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This was a quick little novel with enough drama and mystery to entertain you while reading it It would be nice to have a second part to the novel due to the ending. [Free Book] ♨ The Story of Joe Brown (Open Doors) ♭ A Lodgers Dark Past Comes Back To Haunt Him Nothing Remarkable About Joe Brown He Is Of Average Height And Wears Average Clothes His Average Looks Are Hidden Behind A Beard But Joe Brown Has A Past That He Wants To Forget He Might Have Managed It, Too He Might Have Moved On To A New Life, If He Hadnt Answered An Ad For A Room To Rent But The Beautiful Julia Ryan Became His Landlord, And In No Time Joe Browns Past, And His Secret, Catch Up With Him This Time There Will Be No Forgetting A short story 80 pages which begins with a man getting out of prison finding a room to rent with a woman and her young daughter but then her husband a criminal is due to come home But it is not as simple as that as there is a twist and then another twist. I wish I could give this 10 stars, it was so good A book with very interesting plot It started with a man who want to forget about all his past but unluckily find a woman who will turn his will upside down The plot is interesting since it go forward until he meets his landlady and then going backward after he met the landlady husband s friends It cannot be guessed until it reach near the ending part what past experience that actually Joe Brown want to hid It ended unexpectedly Good book for a short storied book which I finished in 30 minutes while waiting for festival in Kerry County Library in Tralee.