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The Lawson series is quickly becoming my favorite series by Valentine It s a small town romance that just captured me from the beginning Of course this book could be read as a standalone but I would start from the beginning so you could learn about each of these handsome men and the lucky women who have stole there hearts Austin is the quarterback and it seems that he is in a bit of a jam After his public breakup goes worldwide he is asked to go home and regroup while they do damage control While home he decides to volunteer at an elementary school but he never planned on meeting Harper Harper is somewhat ordinary so she can t believe she caught the eye of Austin Lawson and thetime they spend together theit becomes clear she has finally found her HEA But when the truth comes out about there relationship it s time for Harper to forget or forgive the man who has won her heart I enjoyed reading about about Harper and Austin I liked how Austin was a one girl kind of guy and he took it slow with her Although he started dating her to help his image I can see where it started to change for him Not only is this book sweet but you can connect with the characters They are likable, funny and at times frustrating I enjoyed seeing the previous brothers and loved the banter that comes with it Valentine has a special way of bringing you into a world that you never want to leave and I can t wait to readof this series Which brother will be next Who will they end up with Trust me start from the beginning and fall in love with the Lawson s Favorite Quotes Swear to God, Harper, if you don t stop being so sassy, I ll be forced to kiss you senseless A Lawson keeps his lips zipped even if his pants aren t Men like Austin had to be the reason the Olympics started out with nude participants Who wouldn t want to look at them You ve been mine since the first day I laid eyes on you Don t care what anyone says It was kismet, serendipity fate, you name it I didn t plan on you, but it s the unexpected things in life that make it worth living My Review I am new to the Lawson brothers and Marquita Valentine but this book has me wanting to read the rest of the Lawson series, as well as her entire backlist I revel in her sweet and sassy heroines, supportive relationships, steamy sensual scenes, and likable characters I also enjoy her breezy writing style and the humor and easy banter between the characters The story was totally satisfying as it was entertaining, easy to follow, and sweet Sigh, perfection. 4 stars Austin Lawson is in the middle of a PR nightmare and is sent home from playing football in order to lie low, and do some community service in order to repair his sterling reputation.Austin thinks that if he does some volunteer work at the local school with the grade 2 class, it will help him repair some of the damage.Little does he know that the grade 2 teacher is the perfect solution to his PR nightmare.Harper Bell is one of the most wholesome, respectable, smart, beautiful women in town, and Austin figures that if he can get a few pictures of them in public, it will help him out.What started out with Austin thinking he could have a quick fix to his problem, turns into him having genuine feelings for her Now he doesn t know what to do because even though his original plan was shitty, he knows that if he tells her what his original plan was, she ll want nothing to do with him.This story was entertaining and fun to read. If you know me at all, then you know what a big fan I am of Marquita Valentine s work Every single bookthat has to be a record, right Her new series centering around the Lawson brothers has become a favorite of mine and I inhale each book as soon as I have access to them This was the case with Love So Perfectthe story of Austin Lawson and Piper Bell who is also part of the dreaded McCoy family that the Lawson s have been fighting for years Austin is a professional quarterback who has gotten into a bit of a PR scandal and has been sent home to get himself out of the public eye by management He decides to volunteer at the elementary school where he meets Piper Bell Instantly, he knows she can help him due to her disposition, the way she dresses, how sweet she is, etc At this moment, I was not a fan of Austin because he did one stupid thing he forgot to tell Piper why he was spending time with her I thought to myself, No,please tell me my streak of liking Marquita s books isn t going to be broken What was I thinking I should have known Marquita would pull it all together in an fabulous way I m not going to tell you how, but just know that the love between these two is real And yay, Piper, she didn t make it easy on him, but she wasn t witchy either That s all I m going to sayI ve probably given away too much as it is My favorite part of the story is the epilogueit made me smile like crazy There wasn t anything I didn t like about the book the characters are great, the storyline is awesome, etc One of the best things about this story is the suspenseis he going to reveal his secret and when he does, what is her response going to be Also, I got to see one of my favorite Lawson brothers Masonha ha, i love his Facebook group Speaking of brothers, please Marquita, let Caleb be the next to get his book15 years is way too longmy heart breaks in every book that he is mentioned If you aren t a Marquita Valentine fan, you should try her books, there are so many to pick from There is the Holland Springs novels, the Boys of the South series my personal favorite , The Lawson Brothers series, and now her standalone, Prime Target If I m missing any, sorry So, 5 huge stars to Love So Perfect,,,i m already wanting the next story Austin sometimes has to take care of his own problems, he grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up, trying in vain to ignore his aching balls as he washed his body But his erection wasn t going down any time soon Son of a h, he growled Finally, he took matters into his own hands Austin can be so sweet, ladies always ride in the front, even the four legged kind, he said, reaching over to open the door Get in Austin has a way about him that gets reactions out of his woman, you don t have to change Hell, you don t have to drive Just put that sweet a of yours back in my truck, and we can get started One of his big hands reached around to her to grab a butt cheek and squeeze She let out a strangled moan I love the Lawson men they treat their women with respect, know the way around their woman s body and are just sexy. Very enjoyable read Austin Lawson is all kinds of yummy and finds himself in a bit of a PR nightmare So he s back home in Jessamine waiting for things to cool down While he s there he s volunteering at the local elementary school and meets the very intriguing Harper Bell He s definitely interested in getting to know her better and she s definitely someone who could help improve his image He probably should have told her what he was doing though A very well written story with great characters and an interesting storyline Definitely one I recommend. Austin and Harper run into each other when he comes home after a scandal and volunteers to be a helper in her second grade class Harper does not know about the viral video of Austin and his ex, Bianca, that has caused his coach and PR representative to banish him to Jessamine Austin does use Harper as an escape at first and thinks it will help his cause to have pictures of him with the wholesome teacher make the rounds of social media Finley, his PR rep, eats them up and tells him to continue the positive spin he is putting on his time off Harper is leery of Austin and especially has a hard time with their 5 year age difference and thinks she will be called a cougar Austin knows he has feelings developing for Harper but doesn t know what to make of them Harper s hot cold behavior towards him doesn t help matters and so they both find themselves in new territory for the both of them Harper just knows she finds happiness while she is with Austin and he knows he feels freedom to be himself and not worry she is using him Secrets always have a way of coming out and Austin knows he needs to tell Harper about the beginning of their relationship The McCoy family loves to beat down their family members at their monthly luncheon and Harper is a target pretty much every month I felt her mother, Pepper, should have let her quit going a while ago and not subject her to their vicious jibes Harper and Austin have to find a way to move past his deceptive beginning and find a way to move forward I did like the book and it flowed well and had an interesting plot I liked the ending and was glad to see how it all ended for these 2. So, I always love a good small town romance and I m a fan of this series Austin is sent home from his football team after his nasty breakup goes viral Ok, so everyone was blaming him for the breakup, but what kind of self respecting woman who supposedly loves you would put something personal like that on the internet, especially when your famous..the answer none So, I have to go with him on this one And he freaking makes homemade cheesecake.sign me up.He meets Harper at the elementary school she teaches at, she s freaking adorable And of course he is smart enough to realize that He ask her out and she accepts His pr girl is already trying to spin the Harper thing He doesn t like it and finally tells her to quit Every month Harper and her mom go to lunch with the females in their familyit s pretty much the equivalent to being thrown to the wolves.clearly her mom doesn t really love her or else she wouldn t keep making her go with these horrible, horrible women They find out about why Austin is there and they waste no time in being the vultures they are and then he does a shit job of defending himself, even though he clearly adores her This bit of drama is the only reason I gave it 4.5 stars not 5 But we do get a cute epilogue which I adored He really is a great husband and daddy. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Love So Perfect by Marquita Valentine was another sweet addition to the The Lawson Brothers Series. And this time, Ms Valentine has sweeten this charming story with the added twist of an older woman and younger man falling in love Austin Lawson is a starting professional quarterback, who happened to be caught in a whirlwind of scandal due to a leaked edited video of him unkindly breaking up with an ex Though the video was planted by his ex and edited, the public didn t take so kindly to this golden boy quarterback His good boy image is slightly tarnished so his publicist and coach decides that Austin needs to head back home to his hometown in Jessamine till everything cools down on social media To help speed along the damage control, Austin decides to volunteer at the local elementary in his hometown And the teacher that he gets assigned to is none other than Harper Bell He tasted so good , so addictive, that she was half afraid he would stop and half afraid that he wouldn t How could she survive a kiss like this How could she survive a man who didn t give her pretty words, but instead showed how attractive he found her Harper Bell is the sweet and innocent citizen of Jessamine So when she meets Austin, she was intrigued with the young man She found him fun and flirtatious So when Austin asked her out on a date, she was smitten that an attractive man found her beautiful As the two begin to spendtime with one another, Harper finds herself beginning to fall for Austin and the same goes for him But what happens when Harper discovers that Austin originally asked her out, so he could help with social image Was Austin s feelings for her real Is there such a thing as a love so perfect Marquita Valentine has a knack for sweet town romance and I love reading her books She has a way of beautifully crafting charm, sweetness, and sexy romance all into one heart warming story and Love So Perfect is another prime example of that So if you are looking for a story where she breaks the conventional romance and allows readers to see that it s okay for an older woman to fall in love with a younger man then this book might be for you Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Valentine `READ BOOK ↟ Love So Perfect (The Lawson Brothers #5) ↠ Star Quarterback Austin Lawson S Dating Life Is Fair Game To The Myriad Gossip Bloggers Thanks To His Most Recent Screw Up With A Social Media Savvy Super Model, He S Forced To Return Home So That His PR Team Can Do Damage Control To Help Speed Things Along, He Volunteers At Jessamine Elementary School, Never Dreaming He D Find The Perfect Solution To His Image Problem In Harper Bell Sweet As Anything, She S Star Struck By Him And Agrees To Date After Date, Never Suspecting The Real Reason He Wants To Be With Her But As Things Begin To Heat Up Between Them, Austin Realizes That He Wants Harper For Than Just A Quick FixHarper Bell Is Perfectly Content As A Second Grade Teacher In The Small Town Of Jessamine Until She Meets The One Man Who Makes Her Question Her Lack Of Social Life She Never Dreamed That Sexy, Hometown Hero Austin Lawson Would Ever Notice A Plain Jane Like Herself And With One Hot Kiss, She Begins To Fall Head Over Heels For Him Until She Learns The Truth Austin S Been Using HerNow Austin Has To Execute The Perfect Play To Win Back The Girl Of His Dreams Or Will Harper Bench Him Permanently