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This is one of those personality pairings I m enjoying so much that I don t even want to finish the book before leaving a review Beau s quiet calm and centredness versus Matt s slightly obstreperous malaise and yet they can t keep their eyes or thoughts from one another The heat between them racks up with each chapter as they find each other s highlights, blind spots and achilles heels.The relationship alone is red hot, let alone the hot scenes And it s all set in a beautifully described setting which is just real and luxurious it enhances and lifts, but never gets in the way.I m barely on chapter 10 and I m urging others to read. Received book for an honest review Original Review on Quintal is a painter from New Zeeland, a mystic by nature and in search of something he had forgot he needed He realizes that he had lost his way and the world is breaking his spirit after one too many meaningless one night stands in L.A Luckily his sister calls and he runs to Hawaii, the break he needed.His attraction to pilot Beau Toyama is instant and, we find out later on, most likely foretold by Beau s deceased mother Now, you would think that this makes the book a paranormal romance Wrong Yes it has some mystic, well paranormal elements, but they re blended in the story, a normal occurrence, nothing out of the ordinary You get the same feeling like when you re having a deja vu or some weird coincidences happened, only it s much than that happening around these two characters The focus is not on that, but on their soul journey to love and a life together As I said, beautiful.The story is not out of the ordinary They meet, they like and fall in love Sure they have past hurts to surpass Beau had a rough childhood and still mourns his mother, Matt ran away from commitment almost all his life and has his own issues with his father There is some past abuse going on, broken families and broken trust All those good conflicts that make a good story What makes this story exceptional is that it s not focused on the past hurts or present conflicts, it focuses on the main characters road to healing and new beginnings The author s perspective is unique, the nostalgic island air and the colorful cultures portrayed leave you breathless and checking flights on the internet I know I did, I wanted to go to that magical island portrayed right away to recapture my lost days in the sun.Sure some phrases seemed a bit formal or clinic, some I didn t understood at all, lol That was than okay, the book didn t let me forget that it was different and took my attention from the written form of the words to their meaning and what they expressed There is magic in this book, not the kind you see in paranormal books, but everyday magic that we don t notice until it is pointed to us Nature s magic and soul magic As natural as breathing and so we forget it exists Reading about it is an wonderful experience.And if I didn t gush enough until now, I ll say it clear I highly recommend this book and urge you to keep an open mind and feel what it tries to say If you do that, I m sure you ll have the wonderful experience I had and maybe it will even nudge you to reevaluate what s really important in life and gain a bit of perspective in your own journey through this world.I don t know how many dragons I should give Lol 4.5 5 I think I m hesitating out of personal reasons I m still looking for plane tickets and I see not a chance of running away to Hawaii in the near future That makes me grumpy @FREE PDF Î Hawaiian Lei ã Beau Toyama, Biplane Pilot And Flight Instructor On The Big Island Of Hawai I Has Only Been Out For A Year His Last Relationship With A Man Was A Disaster When He Meets Matt Quintal, Who S Visiting His Sister, He S Stunned By The Instant Attraction To Him But Beau S Afraid To Ask For What He Needs In A Relationship His Anger Frightens Him The Mixed Plate Hawaiian Japanese Tahitian Man Works On Being Zen Calm But Matt Brings All His Emotions To The Surface It Uncovers A Devastating Secret From His Childhood And Deep Shame That Needs HealingMatt Quintal, New Zealand Painter Has Been Living The Wild Gay Life In LA After One Night Of Soulless Mechanical Sex Where His Body Is Engaged But His Emotions Aren T He Knows He Needs A Change His Sister Wants Him To Come To Hawai I For A Visit Another Big Rock In The Middle Of The Pacific Doesn T Seem Like A Solution But He Has To Do Something When He Flies With Beau In His Biplane, He Feels A Strong Pull Toward Both Man And Plane That He Can Neither Explain Nor DenyMatt S A New Zealander, They Re Encouraged To Be Tough, Rugged And Durable He Is, But He S Emotionally A Wreck, Afraid To Show His Emotions, So He S Surprised When Beau Encourages Him To Be All Of Himself Has He Finally Found The Freedom To Be The Man He Wants To Be The Heat Between The Two Men Is Like Watching Pele Let Her Hair Down, Releasing Her Hot, Molten Lava Will The Gorgeous Hawaiian With His Long Silky Black Hair And Soulful Brown Eyes Finally Convince The Gypsy Nature In Matt To Put Down Roots In Another Island Culture This story has some wonderful twist with spirits that will draw you in to the story from the beginning Matt see things little different and when he need to reconnect with the land maybe with meeting Beau he will fall out of his funk When you have some much broken trust in one you love it sometimes is hard to have that fall for the one Slowly we see Beau and Matt start their journey together and healing one another Recommend this book and cant wait to read the next one Oh my god I don t know where to start I might just have to start with the emotional stuff with this book, how it made me feel I ve said so before but I ll say it again when I walk away from reading a book to me a great book is one that makes me feel The feelings can be very different and even utter outrage and vile loathing but I feel something towards someone or something I ll quote Renee Zellweger in Jerry McGuire You had me at hello and that is what Meg Amor had me with Matt She made sure he had me at Hello too Matt is this such a well thought out and planned character he comes alive and grabs you from just reading a few pages He is the man next door, not perfect, nor a jack ass, nor all knowing, nor stupid he just is Matt He got issues that are real issues, that you can empathize with and relate too, he is passionate, fun and flirty, but ify towards strangers He is an artist out to the tip of his fingers and very spiritual In this book you get to follow his quest in love, in finding himself, in how trusting someone when faith has long time ago been lost How meeting your other half doesn t have to happen when you like it too or how you like it too but you just sort of have to go with the flow and spite being scared you jump all in Beau, oh my, can someone send me my own Beau, shy but not awkwardly so, sweet but not sugar sweet so you wonder what the hell but just enough to know he is a man with a heart meant for something great, the great being able to love wholeheartedly Beau is the opposite of Matt who comes off as confident but not cocky, Beau is quiet and a observer He carries a dark secret that no one knows about, not even his ex wife, who he was married to for over 10 years before he admitted to himself that he was gay Beau loves fast and he loves hard, and he does so forever And since he just like Matt has trust issues both of them have the obstacle of not daring to trust each other to over come It takes trial and error a few times for them to get anywhere with that What I love most about this book is the flow of the language, the way it grabs you even though it s not an action specked book it constantly keep you on your toes wondering what will happen next I love how Matt and Beau fit like two pieced of the same puzzle They are each other s missing piece I loved this story so much I know it will be one of those books I go back to again to reread over and over again Well done Meg Amor Be proud be very proud Sometimes, writing a book review is harder than I care to admit Usually that is the case for stories I didn t like, that are full with mistakes editorial or otherwise , or that just didn t do it for me In those cases, I want to be honest about my feelings but I still want to honour the fact that someone made the effort to put pen to paper to write down the musings in their head Where it is difficult to write, it is even difficult to get your story published and out to the public The fact that someone has done all that deserves recognition and admiration, even if I do not care for the end result Besides, the fact that I didn t like a story doesn t mean that you won t you might absolutely love it and call me crazy for not getting it.However, sometimes it is hard to write a review for the exact opposite reasons Hawaiian Lei is such a book for me Written by Meg Amor, the story is set on the main island of Hawaii and the setting itself is already breathtakingly beautiful As if that isn t enough, Matt and Beau the main characters feel so much alive and so real that I swear I could walk round the corner and bump into them The rest of the cast is no alive The storyline pulled me in from page one and I had to keep reading putting the book away for such mundane things as sleep and food was unthinkable.Matt and Beau meet when Matt moves in with his sister after his live, especially the gay scene, in LA becomes too much to bear Both carry childhood scars, even now holding them back But, if love is to exist between them, those scars have to be faced And they have to be dealt with They decide to see if LomiLomi can help them deal with past hurts and old convictions.Although the book is filled with greatly moving scenes, there are two that stand out for me The LomiLomi scene is one of those, the scene where Beau has a nightmare is the other one he winds up in a highly spiritual place on the island where Matt finds him, cowering before his memories It might not sound like a lot, for this story it was incredibly vivid and passionate.Don t confuse the passion of that scene with the raw heat and passion of the love scenes Ms Amor commands such eloquence that the steam practically rises of the pages Ooh la la Hawaiian Lei was powerful, cleansing and healing My advice is to have some tissues to hand tears will flow, in happiness and in sadness.I happen to know that book two in the Hawaiian series, Hawaiian Orchid, has already been written Call me jealous, but I wish I was Ms Amor s editor they get to read her next book first There are so many things I loved about this story that I don t know where to startMaybe I can begin by telling you what is this all about Take Beau, a mixed plate Hawaiian Japanese Tahitian man, who has lost his mother, doesn t go well with his dad and has a deep dark secret buried inside.And Mattie, who comes from New Zealand with mixed culture both from Maori and Norfolk Islands He lives in the US but senses that something is missing in his life He decides to come and see his sister in Hawaii.When they meet, it s like they were bound to fall in love They will have to fight to gain each other s heart though, but God, was it worth the fightI think what I loved the most in this book was the spiritual level I was not familiar with the Hawaiian culture, but now I want only one thing fly over there They look so close to Nature The passage with the healing process was one of my favorites And you learn a lot about the meaning of the traditional tattoos, the history of the islands, the differences in the vocabulary between Maori, Tahitian and HawaiianOf course, it s a love story and it has a HEA But there are a lot of plot twists it made this book never boring because it kept surprise me I loved their struggle, their laughs, their family wellnot each member of the familyyou ll see , their friends, the landscapes, than they re both artists in their own wayI told you, there are so many things I loved in it 3 Thank you, Meg, for you made me discover your beloved islands and want to come over there 3I hope you ll enjoy it as much as I did. Wounderful sweet story that cheered me up and glad I took the time to read this I like the common themes intertwined in the story certain spiritual symbols is important t o him, and connection to his mother in various waysAlso I like the painter and pilot, not sure which is it is Beau or Matt The healing aspect of themselves one chracter has gone through a forgetten childhood trauma theme is intersting scared at first and uncovers to find out the details of the truma made me cry Mikey his sister would give advice go slow on this and the brief description of signs and planets of one person characteristics I m interested in different topics in spirituality etc Recommend for those who like Hawaiian, gay themes, sprituality or just want read a story. 5 Heart Review by KimberleyI can t come up with enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this book Meg Amour did a fantastic job of bringing these wonderful characters, in addition to the beauty of the Hawaiian islands and its people, to life I loved her writing style and Matt and Rach s dialect had that perfect touch of the Kiwi that further endeared me to them The multicultural aspect of the book was another thing that drew me in I ve often said that this genre needs ethnic diversity and this author did a really good job of producing characters with a beautiful ethnic background Amour serves us the rich cultural history of New Zealand s Maori, Hawaii s Polynesian and other natives of that beautiful island and described the scenery of said islands in such rich detail, you can practically feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face and smell the gorgeous Hawaiian sea I also loved the relationship between Matt and his sister Their banter reminded me a lot of me and my brother.The cover is eye catching, the color scheme is very pretty and the model with the tribal necklace tattoo is stunning Amour provided you with plenty of descriptions about the land, its people and its history, but did not drag the book down with wordy descriptions The author managed to strike the perfect balance that made this book that much of a pleasure to read.The sex was tastefully done, it was passionate but it in no way deviated from or overpowered the romantic aspect quite the opposite, actually it enhanced it Both of these men have demons and such from their pasts that they re struggling to overcome and the author told their story beautifully I also found it refreshing how she didn t vilify Beau s ex wife and make her into this bitter woman when she realized her husband was gay They ve remained friends and she supports and guides him.I also loved the spiritual aspect of this book, how the spirits guide these men to each other Their personalities matched perfectly together Matt s this restless and free spirit while Beau is shy and so very sweet, I just want to hug him The connection these men feel towards each other upon meeting was great to read The author was spot on in conveying the emotions of both men to her readers This is the first book I ve read that was written by this author but believe me when I tell you that it will not be my last This book was such a pleasure to read and definitely worth picking up.A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit www.lovebytesreviews.com to see this and many reviews, author interviews, guestposts and giveaways I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsI really, really enjoyed this story of two men who come to terms with their pasts and accept their futures It is sweet, hot, sexy and full of Hawaiian and Maori links and legends The characters were all appealing, there was little angst, just a story that needed telling Rach played an important side role, and helped set the scene early on in particular Mikey too played a pivotal part in telling the story I recommend it to you.