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EPUB ⚆ The Wilson Mooney Box Set ⚇ THE WILSON MOONEY BOX SET Includes AllFull Length Novels In The Series Plus, MAX, A WILSON MOONEY PREQUEL, Bonus Material Only Available In This Box Set Experience This Steamy Yet Delicate, Heart Breaking Yet Healing Collection Of Stories That Will Work Max Goldstein And Wilson Mooney Into Your Hearts Forever A Sexy New Adult Teacher Student Romance That Overcomes The Taboo And Embodies The Purest Of Intentions, Even In The Sexiest Of Moments BONUS MATERIAL MAX, A WILSON MOONEY PREQUEL Max Goldstein Has Always Been Expected To Take Over His Family S Business But, When A Tragedy Strikes In His Sopho Year At The University Of Michigan, He Decides To Choose His Passion Over The Expectations Of Others When He Accepts A Teaching Job Of His Dreams In California, Max Has No Idea His World Is About To Change Forever When Wilson Mooney Walks Into His Classroom Warmed My Heart, August 20, 2015 By Toni Myers This review is from The Wilson Mooney Box Set Bonus Max Prequel Kindle Edition I loved all these books, I was pulled in from the very first book, and had a hard time putting them down until I finished the last book Wilson is an innocent high school girl in a boarding school for girls She was dumped by her mom at very young age at her grandparents She would be lost if it wasn t for her best friend Joanie she is her rock, and has always been there for her for since they were 8.One weekend in Aspen, changes her life forever, and makes her feelings for Max wayintense This series made me laugh, and cry,and parts will make you scream, so many emotions going on There is a lot of bumps in the road that Max and Wilson will have to get through, but if they both believe in love nothing will stand in their way of happiness, not even age You will love this series it will warm your heart, you will fall in love with Max s whole family, and Max, and Wilson will steal your heart Be ready to face a lot of different emotions Amazing Series, definitely recommend it. I live boxsets always get a little extra Loved reading his thoughts about how they metThere were some points i did not like about Wilson but i had to keep reminding myself that she is only 18..But i loved the story even though it didnt take on me at the beginning