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This e book is too short It kinda leaves me hanging The story is quite good but it needs Short read The friend was annoying Writing wasn t bad, but no depth when it came to characters It was basically she hasn t gotten laid, did a cyborg, and that was it No real plot to this. `READ DOWNLOAD ↬ Sexual X-Perimentation (Cyborg Gigolos, #1) ☞ They Look, Smell, Sound, And Act Just Like Human Males Only They Re Not They Re So Much They Re Cyborgs And When We Say No Strings Attached , We Mean It Hire One Of Our Studly Cy Males For Sex, Without Any Of The Worry Or Usual Risks No Diseases, No Pregnancy, No Commitment, No Strings Perfect For Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Extramarital Sex Without Guilt, Recreational Sex, As Well As Escort Needs For Weddings, Dinner, And Business Functions Our Cy Males Are So Realistic That It Is Impossible To Distinguish Them From A Living, Breathing Human Being We Guarantee It Some Clients Even Completely Give Up On Dating Humans After Experiencing The Benefits Of Being With A Cy MaleAfter Seeing An Unusual Help Wanted Ad In The Paper, Amy And Her Friend Sign Up To Be Part Of A Test Panel For The New Cyborg Sex Workers A Busy Medical Student With No Time For Real Dating, She Figured Why Not It S Any Girl S Dream, Right Still, She Is A Bit Apprehensive About The Whole Thing Not Only Has She Not Had Sex For Over A Year, But She Is About To Have It With A Robot She Debates Whether That Is Just Too Weird, Too DesperateBut If Amy Allows Herself To Go Through With It, She Will Have The Opportunity To Experience Every Different Kind Of Sex From A Wide Variety Of Men, Or Rather, Cyborgs, For Eight Weeks They Each Have Their Own Looks And Personalities To Appeal To Different Tastes However, When She Discovers This For Herself, Is She Instead At Risk For Losing Herself To Their Charms And, As A Result, Forgetting Their Main Purpose They Are Designed For Sex, Not For Love So Then, Why Does It Seem Amy Has Feelings For One Of Them Than She Has Felt In A Long Time For A Regular Guy