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~Download Kindle ⚖ Creation of Desire (More Desire, Oklahoma #3) ⚖ Running A Business And Caring For A Sick Baby Didn T Leave Rachel Jackson Much Time Or Energy For Her Beloved Husbands, A Fact That Hit Her Hard When She Learned That Her Husbands Ex Lover Had Been Calling Them For Days, And Neither Boone Nor Chase Had Told HerShe Believed Them When They Told Her That They D Kept It From Her To Protect Her, But Their Deception Hurt Her And Shook Her ConfidenceHow Could She Hope To Compete With Such A Beautiful And Sophisticated Woman A Woman Who D Had The Ability To Hurt Them Deeply Mona S Appearance Brought Back The Insecurities Rachel Had Spent Months Struggling To Hide The Fear That Boone And Chase Had Only Married Her Because She Carried Their ChildWhile Trying To Reassure Rachel That Mona Meant Nothing To Them, They Dismissed Their Ex Girlfriend S Persistence As A Nuisance, Underestimating Her Determination To Get Them BackIt Was A Mistake They Regretted, One That Almost Cost Rachel Her Life I enjoy the way this series is continuing to give a glimpse into the lives of characters from the original series The portrayal of the insecurities of a new mother, even without a crazy stalker, were very realistic. I love visiting Desire, Oklahoma and reading the stories that Leah Brooke creates I love catching up with some of the beloved couples in Desire A great read Their was enough angst in their original story, this should have been one big happy ever after epilogue. I make no secret of the fact that Boone, Chase and Rachel were the trio that hooked me on Desire The men aren t too, too alpha, and Rachel is no wilting flower and stands her ground She isn t all messed up, she has normal insecurities and Boone and Chase are every men, in that they see some stuff but completely miss other things I skipped some of the other updates, but knew I had to read this one, and I wasn t disappointedRachel is struggling the same as all new mom s do, trying to do everything and be everything to everyone Considering what it took for Boone and Chase to finally capture her once they decided to make their move, it is understandable she would have some doubts Every new mom falls into the trap Rachel finds herself, and every new dad falls for the trap Boone and Chase do Throw is a crazy ex who resurfaces, and you understand why some issues ariseThe things you love about these three, well, they are there The best scene in the whole book takes place in the tub, and it isn t even a really sexy scene, just the three characters being who they are, and interacting as they do, and it is sweet, funny and heart wrenching all at onceNeedless to say, loved the book and can t wait to get of Erin and her men 4.5 stars This review was originally posted on Bears Read Too Creation of Desire Reassuring Rachel is the third book in the More Desire, Oklahoma series, which is a spin off from the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke It was very nice to revisit these characters again I loved the Desire, Oklahoma series and when Leah Brooke did a spin off and did the More Desire, Oklahoma I loved it because with each installment we got to revisit characters that we already fell in love with and see what they re up to.I love Leah Brooke s characters from Desire, Oklahoma She has a knack for making you fall in love with the men who are sexy and wonderful in all the right ways, but also the women who even though have a tendency to be insecure at times, they find a way to work through it and come out on top and let their strengths shine through.The men were already strong and dominant, but she showed some of their vulnerable sides too and that just makes you love them.There was a bit of danger in this one like all the other books and it came in the form of a skank named Mona This character really annoyed me I guess Leah Brooke did her job of creating someone to hate but at the same time I think there could have been to her It seemed a bit unrealistic, but then again, I don t know too many drugged out psychos so she might be right on track There is just something about this character that bugged me.Also, I love Erin, Rachel s sister from a previous book, but this book here she seemed off somehow However, that could be explained because she s really pregnant and really vulnerable right now and maybe it ll be explained in her own spin off book Dunno I hope we get spin offs anyway Yay All and all, this book was a really great treat and I loved revisiting Desire, Oklahoma and all the fun they have there I recommend this entire series It s got a little bit of everything and a lot of sexy hot males.Keep bringing them and I ll keep reading them Loved it Another great book for Leah Brooke She keeps the story going adding to the people of Desire Rachel s story continues and her men don t let you down Showing how much they love her and their daughter A long lost lover comes back into their Ives and disrupts their happiness A must read, do they get to keep their HEA I am in love with Desire, Ok It s nice to revisit old books and see what they are up to In this case what someone is trying to tear apart Mona is Chance and Boone s ex that left them heart broken Rachel was able to mend their broken hearts Now Mona wants her men back.she is out of money, so where else do you go to those who spoiled you. I love how both side of the relationship had to convince each other Boone and Chase thought that Rachel was better off without them and Rachel thought they wanted her for other reason then love I love LB books, u can just follow them easily and love the sexy men with hot sex scenes Great end found really funny and sweet HEA. This was a fast read that held all the elements that Leah Brooke always brings to her novels Love, sex, danger, a touch of angst, hot, protective men and the women who rule I mean love, them This was fun, for sure.