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I will start by saying if you have not read book one you should read before starting this book If you have triggers reading about rape or abuse you should not read.So much happens in this book Not only due you get updated with the characters in book one, but you have the roller coaster ride that is Harry s life This kid never gets a break.Wondering if we get a book 3 and if it will be Jones story as it was kinda hinted at in the diner that something is going on with him. Copy provided by the Author in exchange for a fair and honest review I really enjoyed reading this book, it had a lot of elements I love in a story, a great set of characters, good writing, an intriguing storyline and some twists that left me reeling This is book 2 in a series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I suspect it would be best if read in order In any case, even if I hadn t read book 1, I didn t feel lost at all while reading, since the author provided us with enough background information to make us get the idea of what had happened before with some of the characters Connor is called to the precinct to help a person they are holding there, accusing him of murder When he gets there he realized the man he has to help is none other than Harry, the love of his life that he lost over four years ago The love he feels for Harry has never disappeared, so he vows to help the other man in any way he can, while they try to salvage whatever they can of their past relationship renewing the bond they had The first half of the book is mostly Connor and Harry reconnecting and Connor helping Harry try to reclaim his life back after being kidnapped by a drug lord called Pinstripe, who made Harry whore himself since he left Connor We re introduced to Tatum and Chris and Jesse and Mark, who are Connor s best friends and who are instrumental in the story, especially Tatum and Chris While the first part of the book got dragged up a bit, the second part of the story is mindboggling as Harry s trial starts and Connor and Tate rush while trying to help acquit him from a crime he didn t commit and then when Ruby MacIntyre throws a few twists that I didn t see coming There are a few things that were left unresolved in the end, so I m imagining there will be books in this series and that we ll get an answer to those eventually, or at least I hope so I enjoyed reading the story told in multiple POVs, even if the main ones were, of course, Connor and Harry In this case in particular, they gave depth to the story I loved how Connor was with Harry, he was so sweet with him, so patient, but I also loved seeing his ruthless lawyer side I liked Harry, but not as much as Connor Still, the author did a fantastic job with all he went through and how it affected him The chemistry between him and Harry was amazing, too, and the love scenes were oh so very hot All in all, definitely recommendable I, for one, will be looking forward to Rating 4.5 Stars #Free Book ⚣ Renewing Bonds ñ Two Hearts Long Separated Find Each Other AgainConnor Locke Has Only Given His Heart Away Once, To A Man Who Left Him Alone With Only A Note As An Explanation He Has Tried To Move On, But No One Compared To The One Who Left Him Brokenhearted And AloneHarry Grew Up As A Black Sheep In His Family, And When He Met Connor He Thought He Finally Found A Place To Call Home The Strong, Yet Loving Lawyer Gave Him Things He Never Thought He D Find But Then He Had To Leave, And That Decision Ended Up Ruining His LifeAfter Years Apart, The Couple Is Finally Reunited, But Not In A Way Either Of Them Expects A Crime Lord Wants Harry Badly, And He Will Do Anything To Get Him Will Connor Be Able To Keep Harry Safe And Salvage Their Love, Or Will He Lose Harry Forever DNR this book based on my review of book 1. This was a really interesting read, it kept me wanting right till the end The author has definitely got into the heads of her characters, Harry especially His mood swings are depicted perfectly and you can feel his emotions pouring from the page It drew me into feeling sorry for him and his treatment over the previous four years You can feel the helplessness from Connor too which adds to the drama of the book I never realised until I had started this that there was a book prior to this, I will be reading that this can be read as a standalone, but I am guessing the questions I had at the end would be answered in book 1. Great book 2 in this wonderful series This M M series is all about the deep thought filled characters Last time it was Tatum and Chris, who are also in this story This time we have Connor and Harry Harry broke up with Connor, but didn t tell him the truth, that it was Connor s Mom that wanted him out of her son s life If only Harry would have talked to Connor She is the evil bitch of all time Harry s life was taken away as he was kidnapped and was forced into prostitution Connor finds him arrested and filthy, no where to go, and at his lowest point Is there hope for getting their relationship back Connor thinks so, so he takes Harry home There are twists and turns, rekindling of their feelings, and forgiveness, acceptance, and true love After another kidnapping, with the evil bitch behind it, Harry is saved These men are perfect for each other, and neither can do without the other It isn t quite over until the investigation turns up new evidence A reviewer mentioned the use of boy , and yes, it was used a lot for a bit in the beginning, and a few times later, but I understood it, so it didn t bother me I ve read many books with the D s theme where the smaller man in the relationship, the sub, is referred to as boy, and only in a sweet, loving term It s not used in a condescending way, in my opinion I like Ruby MacIntyre s writing, her beautiful characters, super sexiness, and interesting plots Highly recommend ENJOY Raining sex violence and crazies This book was ridiculous, so much sex and pain How bad can it be when you re arrested for murder after being a human trafficking victim and your lawyer boyfriend defends you and come to your rescue time and time again I think after the trail the kidnapping again seemed to much But hey that s just my opinion Who can with the stand so much drama and still get a happily ever after ending I Hope book 3 focus on the MC s Or Charlie Some bonds can t be broken My favorite MM stories are those that have a great storyline and are not just filled with carnal male on male action This story is definitely that as it brings Connor and Harry together, as Connor needs to represent Harry Together they rebuild their bonds, and have a strong friendship with Tatum and his lover, Chris This is definitely a hot and sexy but provocative great backstory, and how a terrible past can catch up and effect the present. 4.5 Heart Review by KatI have been eagerly awaiting the release of the second in the Bonds of Truth Series Ms MacIntyre entranced me with her gritty tale of hard fought love in the volatile world of gays in the Midwest.She picked up right where she left off with Connor Locke heading to the police station after a call from Officer Jones had tried to reach his Law Partner and closest friend, Tatum Tate Steele, a Dom that the officer knew from being a submissive in the Club that they both belonged to Officer Jones was just getting back to the station to file his report on the evenings proceedings He and Tate had been involved in rescuing Tate s significant other from a horrific kidnapping that had left Connor in an injury accident and Christopher Chris Waters being buried alive by Tate s homophobic rich father and his brother Fast forward to the present, where Officer Jones leads him to the man he is to represent A man Officer Jones is sure is innocent of the charges of murder and burglary being charged against him by fellow Officer Moore, who seemed hell bent on the prisoner being held One look and Connor goes into shock Sitting in the chair was a small, dirty wisp of a man from his past, his former lover that disappeared 4 years earlier Harry Daggett is the only man to have ever captured his heart and he still holds it.Connor and Harry struggle to make a future when they both realize that they are still each other s only one while Connor is attempting to clear him as his attorney Harry struggles with demons as he tries to recover from a life of homelessness after running from Connor He ran away because he was made to believe he was not worthy to be with the rich, successful and extremely handsome man He was forced into the horrible world of prostitution and held captive by the evil Pinstripe.Harry escaped this despicable world he was forced to endure as he was held captive by the illegal and destructive underworld and he had so many demons that he was trying to escape forced drugs and prostitution leading the list He felt like a dirty whore and not worthy of his beloved Connor We see not only Connor, but also Tate who knew Harry before his disappearance , Chris, fellow Attorney Jesse Martin and his partner Mark who works at a shelter for Gay and Lesbian Homeless teens , all working hard to bring Harry back to a life where he doesn t have to rely on Xanax to survive even shaking another male s hand, even if he is a close friend We are lead on a journey towards these men s constant struggle to be each other s HEA This story is even grittier and intriguing than her first book Forging Bonds Ms MacIntyre did not fail to keep my attention the entire novel and it is safe to say that I am becoming a fan of this new author I cannot wait for of the series to come I loved that she included all the characters from her first book and we even got individual moments with these characters that have wormed themselves into my heart This book may be hard for some to read There is a fair amount of violence and injustice being served to characters some that never seem to catch a break I encourage you to try this new author and I am sure that you won t be disappointed This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below. Wow.talk about emotional I was a wreck reading Harry s story To know that Connor still loved him and wanted him, made it all that emotional and showed true love This story picks up right where Tatum and Christopher s story left off I really like that in a series It makes you feel like you haven t left their world and are still in it Harry just about broke me at every turn Connor was a strong, amazing man He was able to help Harry heal emotionally, and be there for every aspect of his needs I was blown away by the love and trust that was being given I am so caught up with these men I enjoyed that it wasn t just about Connor and Harry, that we also get to see how Tatum and Christopher are doing, as well as from Jesse and Mark I don t know how Ms MacIntyre can out do herself again, but I am definitely there to see where she takes us This is a must read series.