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~FREE PDF ♒ Mommy Said Goodbye ♍ What Would You Think If One Day Your Wife Disappeared, And Everyone Believed You Were Responsible How Would You Feel If The Only Thing That Kept You From Being Arrested Was Your Child S Insistence That His Mommy Told Him She Was Leaving And What Would You Do If You Suspected Your Son Was Lying One Day Craig Lofgren Came Home To Discover That His Wife Was Gone He And His Kids Have Been Living In A Nightmare Ever Since The Police Think He Killed Her The Neighbors Do, Too The Only Bright Spot Is Robin McKinnon, The One Person Who Believes In Craig But Until His Wife Is Found He Has Nothing To Offer Her Welcome To PurgatoryNGLE FATHERHe S A Man On His Own, Trying To Raise His ChildrenSometimes He Gets Things Right Sometimes He Needs A Little Help Since I ve only been reading books from the various Harlequin lines for a few years, I wouldn t say that I have an extensive knowledge of what the different lines have to offer I was surprised at the darkness and intensity of Mommy Said Goodbye It s a view of the fallout when a family suffers a devastating loss in addition to being the focus of prejudice, ridicule and scandal.A single father raising his two children as best as he can amidst the small town gossip and rumors of what happened to his missing wife That s what Craig Lofgren has been trying to do ever since his wife disappeared a year and a half ago The police targeted Craig as a suspect in her disappearance, believe possible foul play, but without any evidence, no arrest was made But that doesn t matter to many of the townsfolk Craig is looked at with suspicion and treated as a social pirraha He has put up with it for so long, it s become almost normal for him to distance himself from society But it s his kids that he worries about the most and what the tragedy is doing to them.Right off I felt sorry for Craig and his kids They not only go through the aftereffects of losing a loved one but not knowing what happened keeps them wondering if they did something wrong Craig is portrayed as a husband who loved his wife but didn t understand her The kids have their own guilt to carry, wondering why mommy left them Add in the attitude of the police and many of the neighbors and former friends, and life has been extremely difficult for the Lofgren family I thought the author did a good job of showing the different ways this family was affected not only by their loss but also the community s response.Robin is in a difficult position She is a teacher and one of her students is Brett Lofgren No surprise, Brett is a troubled student His friends have deserted him and his temper is on a short fuse Robin wants to help and reaches out to Brett I liked how realistic Robin is when reaching out to Brett while still having doubts about his father and his role in his wife s disappearance As she spendstime with Craig and his kids, her doubts go away and the attraction between her and Craig builds.Even though it s been a year and a half since his wife s disappearance, Craig still has to deal with the police and one officer in particular There is a set up for a spin off story Revelations, 09 04 featuring the police officers You can almost feel the defeat in Craig when dealing with the police It s Robin that keeps his morale up and shows him that not everyone thinks the worst of him.The romance develops slowly and softly I wouldn t say it s the focal point of the story Much of the focus is on the aftermath of the disappearance I would have like to see the romance further along than it got Craig doesn t feel like he has anything to offer Robin until his wife is found Robin finds herself falling for Craig and his kids and wanting to knowabout his wife and their relationship I liked how they got to know each other, and their kids The kids were not excluded in this relationship which I thought was important since both Craig and Robin are depicted as loving, caring parents.I d like to offer a shout out to Wendy aka Super Librarian, for reviewing and recommending Mommy Said Goodbye as well as the sequel, Revelations Both, while lighter on the romance, are well written romantic suspense stories 4 Stars For almost two years Craig has been living in purgatory and sadly so have his two children His wife, Julie, woke up on day and just walked away leaving behind her children and all her possessions No one could understand how a seemingly devoted mother could just abandon her kids The investigating detective came to the conclusion that she hadn t left of her own free will and the first finger he pointed was at Craig Like a dog with a bone, the detective was determined to put Craig away, and he refused to look at other possibilities With their friends and neighbours shunning them, Craig wishes he could just pack up the kids and leave He can t though, not without knowing what happened to Julie, and so he lives in purgatory That is until his son Brett gets a new teacher that sees how troubled the boy is and reaches out But it s not just Brett that Robin pushes out of hell This time when new investigators take on the case, Craig has Robin on his side.This story pulled at my emotions right from the first page The romance between Craig and Robin builds slowly and is kept low key Ms Johnson delves mostly with the difficulties Julie s choice to walk away without warning has on her family The investigators play a fairly large role too in this story Craig is an honorable man, and though he is very attracted to Robin he knows he can t act on that attraction until the truth of Julie s disappearance is known This story is about giving the benefit of the doubt and of the devastating ripples of a wrongful accusation It s also a story of healing and courage.Edited to add the detective Ann Caldwell has her own story in Janice Kay Johnson s Revelations Well written story about a man whose wife disappeared a year and a half ago and he has been under suspicion of murdering her all that time Goes into quite a bit of detail about what the cops are doing to either prove she was murdered or not Goes into detail about what is happening to the hero as people turn away from him and his children The heroine is the older child s 6th grade teacher who is trying to help him deal with his emotional problems in school as the other kids bully him about his father The relationship between the hero and the heroine is very well done The book takes place over several month so does not feel rushed There is no kissing or sex in the story as the hero is still married even though of course he falls in love with the heroine.Very well done This is the second book I ve read by this author and I am quite looking forward to reading as many by her as I can. The only thing missing was an epilogue I d love to know what happened to the mashed family later on Interesting mystery The romance islike a a minor side story but nothing special. Not a typical romance, but still compelling The romance elements weresubtle than other aspects of the book, but I still enjoyed it It s got a bit of a mystery added in there as well where is Julie, what happened to her The book also shows the behind the scenes fall out of something like this being suspected of murdering your wife the emotional, societal and other ramifications that go into these sorts of investigations It s not a POV normally shown in fiction and I found it interesting and compelling You can tell how lost and broken Craig is, he s hanging by a thread and the accusations of being a killer are taking their toll Same for Brett and his anger and lashing out I thought the emotions they expressed were pretty believable for the situation I also liked how the romance with Robin wasof a slow burn, not insta love like in other HQN books It made itrealistic and believable It also differs from other HQN romances in that the main POV character for the most part is the hero, not the heroine, though she does play a major role.All in all, I enjoyed it I plan to read the connected book featuring Detective Ann as well For those interested, this is a sort of companion book It features the female detective introduced in this book A man is suspected by police of murdering his wife when she mysteriously disappears, and he and his children are socially shunned A year and a half later, only his son s teacher will associate with him, and the investigation is picked up by the original detective s daughter New eyes bring new clues to light, but will our hero ever be free to love again And will our heroine, the teacher, ever be able to trust him As much a mystery as a romance, like all Johnson s books this is well done, although this one left me with a few nagging questions about the reasons for the wife s disappearance. Such an amazing and emotional book, I loved it In a letter to the reader, at the beginning of the book, the author states As a writer and reader, I am fascinated less by the big dramatic scenes than I am by the aftermath Someone survives a childhood trauma and most bystanders assume that the story is over But is that really the end I want to know what comes next.I m also fascinated by mystery, although like most of you, I really like to feel secure The unknown is terrifyingI completely agree with her, so often we see some catastrophe or tragedy on TV, and we sympathize, but rarely do we think about what happens after This book deals with that question.Craig Lofgren s wife disappeared almost two years ago Dealing with something like that is hard enough when the police doesn t think that you killed her, when they do, it becomes unbearable It s bad enough they think he did, but as a result they never really tried hard enough to find her.As a commercial airline pilot, he spends a lot of time away from home.Raising his kids that way is hard, but when most of the people in town refuse to address you, it becomes a purgatory.Robin McKinnon is Craig s son s teacher.She was also a friend of Craig s wife But when she sees the boy being so alone and angry at everyone, she knows that she has to help him In the beginning, she was wary of Craig, but as the time goes by, they become friends, and even warmer feelings develop But with the cloud of suspicion hanging over Craig s head, they can t really give in to them.We get to see an uglier side of living in a small town Everyone declared Craig guilty forget that innocent until proven otherwise , and closed ranks By doing that, they didn t hurt just Craig, but his innocent children as well.I like all of the kids, especially Brett Craig s son.I loved Craig, he s such a strong man, but with everything that s happened, he can t help but feel defeated Robin is good for him, true in the beginning she was suspicious of him, but as soon as she got to know him, she knew he couldn t have done it.Their romance is completely sweet and real They knew they shouldn t have, but they still fell in love sigh Rating 5 stars I liked this quite a bit The hero s wife disappeared a year a half before the story starts, and everyone thinks he killed her The whole family is shunned, and it s particularly rough on the kids The son s new school teacher knew his mother, but was caught up in her own divorce when the mom disappeared, so she s a little shocked to see how angry he is She reaches out to the boy and of necessity to his father And things begin to happen The mystery of what happened to the missing woman is finally unraveled, and the hero and heroine find happiness Enjoyed this one a lot.