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This and my other reviews can be found at to Netgalley and Harlequin UK Ltd for giving me this book to review.Lucia Garza is stuck in the middle of a power struggle between two powerful but sinister psychic organisations The Cross Society and Eidolon She and her partner Jazz have been working with The Cross Society believing they are the good guys however, she is not sure who she can trust any, even Jazz s ex partner and their newly hired private detective Ben McCarthy Devil s Due is the Second book in Caine s Red Letter Day series and starts right where Devil s Bargain left but from the point of view of Lucia instead of Jazz This book is fast paced and has nonstop action and tension.While I enjoyed this book I just could not connect with Lucia even though I amlike her than Jazz I think part of this might be because her past is mentioned quite a bit but we never get to find out much about it I also could not feel the chemistry between Lucia and her love interest and just could not understand why they were drawn together However, I could feel that Jazz and Lucia clicked as, while they are both different, they are really good friends and work well together.While I did prefer Devil s Bargain, this book did wrap up the series nicely and has a good and interesting story I would recommend Devil s Due to people who like Devil s Bargain. I read the previous book in this series last year, Devil s Bargain, and have been waiting for Devil s Due to be re released so I could read it When I found it on netgalley I was very excited and requested it immediately The Cross Society and Eidolon are still on the scene, and sometimes I got confused over what their initial purpose was and whether they were Team Good or Team Bad , but as the story progressed it became clearer what side they were on.Getting to catch up with Jazz and Lucia and get involved with all the action was great Getting to seeof Manny and Pansy and how their relationship is progressing was an added bonus Manny is just a quirky as ever and Pansy surprised me by not acting like I thought she would, she is actually quite tough on the inside but they way she is portrayed originally made this a pleasant surprise.I really enjoyed Devil s Duethan the previous book There is eventension and action and at one point I had doubts over whether certain characters would survive Some questions left over from Devil s Bargain are answered and some lose ends are tied up The last few chapters I could not read fast enough I HAD to know what was going to happen and if Jazz and Lucia s plan would work or fail.One thing I really liked is how the friendship between Jazz and Lucia has developedand that they are closer, not only as partners but also friends They each have the others back no matter what, even if they probably couldn t save their own life in the state they are in, and you can actually feel how strong their bonds are, when one worried over the other I found myself worrying with them.Devil s Due was a quick read but one that I really enjoyed and did not want to end. You know those brilliant first books where the mystery is explosive, the danger looming, and the characters thrown in the deep end, barely treading water That was Devil s Bargain, book 1 A fun, romantic suspense action thriller that pitted ex cop Jazz against her mysterious benefactor a powerful organization with endless oogles of money that mailed her mysterious instructions in red envelopes She could take the money and be a pawn, or she could throw it all away and be a target.In book one, Jazz and her partner, Lucia, decided to be pawns In this second and, I think, last installment of the series they chose free will Told from Lucia s perspective, Devil s Due picks up at the end of Devil s Bargain Ben, his name finally cleared, is about to be released from prison, Lucia s past rears its deadly head, and detective cases and red letters with morally questionable instructions keep on coming And, of course, romance and suspense and action.Here s the thing, though Remember all the stuff I said about the first book in paragraph one Well, the second book suffers from the consequences of that non stop action The moment the action takes a breather in Devil s Due, characters gotta talk They gotta rationalize their past and future decisions, they gotta figure out what they should do, because now that people aren t shooting at them nonstop, that s what real people do.I could feel my fluffy canary feathers wilting as characters talked back and forth I was losing faith My eyes kept flickering to the page count But about halfway through, the book pulled it together and I got that perfect dose of action and suspense for which I so love Rachel Caine Guest star Gregory steals the show Manny pops up a few times Lucia is fantastic The romance works incredibly well for two people who d only known each other a few days And things happen, explosively.There are a few surprises too the story makes several dark turns that I haven t seen before in Harlequin imprints and makes the character deal with them very quickly with things that would put most of us in therapy for a long long time I m being intentionally vague here, but wow, I did not see that coming and I m not sure I m a fan Side note While I m about 150% sure that this is it for the series, the title of Devil s Due makes a rather creative, clever bit of possible foreshadowing about what s going to happen to Lucia s situation This is pure speculation, but is view spoiler Lucia s child the devil that is due Ie, the antichrist hide spoiler Full Can this woman write or what I m a huge fan of her Weather Warden series, so when I heard she was writing for Bombshell, I was ecstatic And having already read, and thoroughly enjoyed Devil s Bargain, I was anticipating this one And it didn t disappoint.The tension in this book is so thick, it swallows you up until all you want to do is keep reading to find out what s going to happen next Lucia Garza is a very interesting character with a dark past we only get a glimpse into Jazz and Borden are back in this one too and so is an array of new characters from Lucia s life And we met Ben McCarthy properly, after he s released from prison The buzz between Ben and Lucia is sizzling And the situation well, it s a hell of a thrill ride, that s for sure I don t want to get into the nitty gritty of it because there s no way to properly talk about the happenings without kinda spoiling it for everyone.So, if you re a Rachel Caine fan this is an amazing book Check it out I got a free ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This and other reviews can also be found on my blog un Conventional Bookviews.This was so fast paced I m actually out of breath now The writing is excellent, I love most of the main characters, and I think the mystery and suspense parts were so expertly done I could have never guessed any of what happened Then again, my name isn t Simms Devil s Due is even better than Devil s Bargain, with not only one, but two strong female protagonists I also loved where the story went, both with the mystery of the psychics and with the way Jazz and Lucia interacted with each other and the other characters.As McCarthy is liberated from prison, only Lucia is there to greet him, because James and Lucia made sure Jazz was far away from the courthouse during the hearing To keep her safe or so they convinced themselves When Jazz realizes that McCarthy is no longer in prison, the first thing she wants to do is to find him, to let him know how happy she is that he was finally cleared of murder She quickly understands that something is going on between her ex partner and her current partner, her keen sense of observation never slowing down. |READ DOWNLOAD ♟ Devil's Due ♷ The Money Lucia And Her New Partner Received To Open Their Detective Agency Had Come With Strings Any Assignment Delivered Via Red Envelope Had To Be Top Priority No Sweat No One Could Make Lucia Do Something She Didn T Believe In Right Wrong Lucia Soon Learned That Every Choice She Made Meant Life Or Death For Innocent People No One Could Be Trusted, Not Even The Ex Cop She D Hired And Fallen For In Fact, Ben Might Be Her Fatal Weakness, If The Powers Warring To Control The Future Used Him To Control Lucia I liked the first book a little better I think Reading from Lucia s pov was really interesting for a while but then I started missing jazz s firy disposition Lucia is a good character and I can t complain about a lack of twists and action For some reason I can t pinpoint I also liked Bordenthan McCarthy Maybe it was the whole dynamic of the relationship with jazz that I liked but still Overall it was a good read I cant wait to be introduced to the next amazing world Rachel Caine conjures While I was initially thrown by the change of viewpoint from Jazz to Lucia, it quickly became apparent that this was definitely Lucia s story, and therefore the decision to tell it from her perspective was really the only thing that made sense Lucia was littlethan a mystery in the first book, and though it s very much drip fed in on the slowest setting, it s nice to see her character fleshed out with a bit of background detail.Games are raised with anthrax scares, abductions andveiled threats from the are they good or bad guys and there s a definite step up in the mythology Lucia no longer feels like a bit player in the conspiracy of the Cross and Eidolon movements, but an integral part of something massive, and as we discover things as she does, we are right there with every moment of disorientation and confusion A lot of the time, I didn t really know what was going on in this book In the best possible way.It was a shame that, though this was obviously Lucia s story, Jazz felt a bit lost in the background After spending so much time with her in the first book, it wasthan a little jarring to have her relegated so completely to the background It would be nice if the next book featured an equal spread of their viewpoints, though with the focus so much on the romance side of things, I wonder if some other character might not be introduced.But, overall it retained the same fun, fast and sexy qualities of the first book, and I ll be keeping my eye out for the next instalment. Great readSo not used to series stopping at two books But this works We got the POV from each protagonist without taking away from plot lines Both books flowed together nicely.Callender and Garza are two kick butt female protagonists in the lines of Rizzoli and Isles before they became a tv series Put that with a little Person of Interest and you have Caine s books.