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I keep feeling like Malcolm wasn t as interesting as he could ve been, though I still appreciate his perspective. Rating 3.75 5Review coming soon Amo a Malcom y agradezco el saber que fue de l. Malcolm is doing his part in helping the Garde, and his expertise in all things extraterrestrial brings him to the attention of the president of the United States and his war council, where he is instrumental in view spoiler getting the president to accept the Garde as allies, after his daughter turns out to be one of the teenagers who have developed legacies hide spoiler ( Free Pdf ) ♸ Last Defense (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #14) ⚇ In This Electrifying One Hundred Page Companion Novella To The New York Times Bestselling I Am Number Four Series, Discover What Happened To Malcolm Goode After The Mogadorian Invasion BeganWhen The Garde Split Up, Heading Off To New York City And Mexico, Malcolm Decided To Stay Behind In Ashwood Estates, The Mog S Formerly Hidden Base Located Near Washington DC He Wanted To Search The Facility For Anything That Might Help John Smith And The Others Stop The Alien Invasion But Once The Spaceships Descended, That Plan Went Up In SmokeBefore He Gets A Chance To Come Up With A Plan B, Armed Soldiers Storm The Base As One Of The Few Humans Who Knows Anything About Loric And Their War With The Mogadorians, Malcolm Is An Invaluable Asset And They Ve Been Tasked With Safely Escorting Him To The President S Secret Bunker With Mogs Hot On Their Trail, Though, It Ll Be Easier Said Than Done Luckily, Malcolm Has Some Backup In The Form Of A Chim Ra But Even If He Makes It To His Destination, Will Malcolm Be Able To Help What S Left Of The Government Find A Way To Defeat The Mogs Or Will He Be Too Late Final Rating 4 Stars Last Defense is told from Malcolm s point of view and it takes place during the Fate of aten This novella is all about how Malcolm can help the Garde It starts out with him trying to go through some of the Mog s files to see if he can find anything useful However, that changes when he is called upon by the president of the United States He goes to meet up with him just to diclscover that the humans are getting Loric powers, including his son, Sam, and the presidents daughter, Melanie It ends with Malcolm leaving the presidents domain to go help Sam. This is a hundred page novella about Malcolm Goode POV, Sam s father, when they got separated Sam leaving for New York right after the invasion of Setrakus Ra and Malcolm staying at Ashwood Estates in the hopes of searching the facility that can help the Gardes to defeat the Mogadorians This is quite a boring one for me Jeez But then there s Gamera, and I ve got a soft spot for Chimaera, so this will do. For the Garde s sake, Dr Malcolm Goode s getting into a frivolous action He s gone from the intellectual force into an Anakin Skywalker mends to help The Force Man that he is now Cowboy Malcolm will help them all Gamera is one cool Chim ra Can t wait for United as One and Hunt for the Garde They are heading to a redemptive war. This book just suck you in Even when you don t like the direction this is going Even when the new ghost writer clearly needs helpI mean geez anyone who has read the first book should know Krauls don t die that easy from a few gunshots from our human gunsHate the freaking wait for the next book Makes me mad mad mad