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Deze kleine boekjes van Penguin zijn ideaal om mee te nemen in mijn sjakosse naar de feesten Deze verhalen zijn heel vergelijkbaar met het andere werk van Keynes luchtig en vol humor Ideale lectuur tussen twee optredens door Sommige verhalen, over shopping, vond ik minder, maar het verhaal over Rusland compenseerde dat volledig. Now this author is DELIGHTFUL And the subject of shopping provides an interesting pivot point from the last author But, thankfully, just for one essay Keyes has wit, and style, and timing And I also happen to love collections of SHORT essays stories to break up the monotony of longer narratives So happy for this course both cleansing amuse bouche and satisfying entree book8 pocketpenguins penguin70s #FREE ⚜ Nothing Bad Ever Happens in Tiffany's ì Marian Keyes Spearheaded A New Wave Of Contemporary Women S Fiction Providing Wickedly Funny Tales Of Twenty And Thirty Somethings Living And Loving On The Edge No Stranger To The Roadless Commonly Travelled Herself, Marian Has Also Written Two Collections Of Tales And Observations From Her Own Life Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Tiffany S Is A Small But Perfectly Formed Selection Of These Strangely I just finished reading another book by this author, and discovered that the Penguin 70 I packed for my holiday was by Marian Keyes Nice, auto biographical short stories which made me laugh When my five year old needed a break from playing at the beach, she asked me to read out loud to her Hubby overheard it and laughed at several places, too. Had me laughing out loud every other page. I b rjan k ndes det ov ntat attraktivt, den h r sj lvironiska humorn Jag var villig att ge genren en chans Det r jag fortfarande Men efter ett tag blev det tyv rr tr ttsamt med alla l jliga parenteser och spetsfundiga titlar och on diga hyperboler Stilen blir en sorts utsmyckning utan verklig substans. In a lively, light hearted turn of phrase, Irish novelist Marian Keyes writes about her travel experiences to Russia, New York, France, Prague, and even Johannesburg She convinces the reader that arriving is far superior to travelling, especially when faced with modern day airports and her bad luck with luggage Engaging, funny a pleasant light read.Hoewel Marian Keyes eerstens as romansier bekend is, kan sy stories omtrent haar eie reise met net soveel sjarme opdis In hierdie klein bundeltjie beskryf sy reiservarings na Rusland, Praag, Frankryk, New York, en selfs Johannesburg Lonende, ligte leesstof. 10 06 07TITLE AUTHOR Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Tiffany s by Marian KeyesRATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Travel essays 2005 56 pgsSERIES STAND ALONE stand aloneTIME PLACE contemporary Europe NYCHARACTERS AuthorFIRST LINES Many years ago I was living in London about to visit NY for the 1st time my sister had moved there 4 months previously, I was going to spend Christmas w her.COMMENTS REC 10 05 bookcrossing ring ray Travel observations from author while vacationing w family and on author promotion trip Started a bit dry but most included the same humor as in her fiction. Een dun boekje met columns van Marian Keyes over haar leven Grappig en herkenbaar Jammer dat het boekje zo dun is, want het smaakt naar meer Qua stijl en humor is het hetzelfde als het boek Making it up as I go along, dat ik eerder dit jaar las van Marian Keyes. I found this book in a free book pile on a street corner and read it while waiting for an appointment and oh lord I feel like this would be a great book to read in a class to teach people what exoticizing cultures is and how not to view things while abroad I almost lit the book on fire when she wanted a rapey experience in Africa and then again when she was disappointed when the airplanes in Russia has seat belts so thanks a lot street corner.