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!Download Book ☩ Dragon of Legend: Destiny ♼ For Over A Thousand Years, The Lands Have Been Under The Mercy Of Ruthless Evil Rider Haiden And His Ferocious Black Dragon They Rule With An Iron Fist, Promising Riches Only To Those Who Swear Blind Loyalty To Them But Certain Death To Those Who Would Dare Defy Their Authority Every Hundred Years, However, A Rider And Dragon Of Legend Emerge And Attempt To Defeat Haiden And His Dragon But So Far, Not One Has Succeeded This Time, Akira, An Untrained And Inexperienced Girl Of Sixteen Summers, Is Chosen By The New Dragon Of Legend, As His Rider Together, The Two Find Themselves Thrust Into A Fate Many See As A Lost Cause Challenging The Most Powerful Rider And Dragon In The Realm With All Odds Seemingly Stacked Against Them, Will Akira And Her Dragon Prevail Or Will They Share The Same Fate As All The Other Riders And Dragons Of Legend Before Them If You Loved The Fun And Adventure OfHow To Train Your Dragonas Well As Smart Mouthed Creatures, And Good Triumphing Over Evil, Then Angelika Meyer S Dragon Of Legend Destiny Is A Book That Will Definitely Tickle Your Fancy So Grab Your Copy Now This book is one of the best I ve read about dragons I wasn t such a huge fan of dragon fantasy books but this one got me interested about them I love the way that Akira and her dragon, Redemption, interact with each other His sarcastic humor is definitely one of the highlights in this book I won t say too much because I don t want to be a spoiler Just read the book It s not boring at all. This is an exciting book with wonderful characters I found myself turning pages far into the night wondering what would happen to Akira The banter between her and Redemption, her dragon is very funny, and even minor characters are three dimensional I highly recommend this book. This book will stay glued to your finger tips, you ll laugh and cry sometimes both for me at least , and your eyes with devour the book until you flip to the last page Whether or not your a dragon fan, young or old, male or female, you will absolutely love this book Expect to become emotionally attached to all of the characters, main, minor, and dragons If you want a book you won t be able to put down, grab this one And trust me, you won t regret it. I love this book Its probably my favourite book in the whole world I read it on the application Wattpad and all the other books, and I fell in love Thank you soooooo much for making this series The characters are amazing, their personalities fantabulous, and the plotline There are no words to describe what a wonderful story this is Keep being awesome The Dragon of Legend series is one of the most original dragon stories that I have read in a long time There is a lot of action, adventure, and even a little bit of romance involved All of the characters in this book are so well developed that it seems as though I really know them I would love to seeof these Dragons and their Riders I loved this book so much The interactions between the characters are brilliant and hilarious I barely put it down, I finished it in one day I was so excited They plot was amazing and I was so happy to find another book about dragons I love dragon books.I can t wait for another brilliant book by Angelika Meyer. I don t usually read fantasy books much less books about dragons I decided to give this book a try and was surprised at how quickly I got into it I was intrigued as to how things in this fantasy world worked and what would happen to the main characters It is an easy and very enjoyable read I HIGHLY recommend it and think it is also a great resource for reluctant readers This book was absolutely amazing I was so completely pulled in by the plot and the author did such a wonderful job of making me feel like I truly know and love each and every one of the characters I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre. Thought this was a good spin on the dragon and rider bond for some odd reason i like reading about dragons and all the different ways humans wind up interacting with them i enjoyed this authors take on it and will read other books in the series should they become available.thanks,