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This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast When I began this novel, I didn t realize it was a former Amish romance I ve read MANY Amish romances, but this was a first where two former Amish reconnect after many years I really liked this audio book I want to read from this author I read this on the KindleI had not read any of this authors books before while yes this is in the Amish Genre it not a full Amish story like some but not fully a Englisher RomanceThis is about Katie she runs away from her Amish family roots also from Karl who she is going to marry12 years later they meet up in true fiction style they still have a thing but when her dad is taken ill she goes home to see him he passes away Karl is there to not only pay his respect but for herBut then on returning to the city something happens which could break them apart won t say what as don t wish to spoil it for you This was a easy going read but you still wanted to read it to see what happens if they get together do they both or one of them go back to being Amish or will the English world be too much keep them there FREE DOWNLOAD ♖ Out Of The Blue ⚒ Katie Walken Has Been Running Most Of Her Life From Her Amish Upbringing, From Her Family S Expectations, And From An Arranged Marriage To Karl Borg Now A Real Estate Agent, Katie Feels She Finally Has The Life She Always Wantedor Does She Karl Lost His Love When She Fled From Their Future In Amish Country Leaving Home, Too, He Became An Attorney But His Heart Remains With Katie When Katie And Karl Are Reunited, They Seem To Have A Second Chance At Love Will They Allow God To Help Them Face Their Past While Looking Toward Their Future Another Amish story.Another Amish book I enjoyed reading I can t wait to read the other books in the Red,White and Blue series. I liked this story and even as I read it, I also knew it probably wasn t for everyone Why Because it shows faith and reliance on God in action Not everyone wants to read that or likes to even But I did and also found that I liked the personalities of both Katie and Karl They were sweet, faithful and both people of integrity Their lives had changed so much since they left their community but there were still some good things that remained unchanged too It was interesting to watch some of the challenges that they had to work though It was a sweet story and I enjoyed it. Out of blue Katie and Karl were engaged when they were both still Amish, not really old enough to marry Katie got scared and ran away one night by climbing out her window She becomes a real estate agent and he is a lawyer Years later he comes back to town after leaving after his parents death He is wanting to buy from property there, he comes to her office and she is embarrassed when he shows up She has to go back to her Amish home when her passes Her and Karl becomes friends again and he goes back for her father s service also This does have some funny parts in it, love the reaction she has when they meet again Really loved this book, definitely worth reading. Katie and Karl have loved each other since childhood, but when Katie was 17 she ran away wanting a different lifestyle Now it is 12 years later and Karl is buying a house and Katie is the realtor.As they realize they still love each other, they grow closer This is an extremely inspiring story, they love God so much and give over all their issues to Him I loved how they prayed for their relationship and their families They made God the center Wonderful story. How long will Katie run from the Amish life, family expectations, and love Then Karl leaves the Amish life too and becomes a real estate lawyer Katie is a realtor Does the shock of meeting up again after all these years mean anything After 12 years can Karl forgive her and give her a second chance This book was an awesome quick read I loved the story theme of love, forgiveness, and growing in God I was given a copy for an honest review. Out of the Blue is the 3rd book in the Red, White ad Blue Weddings series These books don t connect at all so you can really read them in any order I really loved the first two books so I was looking forward to this one Well, it definitely wasn t as good as the others I found Out of the Blue to be a little boring and I had a harder time trying to finish the book I also didn t care for the Amish storyline The Amish people just did not come across to me as very natural characters The book did have some nice parts, but I was a little disappointed with it overall. This was a very light romance, was listed as Christian romance Very easy read, 170 pages Two people left the Amish life and twelve years later they find each other again A few minor bumps and they get married Cute story, quick to read, unfortunately I probably won t remember it a year from now.