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A bit repetitive and disorganized, but still an engaging meditation on the nature of pleasure, comfort, happiness, virtue, and their relevance to human life An interesting read that will appeal to thoughtful people. Good book to read to get focused on what is important in life I was assigned this book for Dr Justin Tiwald s philosophy graduate seminar on the topic of Wellbeing as it is titled I had actually wanted to read the book anyway, however, and even had attempted to order a used copy onprior to learning that I have the opportunity to take Dr Tiwald s course and that the book would be required reading there This is a great introduction to this complex and fascinating topic that does a great job of weaving together insights from both Eastern and Western philosophical traditions as well as insights from the field of psychology as well as our native philosophy The book is thought provoking and a pleasure to read. `DOWNLOAD EBOOK ↟ Six Myths About the Good Life: Thinking About What Has Value ☠ Six Myths About The Good Life Focuses On The Values That Are Worth Aiming For In Our Lives, A Topic Central To What Has Been Called Philosophy Of Life We All Have Ideas About The Good Life We Think That Pleasure Makes Life Better We Want To Be Happy We Think That Achievements Make A Difference There Is Something To All These Ideas, But If Taken Simply And Generally They All Miss Out On Something Six Myths About The Good Life Explores What They Miss And, In The Process, Gives A Sense Of What A Good Life Can Be