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!READ DOWNLOAD ⚉ The Darkest Lie ♣ The Mother I Knew Would Never Do Those Things But Maybe I Never Knew Her After All Clothes, Jokes, Coded Messages Cecilia Brooks And Her Mom Shared Everything At Least, CeCe Thought They Did Six Months Ago, Her Mom Killed Herself After Accusations Of Having Sex With A Student, And CeCe S Been The Subject Of Whispers And Taunts Ever Since Now, At The Start Of Her High School Senior Year, Between Dealing With Her Grieving, Distracted Father, And The Social Nightmare That Has Become Her Life, CeCe Just Wants To Fly Under The Radar Instead, She S Volunteering At The School S Crisis Hotline The Same Place Her Mother WorkedAs She Counsels Troubled Strangers, CeCe S Lingering Suspicions About Her Mom S Death Surface With The Help Of Sam, A New Student And Newspaper Intern, She Starts To Piece Together Fragmented Clues That Point To A Twisted Secret At The Heart Of Her Community Soon, Finding The Truth Isn T Just A Matter Of Restoring Her Mother S Reputation, It S About Saving Lives Including CeCe S Own I received an ARC of this book from the publisher, but all the views mentioned are my own.Oh, this book Judging from the description, I should ve known I would hate it, but yet I still signed up for the blog tour and excitedly awaited my copy to arrive Now, look at me I had to drop out of the blog tour because I just couldn t give this book a good review.This book and story started off well, and I believe it could have been done tastefully while still having been a great thriller But, instead this book was written kinda childishly and full of content that I didn t appreciate.I hate mysteries and thrillers that have completely underwhelming endings I was hoping this book would be different, but it wasn t It built up to a huge, dramatic ending and then BAM it s over and you re wondering what happened to the action The book was pretty predictable, so I kinda assumed it would be an underwhelming ending, but I was still hoping for the best anyway.With mysteries and thrillers, I have a hard time relating to any of the characters, cause I always assume they ll end up being a villain This book really wasn t different, but I found 1 character I liked throughout it Can you guess what happened That character turned out to be the antagonist.This book is not clean at all A lot of sexual innuendo A lot of immature teen boys with sex references A lot of cursing If you re looking for a good thriller, I would probably look elsewhere, but that s my opinion Maybe this book just isn t for me Who knows I am still going to readPintip Dunn books, however, because I really want to give her another chance I already own Forget Tomorrow, and I m hoping to get around to it soon Hopefully I ll like it better Are you planning to read The Darkest Lie when it s released What mysteries and thrillers do you recommend Let me know in the comments below you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed The Darkest Lie I really did However, I think it strayed a bit too far into predictability land for me I really love the first half of the book, but then it lost me when everything became too obvious and unsurprising I got really annoyed with the fact that CeCe was extremely oblivious to obvious things I found that to be a bit unrealistic and odd It s a shame because the first half was SO GREAT ItStartedOffStrongI was really intrigued by the fact that this teacher accused of having sex with a student is a WOMAN Usually that plot line is reserved almost exclusively for men So KUDOS to the author for that because I haven t read many or many even any books where it was a female and not a male accused of that That s really what drew me into this story in the first place and so I was hoping that the rest of the book would be just as different It wasn t I thought of something though that could have made this a wayintriguing novel, but I can t say what because that would include a spoiler If you ve read it and are curious then feel free to message me on Twitter about it WomenCommitCrimesTooAnother thing is that the last half or so of the novel tried too hard It tried too hard to mysterious and not hard enough on being unique I can t stand when that happens and all the answers are so obvious to the reader and should be to the main character as well Something else that irked me a little bit was that I didn t feel FEAR for CeCe I don t know why that was, but I never really felt suspense about her well being Hmmthat s usually a good thing for a mystery thriller to have x ObviousPlotIsObviousI did really like CeCe as a character though I don t think she had the best personality or anything, but she was likeable Also, I did really feel for her character emotionally After all this that happened with her mother and then with the way she was treated at school I just felt really bad for her, but I didn t think she was whiny As I m writing this review I m realizing eventhat I feel really split about the book Half of The Darkest Lie I liked and half of it I didn t I don t think there s been a time that a three star rating has ever beenappropriate for me BookBiPolarDisorderOverall The Darkest Lie wasn t a bad book Basically it comes down to something simple I wantedthrills and mystery in this mystery thriller It was good, but not mindblowing or different enough The plot was predictable, but I can t deny that it was an entertaining read I read the entire thing in practically one sitting It was a nice and fast read perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon EntertainingButPredictableI recommend The Darkest Lie to mystery thriller fans that don t mind a bit of predictability and mediocrity Hey, that s not necessarily a bad thing either I think those are fun ones to read sometimes in between heavy reads Don tSayMediocreLikeItsABadThingExpected Publication Date June 28, 2016 CeCe was very close to her mother Her death came unexpected and left her loved ones with a lot of questions The police discovered her mother committed suicide after a student confirmed having an affair with her CeCe wants the rumors to go away, she d like to be left alone, to be able to grieve in peace and to have a calm senior year Instead she keeps being the center of attention and it s one incident after another Because of it she hardly has a moment of tranquility.CeCe is trying to find out what happened to her mother She s her mother s successor at the crisis hotline and she hopes some information will come to the surface Sam wants to get a prestigious scholarship that would enable him to study journalism He needs a good story for his internship so he can shine If he helps CeCe she can help him They re a team and are trying to uncover the school s secrets together Someone CeCe s supposed to know is trying to scare her, but she doesn t know this person s identity Who can CeCe really trust and what happens when she finds out the truth, will she and the people she cares about be safe The Darkest Lie is a gripping story about a brave girl who tries to find out what happened to her mother CeCe can t accept the accusations, because they used to be a happy family and she s sure her mother loved her How could she have hidden such a big part of herself from her husband and daughter CeCe starts to unravel a mystery which puts her in danger, only it isn t clear where it s coming from and who s behind it The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn t stop reading Pintip Dunn builds the tension really well She lets her readers follow a trail and constantly gives them small pieces of information, which I enjoyed very much I had my suspicions and I couldn t wait to find out if I was right or not.The Darkest Lie is a fantastic story The writing is strong and compelling I was hooked immediately and loved this book from beginning to end There s a lot going on in CeCe s life and she doesn t understand a big part of it, which made me curious straight away I m a big fan of stories about secrets and this is definitely a good one The writing flows easily and Pintip Dunn combines it with an interesting puzzle that every reader will want to piece together I loved both the energy of the story and the abundance of suspense The Darkest Lie is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it. First of all, I don t typically read thrillers I m a fan of Pintip s other books and was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book, so I gave it a shot Wow, guys I could not put the thing down It starts out with CeCe, the main character, trying to deal with the fallout of her mother s suicide and a scandal involving her mom a teacher having an affair with one of her students CeCe s feelings for her mother are complicated, but when she starts working at the crisis call center her mother founded, she begins to learn that the official story of her mother s affair death were not the truth As she digs into the past, the threats begin They re benign at first, but escalate With the help of a new, cute boy at school with a nose for investigation, CeCe begins to put the pieces together But the truth has been buried in a terrible, decades old secret that someone will kill to protect.I loved CeCe She s not perfect All she wants is to blend in until she can graduate and get the heck out of her small town She s a great character who I rooted for until the end If you like thrillers, you ll LOVE this fast paced novel of dark secrets, intrigue and romance It will keep you guessing until the end and touches on a very real problem that many young people face Highly recommend I got to read an early copy of this wonderful book by Pintip Dunn and I loved it so much This fast paced thriller will pull at your heart and keep you turning the pages well after your bedtime Pintip really knows how to write characters that stick with you way after you close the book. I am sitting here bleary eyed and sucking down coffee and I am blaming Pintip Dunn If her new novel, scheduled for publication on June 28, 2016, The Darkest Lie weren t so intriguing and almost literally page turning it would have been literally page turning if not for the fact that I was reading it on my tablet or is that page turning hmm , I probably would have eight hours of sleep but as it is I am hopelessly sleep deprived.Cecilia Cece Brooks has just lost her mother, Tabitha, to suicide, a seeming consequence of the revelation that Tabitha was sexually involved with a student, Tommy Cece and her father are devastated.Cece is starting her senior year trying to blend in to the middle of the student body, thinking she won t be noticed In the months following her mother s death there had been students, mostly friends of Tommy s, who were only too happy to make her life miserable with sleazy jokes, graphic insults, and bullying Now that most of them have graduated, she thinks it should be relatively easy to go unnoticed.Her father is turning inward, isolating himself, and ignores Cece except to ask if she s eaten He also has a theory that Tabitha hadn t committed suicide, but to Cece, it just sounds crazy and to the police as well who evidently took his ravings as signs of grief.A new student, Sam, shows up at Cece s school He is interning at the local newspaper and wants to write an article on the suicide, not realizing as he is telling Cece of his intentions that it s her mother who died Sam seems to be a good guy, though, a regular knight, albeit a geeky one, on a three wheel scooter.Cece begins working at the crisis hotline her mother founded after needing to fulfill community service as punishment for refusing to turn in her journal project Her desire to blend in fails when she comes to the attention of MacKenzie, Tommy s ex girlfriend and class mean girl.Things start to unravel.After discovering a clue in one of Tabitha s call records, Cece realizes that her mother may not have killed herself, but now it s possible that Cece has stuck her nose where it doesn t belong and that there may be consequences Cece no longer knows just who she can and cannot trust.With clues derived from Cece and Tabitha s love of puzzles, the mystery at the heart of The Darkest Lie begins to satisfyingly unfold resulting in a nail biting climax.Cece s character is very well written She might start out as an invisible victim, but she decides resolutely that she is not going to stay one and resolves to be her own hero Actually all of the characters are well done, round, with realistic depths and motives.Dunn s storytelling draws you in immediately and pretty much doesn t let you go until the end and you won t be dissatisfied with that either Even if you do have an inkling as to who done what, you will still enjoy trying to figure out the whys and then you re thrown into thrilling last sequence, which may, as in my case, have you staying up way later than you should.After reading The Darkest Lie, I am happily anticipating Pintip Dunn s next novel.If you couldn t guess, I highly recommend this novel For categorization purposes, if this is important to you, this is probably classified as a YA mystery thriller.I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. Received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.THE DARKEST LIE by Pintip Dunn is dark, contemporary YA thriller about a teenage girl dealing with the aftermath of her mother s alleged suicide Cece s mother was accused of sleeping with one of her students before her death and now Cece is paying the price for it She s mercilessly bullied by her peers, her father has completely shut down emotionally, and she s just trying to survive high school When a new boy comes to town who happens to be interested in investigative journalism , her world is turned upside down They begin to discover that things are most definitely not what they seemed.I LOVED this book I pretty much devoured it in a single day I was on the edge of my seat until the very last page really keeps you guessing Dunn s writing style is excellent Her pacing is fantastic and there s a nice flow to both the words on the page and the story itself, thus making it very easy to read She gracefully covers some extremely difficult topics such as rape, abuse physical emotional sexual , bullying, suicide, etc Nothing felt contrived or thrown in for the sake of it Every tiny piece served the story I cannot wait to readfrom this clearly talented author Simply put UNPUTDOWNABLE Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalleyHow could she do this to me Take her own life, sleep with that boy The mother I knew would never do those thingsThis was a YA mystery story about a girl whose mother had committed suicide following allegations of sleeping with a student.I felt quite sorry for Cece, losing her mother the way she did couldn t have been easy, especially when it happened in such a shocking way It was obvious that she d been really close with her mother too, which would have made things even harder.The storyline in this was about Cece trying to find out if her mother left her a final message, by volunteering for the crisis call centre which her mother founded We got a bit of mystery over whether Cece s mother s death was really a suicide, and what exactly lead up to her final moments, and whether there was someone preying on young girls and taking sexually explicit photos of them There was also a little bit of romance although there was the slightest hint of a love triangle with Sam and Liam.The ending to this was okay, although I did kind of guess who the guilty party was.6.5 out of 10 Note I received this book from the author, Pintip Dunn, through Kensington Publishing This does not affect my review in any wayNote 2.0 This book is YA, but contains several Trigger warnings This relates tocontroversial topics, such as suicide, inappropriate affairs, or harassment Ok so I started reading this not really knowing what to expect Actually, I just received it knowing it was a YA mystery, which I honestly haven t read many of, so I was excited to try it out This really, really surpassed my expectations By a lot Cecilia, or CeCe, is the victim of her mom s controversial suicide People constantly make fun of her, and she can t go by unnoticed any One day, she meets a newspaper intern, Sam, who tells her that he doesn t think her mom s death was self inflicted This starts off an investigation in which they track down what actually happened It was put together so so well Pintip should writemysteries, because this was that awesome What was great was that once you thought one thing would happen, the story would go in a totally opposite direction, leaving you like well okay then I ll just follow The pacing of this book made it compulsively readable The chapters were short and packed with elements that just made you need to read the next chapter It s the easiest thing to just say just onechapter before having to do something Every element was carefully placed nothing seemed out of place Although I must admit that I thought the janitor was the culprit for a chapter or two oops The characters are realistic and stick with you to the end CeCe s had it tough, but she is an awesome character I mean just her thought processes are pretty relatable, where she thinks one thing several times then just continues A lot of what she says thinks is in small segments and sentences, which is, at least to me, pretty close to reality She is bullies and goes out of her way to go unnoticed, which doesn t always work for her I like how she just wanted things to be simple, yet everything about her and around her was so complicated Lastly, she s really brave She puts up with so much and still does things that could totally destroy her if she let it Sam is amazing He s your typical cute nerd type, a newspaper intern, and a guy who is kind to the core Let me just say him and CeCe are perfect He s super helpful and really honestly smart and logical about the whole situation Makenzie s awful I can t stand her She s the main bully and a real pest Liam is the first one CeCe feels like she can relate to as far as parent problems go He s there when he should be, and is always ready to talk to her I won t say much about the plot because, well, it s a mystery and saying much would give away some huge spoilers But just trust me when I say the intrigue is awesome, and that curiosity sticks with you until the very last chapter I m giving this a 5 5 feathers, because it s honestly worth the read.