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Very Good, and is pretty predictable Very funny and good Perfect to read to a young child at night or to just get cozy in a chair and read This book definitely gives away hints, and is predictable in some parts The end is kind of a cliffhanger, it just stops and relays one last statement Over all a very good, funny book, with a pretty dominant lesson Recommended for sure, as a quick read AwesomeLoved it I m going to recommend this to my friends for sure Hilarious and heartbreaking.Cute how Buster could speak after drinking the potion. @Ebook Ü Me Tawk Funny Ú How Did Hector S Dog Start Talking Hector Dumble Thinks He S Dumb When His Dog Buster Starts Talking To Him, Hector Begins To Think He S Crazy Too Things Become Even Stranger When Hector Learns That His Teacher Mr Weazel Has A Secret Identity How Will Hector Handle Having A Dog That Can Talk And A Teacher Who Wants To Take Over The World Find Out In This Shaggy Dog Story For Kids Aged To EXCERPT As They Were Taking A Short Cut Across The Park, Buster Suddenly Stopped Walking Come On, Buster, Said Hector Mom S Waiting For Us But Buster Just Stood There And Started Making Some Funny Noises It Wasn T Really A Growl And It Wasn T Really A Bark It Was Like A Cross Between The Two A Grark Then He Coughed A Bit And Gave Another Grark Hector Looked At Him Curiously Buster, Are You OK Buster Looked At Hector, Grarked Again, And Then He Said, Kay Kay Did You Just Say Kay Kay Hector Asked Nuh Nuh, Said Buster Missa Me Kay Kay Huh Hector Thought That The Noises Buster Was Making Were Pretty Weird Missay Me Ko Kay, Said Buster Buster, Are You Trying To Talk Hector Said Buster Cleared His Throat Again And Said, Me Say Me OK So, Thought Hector, All This Studying And Homework Has Finally Made Me Go Crazy Now I Think My Dog Can Talk OK, Buster, Let S Go Home Mom Will Be Worrying Hokay Hector, Said Buster Then He Gave Another Grark, As If He Were Trying To Clear His Throat Me Tawk Funny You Sure Do, Said Hector Come On Free For Prime And Kindle Unlimited Customers A Perfect Length Bedtime Story Grab A Copy Today Tags Bedtime Story, Talking Dog, Talking Animal, Short Stories For Kids, Short Stories For Children, Bedtime Stories For Kids, Funny Bedtime Story, Kids Ebook, Children S Ebook, Kindle Kids Book, Dog Chapter Books, Animal Chapter Books Good bookIt s a good book you should read it it kind of makes you sad at the end so you should read it This is a cute kids book with a very funny story I read it with my nieces and they enjoyed it very much, with one being old enough to help with the reading and one just enjoying listening It s a short enough story to listen to in one sitting, and so good we ve already bought book 2 to read next time I see them Book Reviewed by Ellwyn on www.whisperingstories.comMe Tawk Funny tells the incredible story of Hector Dumble and his talking dog Buster.Hector Dumble is an active boy who dislikes doing his school work and his teacher Mr Weasel hurts with the situation As a result, Hector is in the bottom of his class.One day Buster finds, Professor Evil, the neighborhood villain, stealing a super intelligence potion and chases after him While running away, Professor Evil drops the potion and Buster drinks it The potion s side effects increase Buster s intelligence and allow him to speak Before long, Buster is attending school with Hector and helping their family with difficult household tasks On the news one day, someone reports that Professor Evil is robbing a bank Buster rushes to the scene and stops the evil villain but suffers from an unforeseen consequence.This story has all the classic elements of a good tale heroes, villains, conflict, and a nice clean ending The evolution of Hector and Buster s relationship is endearing and holds an important message Buster s selfless bravery and Hector s self discovery set a positive example for young readers that will resonate and hopefully inspire them to work hard in school.That being said, I was a little dissatisfied with the pacing and the character development Several key components were revealed too early or not woven into the story effectively I questioned how Buster knew pertinent information and found some of his knowledge too technical for children. Me Tawk Funny is a chapter book geared towards readers up to age 13 Hector Dumble is a good kid who has some trouble applying himself when it comes to his schoolwork Like most kids, Hector would rather play than do his homework, which causes him to struggle in school Hector doesn t get much help or reassurance from his teacher, Mr Weazel, who turns out to be even Evil than he seems When Hector s dog, Buster, drinks a magic potion, it foils Mr Weazel s Dr Evil s plans The potion enables Buster to talk and become increasingly intelligent Buster has some very good advice to give Hector But will Hector listen to his talking dog This is the second book I ve read by Neil McFarlane and I wasn t disappointed Mr McFarlane has an original style of writing and a superb imagination His clever dialogue and play on words are sure to entertain children Although the book is meant to be humorous and silly, there s still a valuable message for children Children will learn that it s important for them to work hard and apply themselves if they want to excel in life This book can be read to younger children or older kids can read it on their own Wonderful book for kids Susan Barton, Me Tawk Funny is a funny, quick read that I think would work as a comic book graphic novel just as well There is a healthy dose of slapstick sprinkled throughout, and the big villain is just as big and villainous and larger than life as you could want McFarlane also breaks a particularly bothersome cliche, at least for me personally, by portraying the family as people that are willing to accept their strange new world, as opposed to the Family of Judgment that the main character won t tell a thing Great for the young readers or anyone with some imagination to burn. It all starts when Hector Dumble s dog, Buster, starts talking Hector thinks of himself as dumb Now he thinks he s going crazy Dogs can t talk But Buster can And he keeps getting smarter Soon, he has Hector studying and getting smarter too.It s not long before reporters get wind of the miracle and interview Hector and his talking dog Buster It s the headline in the newspaper and leading story on the towns news program Until they re knocked from the headlines by a bank robber He s due to strike again and maybe, just maybe, Hector and Buster can combine their smarts and catch the guy.This is such a fun and clever story to encourage children to ask for help, not give up, and believe in themselves Hector and Buster both buckle down, support each other, and learn together But it wouldn t have been as fun if they didn t have a dastardly villain to catch.The author had a good idea with this and made it silly and fun while also teaching children some valuable lessons They ll have so much fun reading about Hector and Buster, that they won t realize they are also learning.I think a lot of kids will identify with Hector Learning can be hard, but it can also be fun and rewarding Just like this cute tale.There are two books in this Shaggy Dog series and you can bet I ll be reading them. Loved it but I would recommend some tree him to I liked this book but the thing that I wanted to recommend that if the olefins kindle wants to buy a book please refuse it because they hacked my old kindle and I would like to get them back