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This is book 2 of the Tudor Series and the sequel to CAUGHT IN THE ACT It is a sweet love story The heroine of the story, Corinna Huntington, is entirely too reasonable, responsible, and mature for an 18 year old She is a very likable character and so was the hero and rogue of the story, Count Rugar Kalisson They fall in love and find that they are at the mercy of a jealous Queen Elizabeth 1 There was not enough angst in the story line for me, and so, my level of interest began to wane I do enjoy Betina Krahn s writing and wouldn t hesitate to read of her books. [Read Pdf] ♝ Behind Closed Doors ☪ Under The Queen S Protective EyeIn The Halls Of A Conniving CourtBehind Closed DoorsManly And Magnificent Count Rugar Kalisson Swears Vengeance On The Insulting, Overbearing English Who Hate And Scorn Him For His Swedish Heritage Vowing To Best Elizabeth S Knights In Contestand Her Ladies In Love A Sheltered English Rose And A Virile Viking Nobleman Are Drawn Together By Rapturous And Reckless Passion Surrendering To The Forbidden Ecstasy Of A Bold, Soul Searing Love That Would Inflame The Wrath Of A Jealous Queenand Provoke A Diplomatic Scandal Most historical romances are sober affairs, with tortured heroes, Gothic settings, and haunted heroines being pursued by satanic villains But this 1500 s romance features laughter, bed play, horseplay, and hi jinks, with enough slapstick and teasing to lighten the darkest dungeon.A deliciously innocent young lady in waiting, Corrie has no idea that men are different from women But after a wickedly exciting initiation by her cousin Anne, Corrie is immediately enchanted by a handsome Swedish visitor to the English court Rugar Kallisson has plans of his own, and seduction is merely a means to an end But innocent Corrie responds to him with such adoring and trusting passion that before long he is fighting for right and justice and sacrificing everything just to make the innocent blonde his bride.This is an original story, full of romance and fun, with great period research and a charming mixture of erotic sex, innocent laughter, and historical romance. I LOVE Betina Krahn and have read many of her books This one is perhaps the truest ROMANCE of all The focus is so fully on the two lovers The background Elizabethan Englandand the villain is the queen herself What I truly love is a Krahn ending No, I won t spoil it, but I will say that when all seems hopeless, count on Krahn to find a way. I am absolutely enad with historical romances I enjoyed every plot, twist, line and description It was amazing Great Elizabethan Sequel to CAUGHT IN THE ACTSet in England and a small bit in Sweden in 1576, this is the story of Corinna Huntington, daughter of Jack and Merrie, the Earl and Countess of Straffen from CAUGHT IN THE ACT and a Swedish aristocrat When Corrie is sought by Queen Elizabeth to be one of her ladies, Corrie s father, a former rake, is horrified, knowing the immoral cesspool that is the court Meanwhile, in Sweden, tall, blond Rugar Kalisson, Count of Aelthar, is sent by his king as a special ambassador to England Rugar has a low opinion of the English and an even lower opinion of the virtue of English women, but he is happy to oblige his king, thinking it s time the English learned some respect for Swedish men time for his revenge And the first woman he identifies for his conquest is innocent Corrie.Krahn makes the court of Queen Elizabeth come alive, adding rich detail to the story and providing us an interesting glimpse into the life of the virgin Queen You might want to read the Author s Note at the end first The hero and heroine are wonderfully complex and other characters richly drawn The dialog is interesting and believable Sometimes Krahn s wit had me laughing out loud I loved this romance as much as I did CAUGHT IN THE ACT to which I also gave 5 stars You won t be disappointed It is a delightful and absorbing love story.