conclusions I did learn a few things that I did not know before reading it, but most surprising were the grand missteps taken by the Boulder PD in the hours and days after the murder I would not recommend this book to anyone who does not want to struggle with its length and open endedness It is a difficult read and not extremely rewarding But if you want to gain access to the evidence, the police procedure, and the demeanor of the Ramsey s after the murder so you can draw your own verdict, I say go for it. @Kindle ⚤ Perfect Murder, Perfect Town : The Uncensored Story of the JonBenet Murder and the Grand Jury's Search for the Final Truth ⚹ In Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Lawrence Schiller Thoroughly Recreates Every Aspect Of The Complex Case Of The Death Of JonBen T Ramsey A Brilliant Portrait Of An Inscrutable Family Thrust Under The Spotlight Of Public Suspicion And An Affluent, Tranquil City Torn Apart By A Crime It Couldn T Handle, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town Uncovers The Mysteries That Have Bewildered The NationWhy Were The Ramseys, The Targets Of The Investigation, Able To Control The Direction Of The Police Inquiry Can The Key To The Murder Be Found In The Pen And Writing Pad Used For The Ransom Note Was It Possible For An Intruder To Have Killed JonBen T I had a deadline recently and so spent about 9000 hours obsessively reading everything available on the internet about the Ramsey case Then once I d read all that, I bought and read this book, which contains much less than everything on the internet I think I learned one or two little things a mysterious phone call from John to a hardware store about Patsy Ramsey s credit card bill which turned out to have been made by a tabloid reporter , an interesting tidbit about the professor who did the psychological handwriting analysis he was just as nuts as everyone else involved in the case, maybe eventhat might be it.In general, the book goes wrong right where the case went wrong almost immediately An hour after the body s found, the Ramseys are allowed to drive away from the scene without being inspected or interviewed And after that moment, pretty much nothing is ever learned from them or from any other source Crime scene was contaminated handwriting analysis is conflicted and inadmissible anyway cops and the DA are at war and or various shades of inept everyone refuses the FBI s help nothing makes sense nobody ever has any real idea of what happened or why The whole thing just sinks into a bog.There s not really enough for a book here And DEFINITELY not enough for an 800 page book.Schiller never even attempts to provide a possible explanation for what happened He just exhaustively details the failure and hopelessness.But if you hadn t already done 9000 hours of internet research, this would probably get you up to speed on the case.Not that being up to speed on this case will get you anywhere at all. Now that we know the Grand Jury voted to indict, it changes everything I was actually on a jury, coming out of the courthouse in Boulder when the DA announced there would be no indictment The way he phrased it made it sound as if that was from the Grand Jury.The Ramsey s destroyed a lot of lives in Boulder, and elsewhere Looking at the fresh evidence, and the old evidence, it s very likely their son killed her and then they covered it up Many people paid the price of that coverup A tragedy compounded.The book is an interesting read if you know where things stand now My wife and I have lived many places Boulder is beautiful, but there is a feeling about it that isn t so pleasant It prides itself on being very liberal, but strangely, it s a very intolerant town. Schiller, Lawrence Perfect Murder, Perfect Town 1999 Monsters or monstrously unlucky This is a book about three distinct, yet intimately interrelated stories, told as one First, there is the story of the murder of JonBen t Ramsey second, the story of the investigation of that murder and the antagonism between the Boulder Police Department and the District Attorney s office and third, the media coverage of these events.I think Schiller does a workman like job on all three, but for readers primarily interested in the story of the murder of JonBen t, this book, at about 800 pages, is a bit too much For those interested in the politics and pecking order of the judicial system as practiced in Boulder, Colorado, this is probably a fascinating read from cover to cover The story of the media is also interesting, but too narrowly focused on the tabloid coverage, especially the material about Jeff Shaprio, then working for the Globe Stories from the local Colorado media are quoted liberally throughout the text, but the day to day inner workings of the local press is not detailed Some of this material seems pasted in as though Schiller began to weary of his subject The detail about the Colorado judicial system, often presented in footnotes at the bottom of pages, was legalistic and not really illuminating Additionally the text is marred by typos of the kind not caught by spell checkers, including the wrong their near the bottom of page 385, an extraneous article on line 11, page 501, and most significantly, an isn t for an is on page 227 Actually the sentence in that footnote doesn t make sense with either an isn t as written, or an is as seems indicated On the plus side Schiller does an excellent job of making some of the players come to life including the very tricky Jeff Shapiro, the tabloid reporter who insinuated himself into the district attorney s offices, made friends with the Boulder police, joined Ramsey s church and even talked at length with John Ramsey on the phone something Schiller was not able to do The portrait of the sincere and tremendously dedicated Det Steve Thomas was also good, as was that of retired detective Lou Smit, who befriended the Ramseys Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter comes across primarily as a politician I also appreciated the floor plan of the Ramsey house in Appendix A and the character list at the back of the book The name index was also valuable, although I think there should have been a subject index as well.Because I didn t know the details of the case before reading this book, for me, the most important parts are pages 497 499, where the FBI profilers present their extremely powerful arguments against the intruder theory, and pages 660 670 where there is a summation of the evidence gathered by the Boulder police Reading between the lines we can see that John Ramsey himself is a slightly superior, somewhat cold and calculating man with some prejudice against the relatively liberal culture of Boulder, Colorado and against the poor see page 690 where he argues that Bill McReynolds, who played Santa Claus, should be a suspect partly because he doesn t have two nickels to rub together Nonetheless one imagines that John Ramsey loved his daughter and she loved him so that it is untenable to think that he could have deliberately murdered her Further he has too much control of himself to have accidentally struck and killed her On the other hand Patsy Ramsey comes across as someone with particularly shallow values predicated almost entirely on appearance who has a temper that she could very well lose Her love for her daughter is less clear than her husband s, although her need for JonBen t to succeed and thereby reflect favorably upon herself is very strong One imagines that she could punish her daughter very severely but outside of public scrutiny One further imagines she would seek to cover up anything that would make her look bad One very telling observation in the book p 13 is that the ransom note was the War and Peace of ransom notes The Patsy Ramsey seen in this book is a person who does everything in a flamboyant and overdone manner.I don t think, however, that the evidence as presented here is strong enough to draw a definite conclusion about who killed JonBen t One thing is clear John and Patsy Ramsey are either monstrously unlucky, or they are monsters a review by Dennis Littrell Running over 600 pages long, I knew this book would either be a detailed though riveting read or it would be a hard slog Unfortunately, for me, it was the latter.Naturally, it was interesting to read about the events, the evidence found, the investigations, the interviews, the media, and the prime suspects the parents , the city of Boulder, etc but there was by far too much detail , in general Also, a lot of the book was dedicated to the issue of the hostilities between the police and the DA s office It was important to present this aspect of the long, drawn out saga, but I felt it could have been condensed, as it was the least interesting aspect of this book More pages dedicated to everything else, and less to this in fighting , and the book would have been by farinteresting Also, because of this focus on the warring detectives and cops, there were a LOT of names flying about No wonder there was a who is who list at the back of the book I kept having to refer back to it until I gave up caring.Am I any wiser after reading this book No Do I think this crime will ever be solved No Did the first response police botch things, making this case even harder to to solve Yes, without a doubt.I guess all in all, there is some lack of satisfaction in reading a true crime book where the mystery isn t solved No fault of the author, of course That s just how it is Though the author s lack of his own theory was kind of an odd omission. I enjoyed shouting Ghoul at Scott as he tried to read this surreptitiously in the Lufthansa business lounge in Denver But it is a good book, if verging on the obsessive in terms of the detail sought out If someone farted in a restaurant and it had made a sound vaguely similar to someone grumbling JonBenet , it would have been reverently noted here Worse, the police would have followed it up in an effort to divert the criticism of their early handling of this case It seems almost every effort was made, and a lot of it futile effort in the wrong direction at the wrong time I won t find out though, as I ve kind of lost interest because I know how it all ends with no one being any the wiser, and because the book has just become too obsessive on the detail. Schiller writes a 600 page book on the JonBenet murder and at the end says he has no idea who killed her He doesn t even give a hypothetical scenario His non committal summation reads as if he wasconcerned about not being hit with a law suit from the killer for slander.If you are interested in reading about this case, I would say to look elsewhere.There are websites with the same, if notinformation. Although this crime did not get as much coverage in the UK as it obviously did in the States, I was aware of the murder of six year old JonBenet Ramsey although I knew few of the details This is a fairly lengthy book which delves into the case and concentrates on the investigation into the murder.Six year old JonBenet was discovered missing from her bed the morning after Christmas Day, 1996, when her mother Patsy discovered a rambling ransom note on the stairs Despite the note saying her daughter had been kidnapped, and that she would be killed if anyone was informed, Patsy and her husband, John Ramsey, immediately called the police Their open presence at the family home was the first in a series of errors and it is difficult not to imagine that the fact the family were wealthy was one reason why the police initially trod carefully not containing the crime scene and not treating the parents as possible suspects in the crime This initial mistake led to others When JonBenet s body was discovered in the basement of the family home, by her father amazingly she was moved and the crime scene both contaminated by visitors and crucial evidence possibly lost.This, then, is the story not only of a terrible crime of the murder of a little girl, but of a town which was considered almost crime free a safe place to live, with a small town mentality, which found the spotlight being t turned on it hard to take As questions were asked, the family came under scrutiny not only JonBenet s parents, but even her nine year old brother, Burke JonBenet was a Beauty Pageant queen and, although thankfully child pageants are not popular in the UK, it is easy to understand how uncomfortable this made people Photographs of a picture perfect little girl, with curled hair, plastered in make up and teetering on high heels is, to most people, quite profoundly unacceptable and, certainly, public opinion reviled the family partly due to this hobby.As the book unfolds, the author has quotes from just about anybody who was involved, or touched by, the case Parents at JonBenet s school, investigative journalists, those who worked for the Boulder Police force, the DA s office, the FBI, friends of the family and members of their Church are all given a voice What comes across is just a real sense of discomfort and distrust Although the Ramsey s were, oddly, not seemingly eager to aid the police putting hurdles in the way of every request, from interviews to forensic evidence there seemed little evidence against the couple that was not circumstantial As the book digs further below the surface, a picture emerges of a marriage not as perfect as it first appeared, of a little girl who, despite her beauty and success, at the very least suffered from bed wetting, which may have been indicative of underlying problems, of a law enforcement agency unable to work together and of a town which had to come to terms with notoriety Sadly, there seems to have been no real justice for a little girl who deserved better from all the adults involved in this book.