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!DOWNLOAD BOOK ☺ The Fatherless Daughter Project ⚐ This Groundbreaking Work Will Give Voice To An Enormous Population Of Women Who Are Struggling To Understand Themselves In The Face Of Their Fathers Absence Claire Bidwell Smith, Author Of The Rules Of Inheritance And After This When Motherless Daughters Was Published Years Ago, It Unleashed A Tsunami Of Healing Awareness When Denna Babul And Karin Smithson Couldn T Find The Equivalent Book For Fatherlessness, The Fatherless Daughter Project Was Born The Book Will Set Fatherless Women On The Path To Growth And Fulfillment By Helping Them To Understand How Their Loss Has Impacted Their Lives A Father Is Supposed To Provide A Sense Of Security And Stability Losing A Father Comes With Particular Costs That Vary Depending On The Way He Left And How Old A Girl Was When She Lost Him Drawing On Interviews With Over Women Who Became Fatherless Due To Death, Divorce, Neglect, And Outright Abandonment, The Authors Have Found That Fatherless Daughters Tend To Push Their Emotions Underground These Issues In Turn Become Distinct Patterns In Their Relationships As Adult Women And They Often Can T Figure Out Why Delivered With Compassion And Expertise, This Book Allows Readers Support And Understanding They Never Had When They First Needed It, And It Encourages The Conversation To Continue I found this to be just okay I understand that the focus was supposed to be how the father play such an important role in a daughter s life, but I think even so there was too much focus on fathers and not so much on how women could move forward in a healthy way I found the title and concept interesting on a personal and professional level, but I felt like this was too much emotion and not that much research Even when the authors mentioned that they had spoken with all these women who were fatherless and went about getting their stories, I felt like I only heard a couple of their stories by the end of the book I think as a documentary this idea sounds good, but as a book I only felt there were a few helpful insights. Incredibly helpful in the journey of not growing up with a dad I would have given it a five star rating if there was of a cross section of daughters from common urban settings like moms having boyfriends or multiple stepfathers and half siblings around. I recommend this book to any woman who is without a father at any point in her life even parents and spouses of women who do not have fathers The other reviews do a good job of covering what this book is and why you should read it, so let me address some points that I noticed and other reviewers haven t really addressed yet Were you abandoned Never met your father Did you never get the chance to meet him, or did he actively decline to meet you This book still applies to you and the authors have gone out of their way to acknowledge and address this minority case I appreciated their efforts to include every situation in which one might be fatherless There was only one section in the book where they could ve covered abandonment and didn t I think they gave it a nod with a section on stand in fathers but not all of us abandoned had mothers who associated with men who would become positive father figures Otherwise, this book was on point If you re concerned that it might be a religious book, religion is kept to the background for the most part, and spirituality is covered as one option of many for coping As an atheist, I appreciated the way this topic was covered so respectfully and tactfully And if you are from a non Christian or polytheistic background, the coverage of religion and spirituality is done in a way that can extend to any belief system inclusively I hope this helps someone make her decision to pick this book up Get a bullet journal Do the exercises Take the time for you. I read things in this book that seemed to have come from my own story..things were validated that helped me understand my reaction to my father s death.BUT the last chapter on spirituality was a big let down for me. Every fatherless daughter should read this book Wonderful A must read for fatherless daughters. My concern is the authority of the authors I wish they had cited. This may seem like an odd selection for me, but I picked it up because it was chosen by the members of my book club It might be worth pointing out that I am a vocational rehabilitation counselor so I may have read than my share of self help books in an attempt to understand the experiences of the clients I have been privileged to serve The book is an exploration of the impact of being fatherless It is the result of a survey the authors conducted in which they gathered information about the impact of fatherlessness.My reaction is probably best described as mixed First the positives I suspect that many fatherless women and many people who care about them will be glad they found this book meeting kindred spirits is often a very powerful experience because it shows you that you are not the only one who feels as you do or reacts in a certain way The authors weave their own stories and quotes from those who took their surveys, along with other fatherless women, throughout the book A quick look at the Table of contents will show you just how comprehensive this book is Each topic is covered with enough depth to be quite useful.as with any survey, the one the authors undertook had its weaknesses Since they drew their conclusions from those who took the initiative to respond, I question whether some of the conclusions are actually representative of the experience of fatherless daughters as a whole As anecdotal reporting, the quotes tell us a lot, but I think we have to be careful to remind ourselves that that is what this is, not a well controlled, comprehensive study Also, there is no control group so there is no way to know if some of the behaviors the authors ascribe to fatherlessness actually have anything to do with that I hate reading self help books for one reason the authors constanly use certain catchwords and phrases which have no meaning either because they are overutilized or contain unnecessary words In fact, I almost gave this book one star because of this Then I reminded myself that I probably put way too much emphasis on this If I saw one reference to daddy issues, authentic self, honoring your feelings, etc., I would have burned the book I would argue that the authenticity the writers claim to value is actually diminished by these buzzwords If you are a fatherless daughter, or if you have an interest in the topic for some reason, give this book a try It will provide useful tips and tools you can use as you look at the way fatherlessness has and has not impacted your life. AMAZING I could definitely identify with this book as a fatherless daughter This book has helped me to understand my life a lot better and it gave me a sense of comfort that I am not in this alone I learned so much from this one book and it taught me great lessons about fatherlessness I cannot recommend this book enough If you haven t checked out already, then please do because you wont be wasting your time with this amazing piece of work.