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This book is the best thing that happened to my self esteem when naked True story. This book is my friggin bible It almost brought tears to my eyes to see such a great resource for women who have sex with women and to have it feel accessible and approachable to those of us who don t fit the traditional vanilla lesbian lifestyle the butches, the gender warriors, the trans folk, the drag kings, the kinksters The most useful bit is not the instructions, per se although those are REALLY good I learned about a billion new things it s the information on how to get what you want, give what your partner wants, and perhaps most importantly figure out what you and your partner want It may seem repetitive at times, but I think that s just how it s structured she s assuming you won t read it cover to cover and rather will flip to the parts you think are relevant The whole part of the title is dead on, that s all I can say Read this freaking book, I don t care how you identify in terms of gender and orientation It s good advice for anyone, really I m a queer Domme who plays with both genders, and I m actually assigning parts of this book as required reading for my guysubs, mostly because it really busts a lot of pervasive cultural myths we have about sex with women the idea that orgasms are the end all of everything, that there s a way to do sex with women right that works for everyone, etc. @READ KINDLE Ý The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us â The Whole Lesbian Sex Book Was The First Ever Sex Guide To Offer Information And Encouragement For All Women Who Desire Women Lesbian, Bisexual, Butch, Femme, Androgynous, And Transgender First Published In , It S Been Lauded For Its Thoroughness, Enthusiastic Tone, And Creative, Nonjudgmental Approach To Lesbian Sex In All Its Rich Variety Library Journal Lamented, Why Can T Heterosexual Sex Manuals Be This Good Now, Five Years Later, Sex Educator Felice Newman Has Completely Updated This Classic Guide There Is New Information Throughout, Up To Date Research, Fresh Quotes From Women Who Share Their Real World Experiences, A Greatly Expanded Resource Guide, New Illustrations, And An Entire New Chapter On Sex And PartnershipTopics Include Where To Find Sex Partners And How To Talk To Your Lovers About Sex Discovering Your Desires And FantasiesHow To Have All The Orgasms You Desire G Spot Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms, Extended Orgasms, And EjaculationWhy Communication Is The Most Important Erotic Skill You Can Offer Your PartnersHow Masturbation Can Improve Your Sex LifeExpert How To Information On Cunnilingus, Anal Sex, Vaginal Fisting, And Other Favorite Lesbian Sex TechniquesHow To Choose Vibrators, Dildos, And Harnesses, And Get The Most Out Of Your Sex ToysAnd Much The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is a well laid out and comprehensive guide for women who love women It is ideal for those at the start of their journey as well as those looking for advice and new ideas to spice things up in the bedroom Each section has excellent descriptions and step by step guides that take into account communication, safer sex and level of knowledge You may open the book looking for one particular topic but it s nearly impossible to leave it down without delving into something even enticing.I liked the friendly writing style and the fact that the author took the time to reassure the reader at every stage She pointed out that knowing what you want and what your partner wants is so important With this book that should be a whole lot easier to work out The quotes from real women about each activity and what it meant for them were especially useful An essential reference for every lesbian or bi woman s bookshelf.I was given this ARC in return for an honest review. This is a very comprehensive book in the vein of Our bodies, ourselves but lesbian centered Learned everything from what color hanky to wear in my back pocket at bars to health, sex, psychology, etc A good one for gay straight alliances to have on their bookshelves as a loaner just remind people not to actually take it to bed with them lol I enjoyed this book because it had some good insights about staying sexually active as we age and how long term couples can choose to stay sexually active with eachother I agree with the author that keeping one s sexuality alive for all of one s life is indeed a choice and one that can sometimes require action and committment in a way that is not as neccessary in youth or in brand new relationships As far as techniques, the book covers a lot of territory and is well written and sexy to read The illistrations did not work for me, which is the reason I only gave 4 stars. i learned a lot so yeah leave me a message its my opinion that everyone who wants to have sex with women, or is a woman, should read this book. Just a lot of fun, what can I say Oddly, as a lesbian, I haven t read many books strictly about lesbianism This book, though, is less about that than what makes us lesbian the fun of sex All about that contained right here Read it, play with it, your girlfriend will thank you. It was a pretty good book I think if you ve been out for awhile you probably already know how to please a woman and negotiate how things work in and out in bed with two women You ve probably used or had the pleasure of experiencing a strap on, you know not only where the clit is but where the g spot is, you know how to have or give multiple orgasms, and if you re lucky or talented , you ve experienced a female ejaculation But before you can get into all this good stuff, you have to know how to find a woman, which unfortunately usually means going out into the drama filled world of lesbian bars The alternative is websites like Craigslist or OkCupid or Match or other websites in this genre, although forget eHarmony they cater to breeders only So, it tells it how the bar scene usually works, which in all reality isn t much different from a hetero place except that most females aren t as aggressive as guys, and one night stands are rare not that they don t happen, but it is not common Oh and watch out for straight couples they re usually shopping for a third All in all, not a bad book though somewhat basic it had some interesting info, and if you re just learning the scene, it s not a bad place to start.