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I found this book pretty annoying The constant switching between Josh and Austin made the story brittle and broken up Unlike the strong performance with a driven and easy to follow in the first book The sequel was hard to enjoy with the slicing of stories While I liked Josh s character in the first book, I didn t really want to focus on him I would rather have read about Austin Also, I hate it when the author focuses on to many characters Unless they re actually quite good at dividing the characters Not everyone has that skill. #BOOK ⚽ Star Runners (Star Runners #2) Ë About The Dangers Out There Nubern Leaned Into The Camera There Is Much Going On In Quadrant Eight Than I Have Been At Liberty To Tell You Austin Stone Always Heard You Can T Go Home Again, But He Is Looking Forward To His Leave On Earth Upon His Arrival, Austin Is Immediately Thrust Into Danger As A Shadowy Force Targets Star Runners And Their Loved Ones On Earth In A Series Of Violent Attacks After Surviving An Explosion On The Streets Of San Francisco, Austin Rushes Back To Georgia To Secure The Safety Of His Mother Violence Builds And An Unimaginable Attack Is Launched, Leading Austin Back Into The Seat Of A Trident Fighter To Defend His Home And Family This Book Is A YA Fast Paced Light Sci Fi Adventure The 2nd in the series follows Austin and his friends as they are continue their training to be Star Runners Austin excels and completes his training early, and after the events in book 1, Austin gets some time off to return to Earth before signing on as a full Star Runner and heading off on his first assignment On return to Earth however, Austin discovers that things are not as they should be, as he and his fellow Star Runners are the targets of personal attacks and several are killed This also means the family of Star Runners are at risk, and thus Revelation Protocol is put into action.I don t want to say too much story wise, as I don t want to give up Spoilers.Needless to say, this is a pretty full on action ride as Austin and various others are not only trying to save their own lives, but the lives of the ones they love.I do need to point out that this is aimed at a teenage audience probably, than the hard liner Sci Fi audience as there are a few inaccuracies in some aspects of the writing, but if you overlook these, and just focus on the story itself, this is a fun Sci Fi story with full on action Thomas does a great job with writing his characters, and despite a few flaws with in the Sci Fi aspects, he than makes up for this with his characters Austin is incredibly in depth, acting just like a 19yr old would in this type of situation, with mixed emotions, struggling with the morality of his decisions, and looking to others for emotional support and guidance It is very well written and clever The other aspect of this story is Josh We find out what happens with Josh as a result of the pirate attack in part 1, and where he ended up, and his story This is quite brutal in its nature, and doesn t hold back Again, the character work, all the dialogue is a little choppy in parts, is very well done Josh s character is brilliantly done I won t go into it and give away spoilers , but the story is again, very clever.Thomas is slowly building Austin Rock Stone into something special in these stories, and this is one of the pinnacle moments in his career, where he can be made or broken As with all the other books, the star fighter combat is still one of the standout bits of writing in this series, with beautiful descriptions of the nuances of combat, the pressure, manoeuvres, fear and adrenaline Thomas captures what it feels like to sit in a cockpit and puts in a page so you can immerse yourself in the experience, almost like you were in a simulator yourself.Whilst not for some of the hardliners, for those willing to give it a go, this is a thoroughly enjoyable 2nd part, a lot of fun, with some exceptional combat sequences Enjoy and Stay Frosty The author still hasn t explained how everyone in the galaxy is human and there s no such thing as aliens. This was a fast paced enjoyable adventure about what can go wrong with perfect vacation plans The trouble starts before getting out of the arrival terminal I plan on reading the first book as well. I love this seriesI got the first star runners Book a an instafreebie I read the story and enjoyed it Then i looked to ser if it was on the unlimited Iz was not I wound up buying the ne to three books on the series I have just read the 2nd book on the series Much better even than the first one Well worth my money Keep up the great work Great sci fi readfull of Action and adventure with great characters this is a good story The twists in the plot line keep you entertained.