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READ PDF ⚸ Myths, Mayhem, & Sweet Tea ä Ancient Gods Mother Earth And The Greatest Power Of All Long Ago, Man Was Ruled By Superstition, Worshipping The Gods Of Land, Sea, And Air It Was Comfort And Security But Modern Man Has Evolved, Relegating The Gods To Myth And Legend They Re Not Real Or Are They Being A God Isn T Easy Loki Should Know Play One Harmless Prank On The All Father And You Re Branded For Eternity Add In Arrogant Pantheons And A Secret Only But A Few Know, Then Its Little Wonder He S Lived The Majority Of His Long Life Among The Humans And Romantic Entanglements Uh, No There S A Saying About Gift Horses A Shame That Didn T Pertain To Creed Donahue S Latest Assignment At Least He Wasn T Freezing His Balls Like The Last One Then Again, Meeting Loki, The Loki, Has Him Thinking About His Sanity Than Any Shit Assignment The Sleepers Must Never Be Free Fate Has A Way Of Balancing The Scales Whether It S Justice, Vengeance, Or Love, No One Is Exempt Not Even The Gods Because Change Is Coming For Creed And Loki, Their Epic Tale Of Battle, Love And Loss, Is Just The Beginning The author took complete poetic license on the gods and I liked, I really, really liked it.This was an awesome, interesting, and sexy as hell ride I really hope we get books I really want to know about Hades and Bisha. This story is a disaster I remember seeing a few negative reviews a year or so ago, but I have no idea what had happened to them They are not here any I should have known better I should have paid heed to the warnings.If you think this is about an archaeological dig, it s not If you think it s about Creed and outstanding security services he provides, it s not If you think there is a complicated story that involves dangerous gods and their immense powers, it s not This is about a bunch of horny teenagers in grown up god and human bodies, who drink, f ck like bunnies I dare you to flag me for that word, when every other sentence in this book contains a profanity , tell each other tragic sappy stories about their past and run around with googly eyes, falling in insta love and whispering saccharine nothings when not swearing These are the Gods These are tough and rough disciplined ex military types.Creed is hired to provide security for a group of archaeologists He makes a huge deal over it while talking to his client But what does he do when he gets to the site Shouts, yells, throws a fit or two and then goes off on a drinking banging spree first with a member of the dig, and not a couples of hours later with Loki Creed is too full of himself, and A limp dick bastard with a God complex definition suggested by one of the characters describes him to a T.And so it goes on, Creed and Loki traveling all over the place, bragging about their intelligence, drinking, banging, talking feelings yuck yuck sticky sugary stuff bleh shrugs Everything falls into places when they need it, cause Gods They take care of that crap And so on through now 75% of the book Then there is the issue with the Sleeper Gods don t want him disturbed, keeping humans from breaking into the sealed chamber, but put the said chamber in an active volcano What do you think will happen if the said volcano awakes The seals will be broken, the Sleeper will rise That s what Gods Morons.Strongly reminds me of The Student Prince All party with little plot.Still reading can t believe myself Will report on the rest later.And so, I am sad to report that the story is not improving Ancient gods, who waited literally hundreds of thousand of years for their one and only soulmate, are now rapidly finding them not only within the same week of 2015, but 2 out of three popped up at the same location The Dig.What are the odds O.oand then there were poor puppies and poor abused boys and who knows what else, put there for the sole purpose of squeezing out a tear, creating drama and producing sap.DNF ing at 88% Actually I did scroll to the end of the book, but couldn t concentrate on any of it.PS I do know that the guy on the cover and in the book resembles Loki than Tom Kittenston, but Tom is way too cool 4 stars This was a fun read Action, adventure, romance, and hot guys What could you want I would love to read in this series Absolutely loved this book Well written love story between two unlikely men A god and a security expert At times it s funny and at other times, it will bring tears to your eyes in sadness A few little editing errors, otherwise it was great I will not hesitate to consider buying a sequel as there are several characters I look forward to reading their stories as well.