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fun and clean @Download ß The Scandalous Lady Robin ñ People Were Beginning To Talk About Lady Robin S Tomboyish Behavior A Young Lady Just Didn T Wear Breeches, Fight Duels, And Use Such Colorful Language Besides, It Was About Time For Her Ladyship To Be Introduced Into Society And To Meet And Marry Some Eligible GentlemanRobin Had Vowed Never To Wed Nor Had She Any Intention Of Changing Her Ways But That Was Before She Met The Marquis Of Revelmere A Man Who Was Her Match The Man Who Fell In Love With HerBut Robin Wasn T Going To Lose Her Freedom Without A Fight Or Without Scandalizing The Fashionable World liked how she wasn t sure of him, but eventually falls for him view spoiler really liked how robin reacts to amanda s kidnapping and her subsequent rescue by Aymery catching her as she was already rescuing herself climbing out the window and how robin decides she is hungry and needs to eat first rather than leave the haunted house hide spoiler Highly engaging historical romance set in the mid Georgian period Thorpe s writing talents are excellent, and if you can find her books sadly out of print , they are well worth the investment of time for the fan of fun, clean historical romances.Lady Robin is, IMO, Thorpe s best heroine As much as I have always enjoyed reading a Thorpe romance, she veered too far on making her heroines meek, mild and dependent on the hero to save her from her scrapes which probably had to do with the time she was writing them, during the 1950 s and 60 s Not so with Lady Robin, who is fiesty, spunky, daring and lovable yet with plenty of character flaws like impatience and foolhardy impulsiveness My only quibble with this book is the absolutely deplorable cover of this one It does not remotely resemble Georgian whatsoever in appearence, clothing, hair style and carriage In addition, the hero is actually a blonde, not dark haired as portrayed, and the heroine is actually red haired, not blonde.sheesh, would it have killed Fawcett Crest to make sure their cover illustrators knew the basics before sending this one off to the press Otherwise, a great re read and highly recommended 2012 personal reading challenge for the month of February RO mance the good, the bad, the turgid manhoods straining to break free The first half was interesting, although the heroine Lady Robin a, was annoying most of the times She values her freedom so much that she doesn t care about the effect her behaviour has on others, on people she cares In fact, it is as if she cares for no one The hero loves her from the beginning, but how this happens, is a mystery The second half is mostly adventure with certain stolen emeralds.I read this book because this author was compared to Norma Lee Clark who is my new favourite.