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~Ebook ⚑ Enthrall ♶ This Is The World Of The Forbidden This Is The Embrace Of Enthrall Experience The USA Today Bestselling Novel That Introduced Readers Around The Globe To Mia Lauren And Her Breathtaking Journey Into The Seductive World Of Enthrall, The Most Exclusive BDSM Club In Los Angeles Mia Lauren Is A Single, Twenty One Year Old Working In A West Hollywood Art Store Who Dreams Of One Day Becoming A Fashion Designer When An Unexpected Offer Arises To Work At Enthrall, LA S Premier Fetish Club For The Wealthy, Mia Accepts It S A Salary Beyond Her Wildest ImaginationMia Becomes The Secretary To The Club S Assistant Director, Blond And Broody Richard Booth Richard Is Not Only One Of LA S Most Beautiful And Wealthiest Men, He Is Also The Club S Senior Dominant Mia Is Both Drawn And Terrified When He Reveals Flashes Of His White Hot Passion, Threatening An Unbound Pleasure Like No Other She Knows Her Attraction May Be Her Undoing, But The Spellbinding Feelings Render Her Powerless To Resist His Advances What Mia Cannot Know Is That Enthrall S Dashing Founder And Director Thirty Four Year Old Cameron Cole, Who Is Also The Club S Psychiatrist, Has Lured Mia To Save His Best Friend And Patient Richard From His Obsession With Thrill Seeking Cameron Masterfully Sets Up Sexy Scenarios To Ensure The Collision Of Richard And Mia, Hoping That Love Will Save Him However, Despite Cameron S Noble Intentions, He Also Finds Himself Enticed By Mia S Haunting Innocence Passion And Pleasure Stir, Forming A Dangerous Love Triangle This Is The World Of The Forbidden This Is The Embrace Of Enthrall THE ENTHRALL SESSIONS TRILOGY Now Available In Box Set Is Mia Lauren S Awakening Set Against The Backdrop Of The Exclusive Enthrall BDSM Club In Los AngelesE BEYOND ENTHRALL DUET Is Founder Of Enthrall, Cameron Cole S Story, Picking Up After Enthrall Him, BookS Ending, But Can Be Read As A Stand Alone DuetWITHIN ENTHRALL Are Stand Alone Novellas Featuring Characters From The Enthrall Sessions Trilogy And Beyond Enthrall Duet Mia Lauren is a young and innocent twenty one year old who is working two jobs just to make ends meet Her mother died of an overdose when she was young and a few years later her father died in a motorcycle accident Her stepmother, Lorraine, took her in and raised her Later, Lorraine was diagnosed with cancer and had to have expensive treatment Mia feels responsible for Lorraine and is trying to help pay for her medical bills When a friend tells her about a job opportunity that would pay enough so that she wouldn t have to worry any she jumps at the chance Her interview was less than stellar, but she lucks out and gets the job at Enthrall anyway Mia is now the new secretary for Richard Booth, the Assistant Director of Enthrall, a premiere fetish club in L.A Mia is responsible for checking his email, running errands and greeting the customers Their first meeting was rather comical Since the Dominatrices Lotte, Scarlet, and Penny interviewed and hired Mia, she had yet to meet her new boss, so she didn t know what Richard looked like When this guy rushes into the office complaining about his contact and rushing down the hallway, Mia does her best to keep him out thinking he was an intruder When Mia rings the silent alarm Lotte comes to her rescue, introducing her to her new boss and attempting to make light of the awkward situation Mia s well trained, said Lotte See, even we can t get in Mia and Richard notice and internally appreciate each other s good looks, but keep it strictly professional Mia is innocent and doesn t have any experience with the types of things that go on down in the dungeon Curious though, she beings looking up SM on the Internet She s intrigued by some pictures and she soon starts having sexual day dreams about Richard Richard is attracted to Mia too, but he doesn t do serious relationships any, so he steers clear of Mia as much as possible Attraction or not though, Richard is concerned about the lack of knowledge Mia has in the sexual world He soon finds an excuse to fire her which has Mia turning to Cameron for help Cameron Cole is the Director and psychologist of Enthrall, butimportantly he is Richard s best friend It also doesn t hurt that he s good to look at too I have to say the scene where Mia goes to beg for her job back and Cameron helps her convince Richard was hot I was secretly hoping for a m nage moment, but there wasn t Cameron is interested in helping his best friend move on from his tragic past Richard isn t interested in making any type of romantic connection or loving anyone Cameron, however, thinks Mia might just be the key that allows Richard to have a love life again So he gets creative and sets up different situations that push Richard and Mia together, eventually making them acknowledge their attraction for one another As their feelings grow they can t help but to act on them and are soon falling in love Richard is a dominant and he s damn good at it, but when it came to Mia, I loved seeing his jealous and loving side Mia may be young and innocent, but she s not afraid to fight for what she wants She doesn t let anyone stand in her way, even Richard Her determination led her to show up unescorted to a sex party at Chrysalis Cameron had to come to her rescue and save her from some unwanted sexual attention Even though he knows Mia is Richard s he can t help but to notice her You are the most beautiful creature I ve ever seen and until now I ve been able to give you up to Richard He slowed his breathing Until now I loved the writing in this book Everything flowed so smoothly for me that I finished this in one day I thoughtwas going to happen than what did and I don t know why the drama at the end was needed, but I can only assume that this wasof the build up for the next book I m okay with that Luckily for me books two and three are already out, so I don t have to wait to finish this story I loved all of the dominatrix ladies at Enthrall, especially Lotte They were so nice and friendly to Mia from the very beginning I hope that we get to knowthem Butthan anything I loved Cameron A lot There s just something about him that pulls you in I think everyone who reads this will love him too Learning the depth of his and Richard s friendship was compelling My naughty side also wants to seeof Chrysalis While there isn t a love triangle yet, I can easily see one forming and am intrigued Cameron is not immune to Mia s innocence either which is what I think is so attractive about her to everyone Overall, this was an enjoyable read, one that I will can t wait to continue on with I want to know what happens next I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thought provoking and sweetly kinky with a dash of coming of ageThere s something very therapeutic about facing off with fear, he said Challenging life backThis book really took me by surprise I thought we were traveling in one direction with it, and I wound up being surprised and delighted with how the story evolved I had my moments of worry as the book opened up with an innocent virgin interviewing to be the secretary at a BDSM club You might know that I run a blog called The Smutsonian and we recently posted the Top 5 things we re tired of reading in Erotic Fiction Within the first 30% or so, this book was checking things off that list like it was mission critical.I am so pleased to say that the story evolved into something glorious, entertaining, and utterly unique.Enthrall is not your average BDSM Club.It s not a sex club with a D s slantIt s something much differentHopefully by now you ve come to understand Enthrall isthan it first appears, he said People who don t respond to conventional therapy use this place as a last resort It s a lifestyle choice Some people choose to drink every day despite what it does to their liver, some smoke, some overeat He shrugged Inevitably we all use a crutchEnthrall believes in rebirth and revitalization through BDSM Fighting pain with pain, so to speak.Mia is not permitted to travel down the elevator at Enthrall and see the mysterious rooms where this alternative form of therapy is carried out on clients which return from their sessions utterly blissed out She has nothing but her imagination to guide her And her imagination is running wildMia Lauren Although I d had some idea of where my career may lead, this was way off I never imagined I d end up in some crazy work environment where the usual boundaries were not so much lacking as nonexistent. Mia has the sole POV of this book Her employment at Enthrall is critical She s been working two jobs and struggling to pay her step mothers medical bills She s wasting away in a studio apartment in LA The salary at Enthrall will ensure she has room to breathe.Unfortunately, she has to fight to keep her position She s an innocent, her very presence stirs the clientele She knows nothing about sex and even less about BDSM She s working and bonding with three dominatrixes, her boss Richard is mysterious and captivating, and Cameron Well, he s just dangerous.Richard BoothThere s something beautiful about a broken man, don t you think Maybe it s some unspoken promise he ll becomethan he is because of itRichard is Assistant Director at Enthrall, and had no say in the matter when sweet little Mia was hired as his secretary He s one of thoseI m going to push you away, but I really want to pull you closertypes The ultimate Dom, the complete gentleman, the untouchable epitome of masculinity.Of course Mia falls for him almost instantly.But there s another player in this gameCameron ColeNo one understands the delicate blossoming of a budthan Cameron She stroked my cheek with curled fingers My sweet butterfly, draw in your wings when near Richard He has a penchant for singeing themCameron is Richard s best friend, the Club s psychiatrist, and he can t seem to stop luring Mia into uncomfortable situations He enjoys the thrill of the hunt, he s a master manipulator, devilishly handsome, and he oozes sex.It soon becomes clear that Cameron is pushing Mia and Richard together, but Richard is only pushing back Both men are hanging on by a thread and Mia s innocence is drawing each of them in.This isn t your average love triangle, and I m quite curious to see how this story evolves in the next few books.There was a lot of humor which balanced the incredible heat of this book It was beautifully written, and once it sank its hooks into me I was unable to put it down I was impressed Read my reviews of the rest of the Enthrall Sessions Series 1 Enthrall You re Reading it2 Enthrall Her Read my Review Here.3 Enthrall Him Read my Review Here Enthrall Novellas to be read after the Enthrall Sessions Series 4 Cameron s Control Read my Review Here.5 Cameron s Contract Read my Review Here The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review FULL SPOILER FREE except direct quotes.4.5 Enthralling, Captivating and take my pants off because I m aroused, Stars WOW Well I need to start this review by stating that this was nothing like what I was expecting I was expecting some sort of angst ridden, who will she pick , love triangle and I actually couldn t have been further from the truth This is the story of Mia, who lands herself a great new job at Enthrall as secretary to Assistant Director Mr Richard Booth..but this is no ordinary secretarial role Enthrall is L.A s premier fetish club and Richard Booth can only be described as Dominant, Master, Enigma But what happens when innocent, naive Mia must fight to keep her job Can she trust her new found ally, and resident psychiatrist Cameron Cole , and can she contain her growing attraction to her new, very dominant but clearly very broken, boss This was my first experience of this author and I have to say it will most certainty not be my last Right from the early pages I was thrown into this intensely erotic story To say I was aroused would be a flipping understatement By page 40 I was literally And OMG, the men in this book.HOT.is not nearly a good enough word to describe their testosterone fuelled, dominate alpha ways.at one point whilst reading one seriously sexual charged scenes I was thinking.but what really blew me away was what came alongside all the steam and erotic sex Yes of course there was the hot, erotic pleasure pain angle but there was also an underlying emotive storyline This author can not only write really bloody great and descriptive erotic scenes but there was also an intensity to the story that grabbed my attention and kept it all the way to the end Of course it also helped that the writing flowed beautifully, the characters were engaging, there was a great mix of drama, a good splash of humour, a story that developed at the right pace and a story that allowed me to develop a connection with the characters.This was a very solid 4.5 stars for me, I only knocked half a point off due to something that I really, really, really wanted to happen, but I can t say any as I d hate to spoil the story for others.If you want a story that is super HOT, but also gives a good balance of great story line and engaging characters then I would highly recommend this one. Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for adding Enthrall ARC provided by the author, Vanessa Fewings, in exchange for an honest review Struggling to make ends meet financially, Mia Lauren takes a job as a secretary for the exclusive fetish club Enthrall Mia is pretty na ve when it comes to sex, men, and knows absolutely nothing about the BDSM lifestyle Richard, her new boss and the club s senior dominant, is concerned that her lack of sexual experience and knowledge will inhibit her from being able to do her job at Enthrall and does his best to get her to seek employment elsewhere Mia desperately needs the extravagant salary provided by her new job, so she seeks the help of Richard s best friend Cameron, who happens to be Enthrall s director and psychologist, to help her fight for her job.While working at the club, Mia realizes that she is very attracted and drawn to Richard and his sexual preferences She is hesitant to pursue her feelings for him because she doesn t want to endanger her job if the relationship doesn t work out While Richard is attracted to Mia as well, he tries to keep his distance from her because he no longer feels he is capable of loving another person and no longer pursues serious relationships with women Cameron believes that Mia might be the one woman who can help Richard move on from his tragic past and find love again He creates situations between Richard and Mia that force them to recognize their attraction and feelings for one another Things get complicated when Cameron also realizes that he is attracted to Mia but he tries his best to put his feelings for her aside for Richard s sake My ThoughtsI want to start off by saying that BDSM and sex scenes in this book were very mild compared to some of the other BDSM erotica I have read In fact, I am not even sure I would classify this particular book as erotica because there weren t that many sex scenes in it I am not saying this to discourage you from reading this book, I just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect regarding the BDSM and sexual elements of this novel What I EnjoyedCameron I actually think I enjoyed Cameron and Mia togetherthan I liked her with Richard I love how he is caring, protective, intelligent, and very alpha male Mia s journey from the shy, innocent, na ve woman she was when she started working at Enthrall to the woman who does whatever it takes to fight for her job and man of her dreams She definitely has to go to some extremes to keep both What I Struggled WithRichard s character kind of fell flat for me Going into this book, I expected Richard to be a sexual, dominant, alpha male who would stop at nothing make Mia his own In reality, I thought he was actually really wishy washy when it came to his relationship with Mia.The ending view spoiler I know that the book blurb alludes to a possible love triangle between Mia, Richard, and Cameron but while I was reading, it seemed like Mia and Richard were going to end up together Then at the end, it kind of seemed like Cameron might be joining their relationship as well I guess I was just confused because I thought Mia would either end up with Richard or Cameron, not both of them Don t get me wrong, I have nothing against m nage relationships, the ending just didn t seem to fit in with the rest of the book hide spoiler I am utterly Enthralled This series had me enslaved from page one, the writing was elegant, witty, and smooth The story so very refreshing As having read many BDSM novels Enthralled surprised me with an original storyline, it s slow build up had me turning pages throughout the night The characters are all unique and intriguing and had my mind wondering which direction this book would lead I m keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, but I just couldn t help myself I absolutely loved everything about this series, it is amazing and I would very much recommend it to anyone new to reading about the BDSM genre Enthralled exemplifies the BDSM community with respect and deference to it s safe, sane, consensual principles This was done right and handled with care Vanessa Fewingsvery impressive lady Richard Mia Cameronand finally Enthrall was..umm..wow It was so different to what I was expecting Was this because I just read the letters BDSM and skipped the rest of the synopsis Perhaps I moved a couple of books down my list so I could get to this faster I stayed up until the wee hours reading Enthrall I m glad I did cause this book was crazy Crazy in a good way Quite a few times I sat down with my eyes closed and said, out loud I might add, This is so fucked up and Oh good lord andof This is so fucked up, wtf I didn t put it down though, I opened my eyes back up and kept going Needing to know what the fuck was going on please can I get one , I was intrigued and couldn t read fast enough to get some answers There are people here whose predilections threaten you in every conceivable way Do.You.Understand Yes If they so much as lay their eyes on you they ll devour you His grip tightened Like I want to right now My sudden gasp made him shudder You are the most beautiful creature I ve ever seen and until now I ve been able to give you up to Richard He slowed his breathing Until now Twenty one year old Mia was innocent naive to anything sexual Not so naive to the world though, it had not been kind to her so far She had issues and she didn t even realize how deep they went I love that she wasn t that annoying virginal type that we read about, not really, she just got on with it Did what she had to do Fight for her new job, her sexuality and for love Work out whether she was being manipulated and whether or not she could the person she needed to be The masturbation sexy scenes were so hot they were fogging up my screen and needing relief Wowza You want to dominate me Subjugate you He stepped closer Control you Conquer you His left hand rested against my chest and he eased back against the wall again and pressed hard Fuck you Oh please Richard was far far far away from innocent He was a dominant He practiced and managed it He was closed off and hard to get a read on He had so much going on Issues, spirituality, chemistry and jealousy I still have no clue if that s what it was But he was desirable Oh so desirable He had me wanting to nag him for answers, but begging him to spank me first, and talk second He was complex Their whole relationship was complex and quite beautiful at times There s something beautiful about a broken man, don t you think Maybe it s some unspoken promise he ll becomethan he is because of it You are thinking that s not so crazy Well, wait til you meet the rest of the gang, cough Cameron cough That s when it just starts getting really fucking weird I was suspicious, then I was scared, then I was curious, then I was just downright horny Seriously, that friendship weirds me out I was with Mia didn t know what to think I loved that about this book What the fuck, Cameron What the fucking, fuckerty, fuck I needI need to know what s going on next with the latest crazy revelation that was enough to put Mia, who takes everything in her stride, flat on her ass Will Mia confront the one person in her life that probably has an answer Chrysalis god, please, I needof that Enough of the mystery, I m ready to know and play What s going on with Bailey Tara Is therethan to all of this than meets the eye I want deets on Scarlett Lotte I just wantnowwwwwwwww Humans are made from the stars, he whispered Did you know that I truly believe that you and I come from the exact same star That star split off a millennia ago into a thousand pieces yet we ve found each other by some remarkable twist of fate That s why it s only now, after reuniting with you all these centuries later, that I feel whole again. This is a passionate,hot,dark,mysterius book,that is going to blow your mind I really like it This is Mia s storyShe is 21 years old and she is desperate to find a job till the moment that she grasps the opportunity to work to EnthrallEnthrall is not an ordinary place, but it s the L.A s premier fetish club for the wealthy community And she is going to be the secretary to the club s assistant director Richard BoothHe is also the club s senior dominant..She intrigued by her boss and she wantsfrom him She imagine herself in the dungeon and Richard to make things to her..Richard was a difficult man After every step he did to come close to her, the next moment he was leaving far away..But his basic target was to Subjugate Control Conquer and to seduce Mia We will also meet Cameron, Richard s friend who also finds himself enticed by Mia s haunting innocence..My only complain was about the end I was expecting something different view spoiler I need to know what happen nowI hope there is another book soon hide spoiler