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Did not realize this book was going to suck me in pun intended Great start to the story of Alexander and Ryan Curious to see how the other plays out this series especially with the obstacles of family and it being a small town Can t wait to read part two, oh and these are a short read. [Read] ⚇ Own Me (Pain and Pleasure, #1) ⚇ Ryan Is Warned To Stay Away From Alexander But He Has A Desire To Learn About BDSM He Doesn T Want To Be A Sub Or A Slave Ryan Wants To Become A Master And Who Better To Learn From But The Man Who Can Seduce Anyone, Alexander Alexander Agrees To Introduce Ryan Into His World On A Temporary Basis But The Two Men Have Opposing Goals In Mind A Devastating Event Sends Ryan Reeling, Reaching For Whatever He Can Hold Onto When His Life Begins To Crumble Someone Is There One Person Is There Offering To Protect Him And That Person Is Alexander Hudson, Master Alexander Hudson It had a good premise.I was intrigued by the blurb of this book There s something so appealing to me about a young guy knowing he wants to be a Dom and trying to find his way, and the setup here, where he goes to an experienced Dom who has other plans for him, sounded promising.The book itself fell a little short for me, though The writing was somewhat choppy and could have used a thorough proofreading There were areas that could have really benefited from details or explanation That being said, I m still curious about what will happen next, so I ll at least give the next one a try. Format Kindle EditionI really liked this book it is on Kindle unlimited, as is the rest of this series and I started reading it right after the Hands against the Wall which he later combined into the Bound for Life novel series which I really did not like I disliked the HATW series because of how harsh the Dom Master was and, if not for another reviewer who also disliked HATW series recommending this series I might never have read anything by this author again.The Dom Master in this series is wonderful, loving and kind and does not push his Sub slave passed his limits understanding he knows nothing about the BDSM world other than what he has seen on the internet.This is a serial, so although you usually aren t left with a super cliffhanger, neither does the story end Each new volume,or part of the series begins where the other left off, which is nice If you have kindle unlimited, I would suggest downloading several at a time so you can continue with the story uninterrupted The series is complet, at least as far as I know so you can get the whole story now.I am currently on the 8th book of the series and I can highly recommend it There is a lot of sex but also a lot of plot really good plot too I loved both the MC s in this series and know I will be re reading it often BIG FREAKING SPOILER FOR HATW SERIES AND THIS SERIES If you have read and liked HATW series, I would not suggest you read this series as it will probably ruin HATW for you Sloan is not a good guy in this series and the author seems to have changed Brandon s character and not in a good way too I disliked Sloan for his treatment of Brandon in the HATW series and he is only worse in this series However, this is a much better series. Beginning of a brilliant series Love this couple Witness a heart stopping unputdownable read Review copy purchased by myself and reviewed for Alpha Book Club.Well fans self this is a naughty little read It can be difficult to squeeze enough information into such a short book, to keep the reader interested but JER has certainly managed that here Ryan is 18, still in High School and has these aspirations of being a Dom His lack of experience in the bedroom gets him thinking that the best way to have sex with someone is to tie them down so they can t get away So, on his quest, he seeks out Alexander, so dominant, he has other dom s bowing down to him He takes a shine to young Ryan and decides he will train him, however, his initial intentions towards the boy change when Ryan needs from him than lessons.The scenes are set so well that you can really imagine everything, including Alexander s dungeon and cave I d so love a tour of this guys house I liked Ryan s naivety combined with the persona he portrays to his mates on the football team and also the fact that he unwittingly makes Alexander smile There is still so much scope to expand on this story It thankfully doesn t end on a cliffhanger but has an HFN ending and you know there s so much to come I want to know what happens next. Review Coming This book is so much like one of his previous novels I read The Teachings of Spencer Carlyle I hope it s different and not so filled with drama and angst. WOW..I m speechless after reading this The story line is gorgeous, Ryan thinks he knows what he wants but he s completely wrong and Alexander is about to show him The two form a deep connection as they both need each other This has a great start to the book which draws you in straight away as only Ryan can There are scenes that I ve never read before which are hot But things are not easy for Ryan but he knows what he wants Ryan hears about Master Alexander from Jake against Jake s advise to stay away from him he s intrigued Ryan 18yrs wants to be the dominate but he s nervous going into a BDSM club alone.Alexander mets Ryan when Ry is pretending his car s broken down Lol Oh Alexander s good said the spider to the fly you ll know what I m talking about if you ve read the novella I m totally grabbing the next book in this series..