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I don t read Harlequin Romance to often, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to read this one Surrendering to the Sheriff is the 7th book in the Sweetwater Ranch Series, by Harlequin INTRIGUE This is the first book I have read in the series, and I enjoyed it very much The HH, Kendall and Aiden were pretty well developed, and likable The author made me care what happened to them right away which is important in a story.The plot, trying to keep Kendall and her unborn baby alive, and the subplot of finding out who really killed Aiden s father, kept me on my toes I wasn t bored for one minute while reading this story It was also pretty exciting to see how Aiden and Kendall kept trying to fight their attraction to one another Seeing is how their unborn child is evidence that they clearly feel something for one another, even if they don t want to admit it.I love a heroine that is not afraid to fight for her life when the need arises Kendall is not one to sit in a corner and cry Aiden is like a knight in shinning armor, and he fights tooth and nail to keep Kendall safe.If you enjoy a fast paced story, a HH that are in love with each other, but to proud to admit it, with a surprise or two thrown in, then this is the story for you Plus the small town setting is an extra treat I received a free copy of this book from Chatterbox ChatPack in exchange for an honest review. [[ Free E-pub ]] ☜ Surrendering to the Sheriff ⇕ Drop The Gun, Sheriff Discovering Kendall O Neal Being Held At Gunpoint At His Ranch Isn T The Homecoming Sheriff Aiden Braddock Expects And Now Kendall S Captors Are Demanding He Destroy Evidence In An Upcoming Trial In Exchange For The Texas Attorney S Life And The Life Of Their Unborn BabyThree Months Ago, Aiden And Kendall Gave In To Their Long Simmering Attraction Now, With A Child On The Way, The Stakes Have Shot Sky High But Even After He Pulls Off A Daring Rescue, Kendall Isn T Safe Before Long, They Find Temporary Haven In Each Other S Arms Which Could Be Even Dangerous Than Facing Down A Killer 3.5 Stars I really enjoyed this book Kendall, and Aiden have been attracted to one another for over 20 years The families have bad blood between them, so they have tried not to act on that attraction After a really bad day, they ended up in each other s arms, letting passion over take them When Kendall is held at gun point three months later, Aiden will risk his life to protect Kendall, and the baby she is carrying He is a little shocked to say the least, to find out Kendall is pregnant, but doesn t have time to think about it Aiden is sheriff, so it is his job to protect Kendall, and put the attackers behind bars This is a fast pace book, with lots of action, and good suspense Someone has hired thugs to come after Kendall As soon as one gunman is dealt with, another one comes after her There are several suspects, and with this story, I couldn t figure it out till it was revealed Love books like this, that keep you guessing This book is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone I m leaving you with a few snap shots from the book enjoy Sample from chapter 2 But the man must have realized she was trying to escape, because he hurried toward the driver s door Coming for her Her heart was pumping now The adrenaline, too Kendall worked even harder at trying to cut through the plastic she could feel them giving way Little by little But the man was practically right on her The plastic cuffs gave way, finally Just as the man crawled across the seat and grabbed for her Sample from chapter 9 I need to apologize for that kiss first, he grumbled But Kendall waved him off We ve been apologizing for kisses for over twenty years now And it was the truth Twenty three years A lifetime to be lusting after Aiden, and the memory of that first kiss came flooding back. Another amazing book from an amazingly talented author Every time I read a book by Delores Fossen, I become a bigger fan of her work You can t go wrong with this author Surrendering To The Sheriff is the story of Aiden Braddock and Kendall O Neal They shared a kiss when they were teenagers and we re pretty much torn apart because of bad blood between their families Now Aiden and Kendall must work together to protect their unborn child Will they be able to find a way to get past all the bad and be a family You ll just have to read the book and find out Full of surprise twists and an ending you won t see coming, this book is a definite five star read. Yet another great book in this series Delores Fossen is an awesome author who keeps you guessing all though the book about who the bad guy is Going to start reading the last book in this series and I can t wait to see how it all turns out Loved Aiden and Kendall s story. Great Read The Intense awareness that Kendall and Aiden feel for each other is unreal This couple is unable to react on those emotions The book was shockingly suspenseful I was changing my mind rapidly through the suspect list when trying to figure out who the bad guy was This story is wonderfully written and I highly recommend it Kendall and Aiden are star crossed Lovers The families despise each other yet they have been in love with each other as long as they can remember Neither of them will soberly make the move to cross that path, drunkenly is a whole other ball game. 4 STARSI have read most of this series and this answers some questions but still leaves the big question unanswered Surrendering to the Sheriff is jam packed with suspense, action, mystery You are kept guessing what is going on and who is behind it Every time you think they will get the answers something else happens to muddy the water and keep you glued to the story to find out.Sheriff Aiden Braddock comes home and realizes something is not right He finds Kendall O Neal on his front room floor with two masked gunmen threatening to shoot her if the Sheriff does not take there phone and video himself destroying evidence in a case.Aiden wonders if Kendall part of a setup The evidence is proof of his father murder 23 years ago and will be used against Kendall s half sister Jewell s trial Aiden tries to pull off that he does not care for Kendall and her family The bad guys know something Aiden doesn t Kendall is pregnant with his baby.Kendall is a lawyer Her half sister raised her and is now in jail waiting trial Kendall has liked Aiden since there first kiss right before he knew his dad was murdered After a night of both drinking hard they had a one night stand.I know I am going to read the next book of the series by Delores Fossen I want the answers to all the questions.I was given this book to read by Chatterbox for free In return I agreed to tell people what I thought of Surrendering to the Sheriff A Harlequin Intrigue novel. This was a quick read but seemed like the characters were running around in circles and getting nowhere fast When Sheriff Aiden Braddock arrives home from work he s surprised to find two masked men holding attorney, Kendall O Neal at gunpoint His and Kendall s families have a history and its not good At the moment, Kendall s sister, Jewel, is in jail, charged with murdering Aiden s father To make matters worse, Aiden and Kendall had a one night stand awhile back Now she s pregnant with his child When the gunmen demand that Aiden destroy evidence vital to Jewel s case, making it darn near impossible to convict her, Aiden can t help but wonder if Kendall had set the whole thing up in order to free her sister His notion is quickly laid to rest when one of the gunmen shoots her in the arm Aiden manages to rescue her, but the efforts by someone to get to Kendall continue The two of them are forced to work together to discover who s behind the plot while trying to keep Kendall safe.As I said, it seemed like the story went in circles Bring suspect in for questioning, attempt on Kendall s life, escape from the mess they are in, repeat The premise was good and in the midst of everything the author does manage a way for the couple to work out their difficulties There is also a lot of family turmoil when both sides find out Kendall s pregnant and Aiden s the father The book wasn t bad but I didn t feel I could give it anythan three stars.