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The title says it all This book is about elf warfare The elves presented are generic DD elves that have been divided into good dark elves Drizzt Do Urden , wood elves Mirkwood , sea elves , high elves Rivendell , and gold elves Gondolin The describes the composition of elf armies and different tactics used by each type of elf The art is great and the book is a good resource for wargamers and role players It could have used some maps in the chapter on famous battles. Elf Warfare by Chris Pramas is another book in the Osprey line of fantasy warfare Previously I read Orc Warfare and liked it about as much as this on.It s a short book, but has enough information to fuel a fantasy wargaming campaign The 4 chapters talk about 5 of the types of elves gold, green, high, moon, and sea , what units comprise an elf army, what tactics elf armies might use, and finally a major victory from each of the 5 types of elves.I learned that elves don t like to make risky death defying moves because they are so long lived I also learned not to tangle with the elves at sea when they have their sea turtle and sea dragon ships nearby The book also includes some nice illustrations of different elves and armor and such.I received a review copy of this ebook from Osprey Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook. [Read] ♡ Elf Warfare ☪ Although Few In Number, Elves Produce The Most Skillful And Deadly Warriors Of All The Races Renowned For Their Archery And Agility, They Are Mostly Associated With Hit And Run Tactics However, They Should Not Be Underestimated In Open Battle This Book Compiles All Of The Information Known About These Elegant Warriors And How They Practice War From An Initial Examination Of The Fighting Methods Of The Individual Elf Warrior, It Goes On To Reveal How They Do Battle In Small Companies And Vast Armies It Covers All Of Their Troop Types From Their Famed Bowmen And Swordmasters To Their Lightning Fast Cavalry Making Special Note Of Regional Variations And Highly Specialized Fighters Such As War MagesAccompanied By Numerous Illustrations In Both Color And Black And White, This Book Examines A Few Specific Battles In Great Detail In Order To Fully Demonstrate The Elf Way Of War 3 5This book is intended, I believe, as a sort of supplement to various tabletop and roleplaying games, to add a bit of flavour to their interpretation of Elves As I don t play these sorts of games, I was mostly interested in Elf Warfare because it promised lovely illustrations and I was not disappointed Elf Warfare is split into four sections The Elves, a fictional historical account of elves discussing their origins, gods, and magic Elf Troop Types, from basic unit types like archers to some creative kinds like moon elf infiltrators, as well as some information about elven allies like human tribes Elf Strategies and Tactics, an interesting look at how elves might lay siege, fight on land or at sea Elf Victories, an account of five great elvish battle victories illustrating how these tactics might be used.This is a very short book, barely sixty pages but it has densely packed but easy to read text There s also small in text sketches and diagrams as well as full page artistic pieces, all of which are very nicely done The writing is perhaps aimed at a slightly younger age than I was expecting I had pictured a college university aged audience as it often says something like the earth elves got into squabbles I also think that the pages could have been formatted better, for example by setting each topic out on a new page, as there are occasionally massive, blocky chunks of text I would also have appreciated diagrams in the strategy section.I do envision that this book would be great for roleplaying purposes It divides elves into six different groups and explain the qualities and attributes of each group I was also pleased to see that the book deviated from the Tolkien type elf, which has become the most common depiction of the fantasy elf and in this book is referred to as the wood or green elf, by creating types like the Gold elves which have qualities one might classically attribute to dwarves I particularly like the idea of nomadic sea elves I would recommend this little book to a roleplaying group looking for elvish inspiration My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an ARC of this bookRead this review and on my blog Lia s Bookish Obsession First off let me make simply say thank you to Net Galley for allowing me to review this book as an ARC.I also have to confess that I love elves, it s the reason why I love Sarah J Maas so much Honestly, who doesn t love elves, their always a symbol of ageless beauty, funny antique phrases, and cunning while also holding back on how actually wise they are Did I mention that I ve always had a love for archery and elf crafted swords as well Let s all admit that I m just a fangirl for elves and faeries.Elf Warfare written by Chris Pramas taps the deep well of fascination that many people who love elves will enjoy, whether you like elves because of their pointy ears or timeless age of growing old This book is ideal for anyone whose going to use it as references such as gamer, writer, or character designers Osprey presents the various fighting style that would be used in various battle formats that are used in the faeries.This book is a great and short reference for anyone whose interested in using the book to references the universal realm of fantasy and mystics.This review was originally posted on Lia s Bookish Obsession This book is for anyone who likes epic fantasy and elves There was a lot of information about the different kind of elves, their weapons and their battle strategies I liked the short stories about the different sections and I wish they were longer and a part of the layout The epic battle at the end was my favorite part, it brought together all information that was just learned and painted a wonderful picture I gave this book four stars because I could tell that a lot of research went into each chapter and they were well written This is definitely a niche book and might not be interesting to readers who don t read enjoy epic fantasy or fantasy world building. This book contains knowledge about elves Mostly about their war tactics, armies and their origins After reading this book, I Felt much enlightened about elves. The interesting history was combined with great narration that made you want to learn about them without getting bored The pictures included in the book and little snippets from books were also a bonus and helped the reader picture it quite nicely The stories at the end gave us an even deeper understanding of what would happen if this tactics were used. Overall, I think writers, gamers or people looking for a little knowledge about elves would enjoy this little book full of interesting snippets, great artwork, vast knowledge and great narration.I received an ARC from the publisher from Net galley I thank them and the publisher for sending this wonderful book to me. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.I liked this book, I wanted to love it but the images didn t translate well in the ecopy I think if you re going to buy this book, you d do better seeing if there s a print copy available.The information and fictional overview of elves is fantastic though, so I ll definitely be looking for print copies of this series of books for my library, as I tend to love to write about elves. Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley My love of elves dates back to the first time I read Lord of the Rings It was because they were ageless, spoke funny, or seemed so wise It was because they used bows and arrows This is because one of the first movies I ever saw was Robin Hood Honesty, if the orcs had been as skilled with bows as Robin was, I would be constantly wondering why everyone painted those poor, misunderstand orcs as evil It s true Osprey s book about Elf Warfare written by Chris Pramas taps into the fascination that many people have with elves, whether or not said people only like them because of the Robin Hood collection The book is ideal for any gamer or writer Osprey presents the various fighter types as well as various battle formats It is in one part source book and one part history, with a sprinkling of storytelling thrown in Highlights include a nice bit about how elves work with allies be they human or animal and a detailed discussion about how elven armies and how they are designed There is at least one illustration that looks like it was Bloom s Legolas inspired, and one does wonder a bit about some of the Elven women s battle dress But those are quibbles It is a quick fun read that can spark creativity. Kind of a documentary about the Elf It cover the basic class, weapons, magics, great wars, and Being a fan of fantasy for years,I didn t learn much from it, but if you re knew into it and want to learn what are the Elf, it can be a decent choice, but I would recommend reading great fantasy novel, it will take time, but you ll learn and have way fun doing it The best part of it were the illustrations that are truly beautiful