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~Download Ebook ⚇ To Catch A Warrior (Unearthly World, #5) ☪ Titus, Leader Of The Southern Zargonnii, Has Made It His Mission To Find A Single Female He Was Placed In Charge Of Months Earlier A Female He Lost While Trying To Save Her A Female He Cannot Find His Determination Leads Him To The Extreme The Only Place Left To Look Is A Planet Within A Sun A Planet Full Of Ice And Snow And Emptiness, Except For One Little Female, Zabbie Zabbie Is Hard And Tough, A Little Warrior Who Has Thwarted Death Too Many Times To Count Resigned To Dying Of Exposure To Either Ice Or Fire, She Can T Make Heads Or Tails Of The Strange Alien Who Lands Within Her Hell One Thing She Knows For Certain, Whether Or Not Titus Is Real, She S Keeping The Emotional Male In Turmoil, And Will Go To Any Length To Catch A Warrior I liked Titus and his mate I bit all over the place until she figured out what to do but in the end was a fun read and so much better then the previous one I am sorry the connection with the other series the Catians didn t expand a bit.Now I am curious what s next. Great story again I love the way Titus try to protect Zabbie, and how the story goes Now i want to read what happened to Bertha 3.5 stars Loved it Very time I think I figured out what was going on , a new twist lol Can t wait to see if Bertha tells her story and what the babies do when the grow up and what trouble Cy runs into Can t WAIT FOR THE NEXT ADDITION TO THIS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS SERIES Hopefully Bertha s story gets added as well as Cy s each has a different backstory that will be the giving a completely new situations that will lead to love and understanding the things that happened in their own lives C.l.SCHOLEY continues to bring wonderful characters with her amazing writing style,I ABSOLUTELY have enjoyed reading everything she has writtenso much I m recommending that you DON T MISS OUT ON ANY OF THIS SERIES AND CHECK OUT HER OTHER BOOKS More like a 2.5 I just can t warm to the Zargonii warriors.I ve tried, really I have. When we first meet Titus in a previous book I was saying to myself this guy needs his own story and low and behold I saw this story and was so excited I was screaming yesssssss in my head OK take deep breaths I tried to remain calm and not get over excited cuz I tend to do that and then it never lives up to the expectation that I have in my head That was not a problem in this book I loved almost everything about this book how quick Zabbie and Titus get together and it actually made logical sense Since she hasn t seen anybody for over a year and craves embrace and companionship which obviously Titus is happy to oblige with It doesn t end their as Zabbie and Titus are two half s to a whole and you see that in detail when they get to know each other The characters were greatly developed and though the get together really quick the romance felt very organic as it went on I also really enjoyed Zabbie and her powers that were much helpful in defeating alien.enemies then the human females in the previous books Over all this book had everything you need for a good time it was fast paced, had a great Romance, some action, and a little comedy that I enjoyed.Yes I will read books by this author.Yes I would recommend this book to others. Another great read in this series I loved Titus and I really hope we get to read Bertha s story Finally, a book about Titus So, Titus had been looking everywhere for Bertha, but couldn t find the mouthy human anywhere This dying sun is his last hope of finding the female And find a female he did, just not the one he s been looking for Zabbie isweird is the only word I can think of to describe her She s been under the influence of the Gorgano for far too long and it s taken a toll on her mental health And it shows Some of the things she could do were mind blogging.Overall, despite my reservations about some of the characters, I liked this book far than the previous one The writing is, as always, good and I liked that we get to learn something new about the aliens in every book.