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Recopila los tres especiales de LoEG Nemo en una caja contenedora. Read Book ♄ League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Trilogy ⚑ With A Classic Two Fisted Spirit Of Adventure, Alan Moore Kevin O Neill Explore Stunning New Horizons Of Their League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Universe With The Bestselling Nemo Trilogy These Spinoff Graphic Novels Follow The Terrifying Pirate Queen Janni Nemo In Her Confrontations With Unearthly Antarctic Horrors Heart Of Ice , Mechanical Metropolitan Monstrosities The Roses Of Berlin , And Depraved Tropical Tyrants River Of Ghosts Now, These Handsome Hardcovers Are Joined In A Magnificent Slipcase Gloriously Illustrated By Kevin O Neill 4.5 really LC S REVIEW I feel like this series is Moore s attempt to redeem himself for not having any good female characters in his earlier works Captain Nemo II is everything I ve wanted from a female Moore character as well as the dark, fantastic, Lovecraftian adventures, themes, and adventures I expect from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. Podle m existujou dva m dy Alana Moorea a geni ln vyprav posouvaj c hranice nr , autor skv l ch postav, nositel n pad , propojovatel vy literatury a pulpub pulpopisec se zam en m na rozhazova n trousen popkulturn ch odkaz Tohle je ten druh z nich V prvn ze t pov dek Moore pracuje p edev m s liter rn mi nar kami Lovecraft, Verne , ve druh je v razn filmov hlavn n meck expresionistick , ve t et to tak n jak m ch dohromady V echny t i p b hy vypov daj o r zn ch pas ch ivota dcery kapit na Nema a o st etech s jej nemesis.Je to z bava Ale, el, nic v c. I p es pon kud p li dop edu uh n j c sc n a zbyte n textov vlo ky v podob report jde o nadpr m rnou knihu, kterou spousty vynikaj c ch n pad a p edev m vizu l nesou n kam mezi 80 a 90%. Awesome Really great, well told and excellently drawn adventure stories with a surprising amount of heart I m glad I decided to expand beyond the main League stories to read this really nice collection. So great